Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Have Jackass ESP

Okay, so not really, but I CAN read Chino like a book.

Before C. and I got married (okay like the day before :P ) I informed him that I am a princess and that he had to promise to one day properly propose to me and then marry me again. A lot of girls dream about their wedding day but I've dreamt much more about just being proposed to. I've imagined for years and years all the different, cool, exciting and unique ways that my future man would go about it. I've had hundreds of proposal fantasies and I won't lie, I was a little sad when I realized that it was never going to happen.

BUT ! Then I remembered my new-found princess-ness (i was never a princess or spoiled before C.) and I decided to test the waters with my request. C. of course took my hands and shakily told me how much he loved me and that I deserve to have my day and that he wanted the same thing. He promised me, I believed him and I pushed my sadness away.

We actually started to plan a pretend wedding - it would have been this exact month. We had my parents that raised me over for dinner and C. mustered up all his nerve and asked my Dad for my hand. My Dad told him that once he took me he couldn't bring me back. And then he asked C. if he had seen me in the morning and if he knew what a monster I am in the a.m. I love my Dad :P C. was so nervous that he took my dad serious (lolololol) and kept trying to tell my Dad seriously that he wouldn't try and give me back and that he loved me and wanted me forever - all the while my dad's still making jokes and my mom and I were trying not to pee our pants. Omg.

I asked a friend of mine - a good actor - to *ahem* officiate the "wedding." We were going to pretend like it was the first time - HA, I wonder what my father chuckles would have had to say about all that! I'm betting he would have just let it be, bless his heart. We would have gone through with it, I had so much figured out, music, caterer guest list and more, but it wasn't meant to be and I'm ok with that, in fact I think it was for the best. I never would have got to have the conversation I had with my bio-dad the day before yesterday and I wouldn't have got to screw up C's first attempt at my dream proposal.

Oh yes. Did I mention I can read him like a book? GAHHHH sometimes I read too much and speak too fast.

On my 2nd visit to Monterrey Mx this summer C. and I sought out a beautiful park in the heart of the city. It's lovely, stunning really, and they have boat rides that take you down a scenic lighted, art-drenched canal through the city.

When we first got there I was totally geeked, it looked SO COOL and pretty and I thought it was just what we needed after our stressful trip. We checked out the different boats - they had a tourist type boat that held about 25 people and then off to the side they had special two person gondola style with
the gondola man and everything - for lovers.

I made C. check out the price on the love boat for us but it was a tad expensive and my cheap heart couldn't justify the price. C. got us our tickets for the touristy ride and we waited around, took some pictures and stood in line for quite a while to wait for the next boat to come. It was then that I finally noticed that he was quiet and looked kind of sick. I asked him what was wrong a couple of times and he kept telling me nothing. Yeah, I can tell when there's something wrong and saying "Nothing" just turns me into a badger, I will FIND the problem. I kept pestering him (sorry can't help myself) and finally he just kind of broke out with

"Maybe we should go anahder day, de line is long, we don't have to wait if you don't want to."


I wasn't quite "on the boat" and I was still enthusiastic about the ride so I told him that'd be crazy, we'd already been waiting like 20 minutes and the next boat was sure to be coming soon.

He tried again "But... we're tired and it's light out and I heard that it's much more nice in the dark so you can see all the lights, we should just come back some other day." (it really is beautiful)

"You've heard about this place?"

"Jeahhh my family tol me maybe I should take you on it sometime because it's beautiful."

"Awww that was nice of them ! "

"Jeaaahhhhhh." "But they said we should go at night."

"So why didn't we come at night?"

"Wayel I deedn't know exactly where it was yet." "Can't we just come back?"

"Our tickets say they're only good for today, why are you being so weird? We could just hang around till later if you want to go at dark."

"Jeeaaahhh but that's a long time away."

"So, it doesn't matter, it's just you and me and we can do what we want, walk around the park and stuff."

At this point he got all fidgety and squirrely and he just looked SO distraught and even though we'd never talked about him proposing to me since before we married the idea finally popped into my head.

I thought about the lovers gondola and how pained he was - not at the price it seemed now, but at the fact that I had SEEN it and how weirded out he was about going on the more turisty ride. That and his wacked out behaviour and the look of sickness on his face and I just knew.

Could I keep it to myself and just go along and say "Oh you're right baby let's DO come back another day." ?? Oh no, heavens no.
I went with this -

"OH ! OHMYGOD is this the place you were going to PROPOSE TO ME AT !??? EEEE!!???"

Chino started to turn pale and sick and he was almost in tears and he couldn't speak.

