Friday, September 5, 2008

My Mexi-Man Played the RACE Card on ME!!! (not smart buddy)


C. has taken on a second job. Tuesday thru Thursday he's going to go strait from one to the other and not be home until late at night. I'll miss him but it's o.k. it'll give me time to catch up on things like being lazy and hanging out with friends and did I mention watching t.v. and being LAZY?????

Monday this week he heard me talking to Jaybird about hanging out with Travis. We haven't been together long enough for him to know Travis, for God's sake even I haven't seen T. in years. He got all pissy and I tried to explain to him that T. is gay, and that hanging out with him is ok. (and that I'm going to do what I damn well please anyway)

Little beotch threw back at me "How would you like if I hung out with a lesbian?" Bastard that's different.

Tuesday while he was working I went out to dinner with my boss and her friend. I had two long Islands (mmmmmmmm) and stayed out a bit late. I guess he had been trying to call me and I didn't know it and when he got home and smelled alcohol on my breath he wasn't buying my dinner with boss "story". WTF???

Wednesday he had an hour in between the two jobs to be home and I didn't know so when my friend Jaybird showed up looking all cute before he left he just KNEW that we were going out and that I was doing SOMETHING wrong. Truth is we were just going to Meijer and Jaybirds a cute dresser.

So yesterday I was fed up with him acting all assy for the few minutes a day I get to see him and laid a big ass guilt trip on him and told him not to be a bastard. I've done NOTHING wrong, I don't cheat, I'm not going to cheat and I just about can't believe that he doesn't trust me.

He's never been cheated on and his reasoning for being such a dillhole is that.... Wait. ..wait. oh my... ha ha ha it comes -

"I'm a Mexican"

me- "Exuse me?"
We're like that. White guys are different they don't care"

Oh silly silly corn hole you just set yourself up to be flogged, silly stupid boy.

I laid a big ole thing on him about just because his skin is darker than mine that he doesn't get to be a jealous asshole for no reason. And a little bit about how I don't care what culture he was raised in or how his friends are with their women, because he is a grown man and is more than capable for thinking for himself.

I have a friend that was raised in a super racist family and she managed to grow up, make her own decisions, think for herself and have her own opinion about what the color of a persons skin means. (she's not a racist like them, and it gives me hope)

Oh goofy boy you just don't know who you're dealing with.

The race card?? Oh. My. God. No. He di-int!!! HAHAHAHAHAHhahah ah ha. I still can't believe it. Anyways all is well now. I'm relieved to say that he is able of seeing stuff from a different view if presented (beat into his head) to him in the right manor.

Oh, ho ho I'm still laughing. OH me oh my.

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