Friday, September 5, 2008

Conversation in bed last night


"Layd me tahch chor bahlly bahdon."


"Come Onnnnnn Baahlly Baahhhdon."

"Quit! Ahh, Nooooo, Ssssssss."

"I give eet keeeses."

"No! I'm going to get pissy."

*Insert ridiculous smile with dimples looking up at me from a mischievous mexican*

"Why, WHY do you not let this go?"

"Becaze you don layt me gayt eet."



*insert me attacking mexican and trying my best to turn him into a blanket burrito*

*insert me getting pissy because that bastard is stronger than me and won't let me win*

AHHHHHHH He drives me INSANE with his obsession with my stomach and more importantly my "Bahlly Bahdon." I HATE having my belly button touched. And I'll be darned if his life goal isn't to be poking something in it every 10 minutes or so. AAHh ACK he'll even give it a wet willy. ALCK PHEWY GROSS!! Jesus what's WRONG with my corazon???

EEll GAAAHHHHH it just feeels funny, don't touch it and for God's sake don't go pokin around in it.

The only way I can win that fight is to either "teeekle" him (hahahahah that's one ticklish freakin tacito man if I've ever seen one) Or initiate sex. But initiating sex would be a form of positive reinforcement so I'm not sure if that's the smartest thing to do.

Yes, I'm sorry, this isn't normal Hor-Fare-reading material but he drives me up the wall with this. And yeah if this is our biggest problem then of course I don't really have anything to complain about, I know.

But DANG IT- I really hate having it played with!

My best idea would be to put jalepeno juice in there and let him burn himself - BUT NOOOOOOO he IS a Pepper it'd just draw im to it like a fly to ... well you know.

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