"OOoohhhhhhhh so, yeah, I guessed right huh?"

Oh god bless him and curse my big mouth :P

I took him into my arms and hugged him and told him how very much I loved him and that I LOVED his idea and I LOVED the way he was going to do it and I was sorry I ruined it. He was so shaken up but he told me not to be sorry, it wasn't my fault of course - god bless him he's not a cry-er and he was trying so hard not to become one. I kept telling him over and over that it was a wonderful idea and that I would have truly loved it.

It took a bit of doing to get him out of devastated mode and to get him to explain that he was planning on doing it the next time I came down and that he didn't realize that THIS was the park his family told him about. :P Dork. He finally lightened up and told me he'd figure out something even better for the next time I came .

HA ! No way - I told him he COULDN'T do it the next time I came because I'd KNOW he was going to do it and that would ruin the surprise. I told him he'd have to wait till another trip or perhaps when we were settled in after the move. (okay so I'm a little pushy, but he agreed with me after I said it so whatever :P )

God I was honestly just SO HAPPY that he remembered his promise and that he was planning to follow through with my proper proposal and I felt (and feel) so lucky to have been blessed with the romantic man I'd always dreamed of.

I'd move to any country for this man and some day I'm going to have a story to tell you guys about when he get's to do his proposal (I promise I'll keep my mouth shut the next time - no matter WHAT I can read in his head) :P


Krissie said...

Remind me never to try to surprise you. Spoilsport.

Oh and give C. a huge hug from the weird postcard girl from wannabe-country. Poor guy.

Kristi said...

What a great place for a proposal (even if it is just the thought!!)

Lindy said...

wannabe-country? damn girl I never make THAT much fun of krowaeechssshuh.

And ok :) I'm sure he'd like that a lot :) Thank You

Kristi - I thought so too :) Yay C. ! :)

Krissie said...

Oh thank God, you added the blog-roll. I can now go back home from here without the endless BACK clicking.

Lindy said...

It's been up for like 3 days so THERE. :P

Ryan said...

After reading a story like this, I picture you with anvils for hands. Cute, pink anvils, but heavy ass anvils none the less.

I'm not sure why, really. Adorable tale though.

Lindy said...

Ryan - Anvils like I beat him over the head a lot or something?

Adorable. :P Thank You (lmao)

But for real, I'm terrible or something? Is "anvil" the new slang these days?

Blogget Jones said...

This is funny. Ranger has said there's a "real" proposal coming for me someday. I mean, what he's asked me so far is if I'd consider marrying him, someday.

So, this kinda scares me. There are some proposals that piss me off. Big public ones piss me off. I mean, what if the poor girl wants to say No? Can't do that in front of everyone and not look like an ass!

And it needs to be a proposal you can actually tell your mom about. Not like, "One day, we were naked and...." See?

That's why I comment on things like that with him now and again. Not to sound picky, but..... ;o)


Lindy said...

BJ - So you understand !! :) I know EXACTLY what you mean, I don't want to be gettin' it on and have him bust out with something (lol).

And yes, the jumbotron has become lame. Sad, very sad, but true.

Thankfully C. is as scared of people as I am so I don't have to worry about that! :P

~ellen~ said...

Oh no, you guys are so cute I can't stand it! :)

Sassy Blondie said...

You suck at surprises, Lindygirl! LOL
That poor man...he's a saint with this whole proposal thing! LOL XOXO

Peggy said...

That was an awesome story

Lindy said...

Ellen - Thank You :) I'm glad nobody's gagging :P

Sassy - I know RIGHT?? CRAP ! God bless his soul but hey he chose me dag gummit ! :P

Peggy - Why Thank You :) And Welcome :)

Sparx said...

Oh man, you need a CORK for your mouth gal...! That poor man - you just know that right now he's busting his brains trying to find a better place and work out how to really surprise you... you're one lucky you-know-what...!

Lindy said...

Sparx - I know, it's terrible but I had to figure out what was bothering him ! :P And yes I'm a lucky (LOL) you know what. :P (you crack me up!)

Helen said...

Well, you're not the only woman to ruin a man's surprise ;) I've done it to my husband many times. But our kids are really good at ruining surprises. "Mommy, Mommy! Daddy bought you that new camera you wanted and I'm not supposed to tell you because it's a secret!" And they do it right in front of him too LOL!

Your guy loves you and you love him and that's no surprise.

Lindy said...

Helen - AH!! That's hilarious about your kids! I never would have thought, I don't think I ever did that to my parents but who knows what my unborn-not-yet-concieved children might bring ! :P

Too funny :)

And thank you :)