Friday, September 5, 2008

OH lord he REALLY must love me. Ok confession time...


OH lord he REALLY must love me.

Ok confession time. My car is and always has been and shameful mess. It's either the house or the car and the house always wins. It's weird cuz I like a tidy organized clean home, but my car is an abomination to all that is holy. It's a collection of crap that I took someplace or brought home from another and just never bothered to bring inside. And there might be some water bottles, McD bags and all sorts of change and assorted makeup products. Sorry folks just keepin' it real here.

If I stopped to pick up a hitchhiker and it was Jesus on one of those "will you pick up the homeless stranger guy" tests, he'd take one look, decide that he doesn't have enough holy water on hand and wave me on to take the ride from the serial killer with the clean car.

Anyways I left my car home yesterday and carpooled with a friend.
-sidenote- you ever see like 6 Mexicans going somewhere in one little car together? They are carpooling. Mexicans have this crazy love for carpooling and since I've infiltrated their community I've come privy to this phenomenon. They all have cars but will jam in with each other everyday to go to work. I think it's a mixture of the saved gas money and the fact that they love to socialize and can have a little fiesta together, tubas and accordions bumping all the way to work.

Ok so yesterday when I got dropped off home I noticed something odd about my car. It had a funny look about it.
It was clean. I thought maybe I had been robbed.
But then I opened it up and noticed vacuumed carpets, dust free surfaces and a giant lack of shit.

I didn't even want to touch that mess, I was saving it for my twice annual guilt clean. But he totally went for it and that ladies and gentlemen has to be some love or some crazy. I figured if he wasn't crazy before he surely would be now. But nope, he seemed unfazed and even came up with a new lovey dovey thing for me, he called me "La Luz de mis ojos" which is "The light of my eyes"

So ok maybe he is crazy, but at least it's crazy for me.

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