Friday, September 5, 2008

Mi Corazoncito !

Mi Amor - My Love
Mi Amor - My Love
Mi Vida - My Life
Mi Cielo - My Sky
Mi Amante - My Lover
Te Adoro - You I Adore
Mi Preciosa - My Precious girl

Those are my favorites of the things C. calls me every day.
All of them. Everyday. And he for real means every bit of it.

He tells me that I am a treasure.
He tells me that I am his Queen. (ok so I giggle at that one but still)
He tells me that I am so so beautiful, and EVERYDAY when I get up and get dressed and come out of the bathroom he whistles the "you are so hot" whistle. Most of the time he stands up, and will come to meet me in the kitchen and want me to spin around so he can see me from all sides and once again tell me how wonderful I look. 90% of the time I'm just in jeans and a t-shirt.

Honest to God he's so appreciative that I actually TRY to look nice sometimes, for Gods sake I've even started curling my hair!

The other day I busted out my old decrepit and I do mean decrepit froggie pajama pants that I've had for YEARS and will only wear in front of my best friend. You know the kind. Anyways, it was late and I wanted to be comfortable and we've been together for long enough for it to be pretty bad if he would have run screaming and dumped me. So I came into the living room and he did his thing where he whistles and says that I'm oh so sexy. I figured he was going a little way too far this time cuz damn these pants are wretched, and tried to call him out on it. I told him that I know that they are the most hideous clothing I own and I look retarded and frumpy in them and that he can calm down on the you so hot just this once, or get some glasses.
Of course, he proceeded sit me down, look into my eyes and get all serious and tell me that I am ALWAYS beautiful to him no matter what I wear, and that he wasn't just being nice. I'm not good at accepting all of this romantic serious wonderfulness, and got a little fidgety but I made it through.

Oh and he calls me a princess, which is a bit of a change from my last BF who called me a "plus size princess." That guy also called me "piggy" and his "leetle eliphant" as his terms of endearments. Yeah so that guy was a real winner, and it's honestly taken me a little time to adjust to someone being so insanely nice to me. Sometimes when I get all fidgety and weirded out by all of Chinos sweetness he notices and tells me to calm down because I DESERVE all the love and adoration that he can give me. He tells me that I earn it. I think the word "earn" might be a little lost in translation cuz I don't DO anything, but whatever, I'll take it.

Ok so that'a a little sliver of what I wish I could share with my family and friends, I'll try not to surrogate on you guys to much. Thanx.

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La Familia Garcia said...

I LOVE this post because it makes me really appreciate my hubby SO much more and all the things he does that drives me crazy! you thanks for that
wow,...I'll have to keep reading your halirous writings later..oh and I like your other blog too since it's a bit more toned down haha..but this one is great too..i jsut can't get addicted to it ya know