Friday, September 5, 2008



I alternate between loving mexico and HHAAAAAATING it. Right now I am SO in fucking HATE mode!!!



Ok, ok. I have to share this with you guys cuz I don't want to tell C. and get him upset.

I just left mexico a couple of hours ago (I'm posting from the airport) C. and I had a very nice last meal together and then we found a taxi willing to take him to his bus stop (like 2 blocks) and me across the border into Texas to the airport - for $40.00 We knew $40 was rape but you don't have much of a choice over there, they kinda stick together on their prices, assholes.

Anyways this taxi driver drops C. off and then starts driving me around in circles and I'm thinking what the shit? He told C. I had to give him $10.00 right away so that he could pay the fare across the bridge (I knew it was only $2.50 but kept my dumb mouth shut and figured he was just keeping the rest for fare you know?) So anyways he drives back and forth in front of the damn international bridge a few times and I'm thinking Jesus is he LOST?

AHAHAHH No. All of a sudden he's flagging down another taxi driver and saying "Aeropuerto, $30.00!!" they pull over in a hurry and he's unloading my bag into the other guys trunk before I can even get out. I was slowly catching on and give me a break here I was pretty shell shocked you know? So I started to tell the guy to give the OTHER guy the $10.00 and he was like "Oh, no, it's O.K. it's o.k." I said "Give him the money!" and the guy just kept saying oh no, it's alright, it's ok, he take you, $30.00 he take you. I meekly tried to tell him to give the other guy the $10.00 for the "fare" for going across the bridge but by that time he was half in his car still telling me it was O fucking K.

DAMN IT! Me and my weak, stupid getting-my-ass-taken-advantage-of- SELF CRAP!

As SOON as I got in the other taxi I realized I should have started screaming and pointing at the guy "Tramposo! Tramposo mi dinero!!" (cheater, cheater me money) I don't have the best skillz in spanish but I could have made due. And then I should have started screaming and pointing and yelling "Nececito Policia!!!" "Tramposo Taxi!" (I need police, cheater taxi) It wouldn't have been the best spanish but it would have made one HELL of a point and I know the guy would have caved and gave me my cash.

But no, NO, I just got in the other taxi, dazed and slowly coming to awareness that I had been "had."

I will never EVER be had like that again. SCREW YOU, YOU MEXICO BASTARD CAB DRIVER!! YOU are going to burn in HELL you thief son of a bitch ! Enjoy my $10 (ok, $9.40 because .60 would have more than paid for C's fare) now, you piece of shit because in hell you're gonna get about $10,000 shoved up your ass and ate out by fucking Montezuma you worthless sack of MIERDA! I hope your ass lives a long life so you can rack up countless more bullshit for yourself to feed on in hell.

I'm so pissed.

OH HO HO HOAHHHH it'll be awesome the next time some mexican fucker tries to mess with me though. I'm taking ALL of my red-neck crazy and ALL of my Ghetto in addition to my new found Mexico living pissed off-ted-ness with me to Mexico next month. Bring it on BITCHES! Try and fuck with me now pendejos! This hor doesn't forget and the next time you try and fuck with me I'm gonna rip you a new one so raw you'll fucking think twice before you ever mess with a little white girl all by herself again.

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