Friday, September 5, 2008

Moving To Mexico


I'm continually surprised by the people in my life - close and not so close - and their reactions toward me moving to Mexico. I live in Michigan so it's pretty far from home and sometimes I wonder if I lived in Texas or Arizona if the same people would have widely different opinions.
I guess it doesn't matter, I just wonder.

The parents that raised me and took the time to get to know C. have been huge supporters. I think for them it's a mixture of knowing me so well and realizing that I'm not the type to jump off the "deep end" for no apparent reason - MIXED with the fact that they've been married 30 years and have that kind of crazy sick love that only GROWS over time. They still hold hands and smooch in the kitchen for no reason and gush about one another when the other is absent. Sometimes they feel the need for a break so my dad'll go camping but my Ma will miss him by the first night and he the same.

I've expressed to them that I know the difference between what they have and what so many others have - and that I know I've been lucky to find it for myself. They've seen C. and I, they know how he treats me and how we truly feel about one another, hell, he's been brave enough to tell them aloud, and they wouldn't ask me to give up this kind of gift for anything.

I'm so close with them and I'll miss them so much it scares me but in C. lies my heart and my future. He told me the other day - "Chiquita, I want jew to neyver worry about the money to go see jdour parents. I know how close you are to dem and just want jew to know that we'll do what ever we have to, to live good lives and for jew to go see dem when ever jew want. Don't ever worry about dee money Ok?" Anybody guess that I fell in love with him just a little more that day?

I'm so sick - SICKENED - by the people in my life that don't understand what we have. In a way I feel sorry for them because I know that they've never had this type of love, but at the same time so very angry for how cruel they can be to me in their ignorance - or for the fact that they just can't keep their opinion to their self. Every day I hear how stupid I am or how I'm making a mistake or on and on and on.

A "friend" of mine told me just a few days ago that "You'll be back, don't worry they'll give you your job back in six months, they'll wait for you." She said it smiling (kind of a laugh and a mock) and condescendingly and it was then that I realized she's never really been my friend.

A customer of mine asks me twice a week or so "YOU STILL GOIN TO MEXICO?!?" Most of the time he'll just point his finger at me and shake his head after I say yes, but this time he felt the need to inform me in front of my boss and friend that "I really think you're making a mistake. A big mistake." Like so many others though he won't back up his opinion with a reason, no, nope he's boosted only by his self righteousness. When I prompted him by asking -
"What if your wife moved across the country? Wouldn't you follow her?" His answer - "BAhh if she moved across the country that'd be her own problem and I'm not going anywhere!" I asked him if he seriously didn't love his wife enough to follow her and he replied with his own - "You always have a choice."

"You always have a choice"
He's told me that several times and this time I told him that my C. didn't HAVE a choice in leaving and my choice is made. His answer? "You've ALWAYS got a choice." Really? I told him that yeah, he COULD come back illegally and face being caught and going to jail and we COULD live in fear for the rest of our lives. I asked him what kind of life he thought that would be and asked him "Don't we deserve to not live in fear, to go through the right channels and live legally like everyone else and make a decent life for ourselves?" His answer - just a shake of the head.

It's this, this zero tolerance and zero willingness to listen to even the slightest amount of reason
that drives me mad.

I'm so tired of the pity-looks and head shakes and unsolicited never thought out advice. And no, it's not "They just CARE about you." If they really cared about me they'd listen and take me seriously and at least TRY to see why I'm doing this.

There have been a few gems in all of this though. Besides my parents, my best-friend-since- forever has really steeped up bravely and supported me every inch. I was afraid for her and I in the beginning, afraid that she would be so very sad that she wouldn't be able to be anything BUT sad. But dang has this girl shown some back-bone! Hallelujah she's surprised me with her bull-dog attitude in defending my choices. And she KNOWS how much I love him, she's not married herself and has had her share of shitty relationships but is SHE jaded and resentful and mean spirited to me just because she hasn't yet found her true north? No. Nope she's strong for me, strong even if she is sad or even worried. She doesn't let it even show but I know because she's as close as a person can get without gettin it on ya know? She's my not-sexual- true north. :P Thank You Jaybird for your insane loyalty and respect. If ever I've chosen someone to be family it's you, and I'm glad you've taken me.

And my Step Mom, she's something else I tell ya. She was fierce at first, tried everything she could to get me to leave him, but after she realized that I wouldn't give in she turned on a dime and has supported me as strongly as she had once opposed me. I didn't expect that, I thought she'd just keep on her first course, but she didn't. She's done just what my parents have done, what any good parent would do for a child they love or a best friend would do for a friend they love. She supports me even though she's afraid for me or doesn't exactly agree and I don't have the words right words to express how much I appreciate it.

So amongst all my anger at so many people there are bright spots so lovely it keeps me going. I'll be going down the 16th of this month for a visit and then actually MOVING the 3rd or 4th week of September - depending on how busy it is here at work. I'll be going hopefully on an F3 visa that allows me to live there -not as a citizen - and come and go freely. In fact next week when I go down to visit he and I are going to get to know our new border town and look for a place to stay.

I've been procrastinating on EVERYTHING like packing and getting rid of stuff and my VISA and selling my quad and extra car and .. and.. and oh hell. But this past week I've started to pack in earnest and sort out stuff for my moving sale. And this weekend I SWEAR I'm going to do something about my quad. Like for real. And yeah. Yep.

So there, that's a little bit on me going to Mexico. It's a huge undertaking but I swear the biggest part of all is the emotional stuff. Mainly the discourteous abuse. (my aren't we dramatic today!)

I've got more to say but well, I think that's enough bitching and gushing for one day. :P

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