Friday, September 5, 2008

Chucky Cheese and Cheeto


My Father and Step Mother Met C. last night for the first time. After 6 months of worrying we finnaly did it. My Father and Step mom are good people, they love me and care about me but I was so afraid that they'd freak out about C. being Mexican that I didn't even mention I was dating him - for like two months. And since then, with all that has happened legally things just kept getting worse and worse but CRAP, they've got to meet him! So we did.

At Chucky Cheese!!!! YAAAAAYYYYY I love Chucky Cheese!! Well, ah-hhem, my little brother loves Chucky Cheese. Ah Ahem. Scuse me.

How perfect a place to meet? Public, loud enough so we didn't have to talk a lot, and distracting as hell. Oh yes and no firearms allowed, how convienent!!! OMG it was the best EVER for a first meet.

My little brother LOVED C. and referred to him first as Keno and then Cheeto. AAAHHAHAHAHA Cheeto. I'm not sure my Dad could have smiled any bigger to hear D. call him Cheeto. He was very proud of his son.

I asked (forced) Cheeto to play the water shooting game with D. You know the one where you have to aim shooting water at a tiny hole? C. momentarily went into the man mode I-must-win-no-matter-what- even though my opponent is 6. Yes that one. Not to worry Sissy was there and reminded mr. Cheeto. (i wrenched the handle from his death grip and slowed his ass down) nicely that he's playing my leeeetle brother. After that D. made him play 6 more times and was such a badass (ahem) that he won every game.

I'm so proud of my Parents. My Dad didn't even LOOK like he wanted to cause bodily harm to C. and my Step Mom smiled and didn't carry mace around her neck. I'm honestly grateful.

Damn my little brother and his ridiculously cute ass. I'm not really into kids, I kind of don't like them at all, but he does something to me that turns me into mush. Bastard. Anyways, I'll follow him anywhere and do anything or play any game he asks. Upon seeing this new behavior in me, Cheeto my little children loving-thinks I'll make a great mom-wants to make one RIGHT NOW- tortilla chip love was filled with hope anew. crap.

Christ he was all super lovey happy mushy telling me how good I am with kids and what not. BBLleck. I made sure to tell him that I can only do it for like 4 hours and then I want to collapse. Or maybe crawl into a dark quiet cave and stay a bit. Either way really.

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