Monday, September 22, 2008

I Don't Have Cancer

How friggin bad ass and cool is THAT !!?? Praise be to da LAWWD !

Ummmm OH !! And C. found us a HOUSE !! EEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although, I might want to strangle him a .. . . . TAD.

He called me up a few days ago to tell me that he found the perfect place (yay ! exciting !) and mentioned that it's only a 1/2 mile from his aunts house. Cool ! But then I remembered that his Aunts house like TOTALLY floods (her entire street actually) when it rains for more than a couple of hours. So I asked "Uh... is it on high ground? You know because of the rains and flooding and stuff???"

He told me that it's like 1/2 way down a hill but not at the bottom and that he thought it would be just hunky dory. If my memory serves correct his Aunts house is about 1/2 way down a sloped road and it floods like a motha-focka. Drainage in Mexico consists of rain draining and gathering in the streets and running down the hills of streets until if finds a river and dumps out. Here's an artists rendition. Check this bitches skillzzz.

Uhh... you get the picture. I witnessed it the last time I was down there, it's like a gigantic frightening street wide yucky water slide. His aunt said that they had water come up into their house a couple of years ago and that a few cars floated down the road but that was about it.

He thought we'd be fine because we're a couple streets up and little more up hill in general than her aunt. When he showed his cousin where he found us a place his cousin informed him that sorry cuuzz, you're on a water slide street too.

For real babe? I ASKED YOU THIS !!! REMEMBER!!???

I asked him about 42,000 questions and he came up with this - " Well,,, I already gave her the deposit, we'll just see what it's like the first time, maybe it won't be that bad, and if it is then we can move. Eeets not expensive to move."

Ha ! HAAHHH AHAHHAAHAHAH !! OH Silly SILLY AMORCITO !! I had a hissy and told him "Oh, so we can move AFTER all of our things have been RUINED !?? REALLY !!???" (somebody was pissy) And GEEE maybe my car has always wanted to PRACTICE BEING A SURF BOARD. Awesome!!

I told him to go back and talk to the lady - and then never mind that because she'll lie - and instead to go back and talk to the NEIGHBORS. For heavens sake. Shit.

I wouldn't have been so flipped out but I ASKED HIM about it specifically and he just waved me off. I'm not a bitch to wave off damn it.

Ah well, I badgered him into going back and talking to the neighbors and really REALLY had to badger him into understanding that he WILL get our money back if it turns out to be shitty. You'd think I was asking him to shoot her, I don't GET that.

Anyways, I had my hissy and got things done and then told him that I'm still very proud of him and I know he's being very brave and that I love him 10,000 times and always will even when he's a jack ass. That's love folks, through smarts and jack-ass-e-tees, it goes for everything.


Krissie said...

Of course you don't have cancer. Pffft.

All you have is a floating house. Heee. All aboard!!!

Ryan said...

Hooray for lack of cancer.

I don't think you can get your money back. I am pretty sure in Mexico they have crazy blood oaths that you can only get out of by way of knife battle or whip fight.

Lindy said...

Ryan - I'm actually pretty sure you're right. Like A-K 47's and shit. And we're talking an OLD lady !

Effortlessly Average said...

"That's love folks, through smarts and jack-ass-e-tees, it goes for everything."

You remember that Lindy; cuz as time goes by it'll become more important.

Oh, and hurray for no cancer!

Sassy Blondie said...

I'm with Kris...cancer shmancer!

Congrats on the love nest....I'll try to go light a candle and pray that your stuff doesn't wash away during the rainy season... ;)