Friday, September 5, 2008

A little Introduction


I want this to be a place where I can come and talk about what I'm going through during this crazy time in life that's brought me to a situation where I need to not only leave my home, but my homeland. My wonderful beautiful Corazon (heart), we'll call him C. was deported out of the United States and back to where he was born - but not raised - in Mexico.

It's been a crazy 5 months since he's been gone and since then we've made many decisions about what to do with our situation. Instead of him coming back here (To Michigan) illegally and us living our lives in fear I made the offer to move to Mexico to be with him. He knows it's a huge sacrifice but he loves me too much, needs me too much, to ever turn me down. :P Not that I'd let his ass anyways. He's my everything, mi cielo y me vida (my sky and my life) and I love him and need him every much as he does I.

I have another blog that I used before and up till now but it's not really suitable for what I need at the moment - SO - I took out a bunch of posts from it, the ones pertaining to our situation, and pasted them here to catch anyone up who might stumble by.

I would love it beyond belief if even one person in the future that falls into my situations might perhaps fall across this site and find even a molecule of help from it. Yes, I need a place to laugh and joke and vent and bitch about all of this, but if there's anyone out there who can find comfort by me leading the way or in commiseration, it would be a blessing.

So, enough for now, let me introduce you to mi tesoro (my treasure) and I. I'm going to put up a bunch of posts that I wrote about us, to kind of let you get to know us and our relationship. It's going to be helterskelter and weird and not flow the right way, because I'll be picking and chosing, but it'll at least lay a good foundation. So here we go!

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Amanda said...

Im glad you are putting up some stuff about you. I love reading these. And Im sure your blog has and will help a lot of people. Iv got a few people from mine Id like to introduce you to. If you dont mind I send them to your blog.