Friday, September 5, 2008

Lost in Translation


C. and I have a lot of misunderstandings related to cultural differences and language barriers. Tell the truth it's a lot of fun and it makes things interesting to say the least.

The day before Easter we dyed eggs together. I got out the coloring tablets the vinegar and all that and he just stared at me like a mad scientist. He'd never seen anyone DYE eggs before. I guess when he was a kid they painted them. I wasn't about to let him use my oil paints so he had to settle for my haphazard collection of markers.

Anyways, that night I was hinting to him about how the Easter bunny would come in the middle of the night and hide eggs for "us" AHHHHEM (hide my eggs before I get out of bed beotch) He seemed to get it and said something about how the Easter bunny would leave an empty basket outside our bedroom door. In the middle of the night I got up to pee and got his Easter basket out of hiding and put it out for him to see when he got up.

Ok so when he got up in the morning I stayed in bed and waited to hear the tell tale noises of egg hiding. Nada. Nothing. ??????? I peeped out and he was just sitting there watching t.v. I got out of bed and wandered to the bathroom and ever so not obviously at all asked if the Easter Bunny had come. He just smiled at me and looked at me a little funny.

Needless to say I was momentarily crushed. Did he not care? Did he forget? DOES HE NOT LOVE ME?????

I went out and laid down on the couch and put my head on his knee and gave him a pitiful look. At this point he said to me, "Awwwwww are you waiting for the bunny to come? It's ok he'll come tomorrow" WTF??? I just didn't get it so I said a bit wretchedly "TODAY is Easter you do know that right?"
"And you realize tomorrow is monday and I have to work in the morning right?"
?????????????????????????? At this point we had to talk for like 10 minutes for me to get it out of him that he thought that I said that the Easter bunny hides the eggs on Easter NIGHT, and that he was going to do it at like 9 p.m. that night. I don't know how in the world he got this but sometimes it just happens.

He felt all stupid and didn't know what to do so I told him I was going to go and take a shower. I didn't need a shower and didn't want to take one but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do to give your boyfriend some time to hide your damn eggs and let him think he's still being sneaky about it.

Hide he did, all two dozen eggs to be exact. And HARD!!! Ever try keeping track of 2 dozen hidden eggs? Oh crap. AAAND he hid some plastic eggs as extras.

Guess what was in the plastic eggs?????? Little hand written love notes. OHOHOHOH OH MY. I never hinted for something like that, he just came up with it himself. OH I'm getting all goofy happy just typing about it, this is just sick

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Amanda said...

So funny, the translation issues never fail to make me laugh. We still have them so often even after being together for almost 5yrs