Friday, September 5, 2008

Diamonds In The Ghetto, Hope they don't cut my finger off

My leeetle chorizo burrito gave me a ring. And I'm keeping it. And him. For like ever and stuff. These nice shiny diamonds look funny on my chubby caloused hillbilly hand but I'm getting used to it. ;)

EEK! This hillbilly's never been the owner of for REAL jewelry before, and it's kind of fun. But when I go for a jog out in the ghetto I turn it around so people can't see it. Yep I'm THAT cracker and that paranoid, it's kind of embarrassing.
I don't like solitaire rings and I really liked this one so he got it! Oh, what's that? Why yes I DID pick out my own ring. Why? Because he's a Mexican Man. Do I REALLY need to say more? I tried to consider his picks but they were all giant-gaudy-full finger-OLD LADY-monstrosities. Barf. I can love him all I want but I don't have to love his barfy taste in jewelry.

I was a bit nervous to tell you folks cuz I thought you might get nervous about my HOR status if I'm gonna get married. But I thought about it for a bit and came up with something. I'll always be a hor, but now I'll have a lifetime customer. I won't have to go a horin around for material cuz I'll have some right here. He's a goof just like me, plenty to laugh at. No worries.

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