Friday, September 5, 2008

Not So Pissed - Because My Brother ROCKS


I had another ranting post about the two cabbies in Texas who told me that to drive me one and a half miles away from the airport to the gas station (to get some allergy meds that the damn airport didn't carry -REALLY??? Not even friggin Benadryl????SHIT!) that it would be no less than $20. $20 to go a mile and a half. I took an advil.

Anyways I had a whole bunch of rage saved up from that but just as I was about to post it my step mom called. At some point during the conversation she put my little brother on the phone, and all my rage disappeared. He has that affect.

D. - he's 18 years younger than me, 8 years old. He's Autistic, borderline they call it - not completely cut off from the world but has some things . . different about him. I'm not going to say he has some abnormal behaviors or some handicaps, that's all bullshit, he just works different than some others.

ANY WAYS, enough disclaimer. He was doing his thing talking AT me on the phone when his mom broke in and said "D. Tell sissy about earlier today when you were being a baby and was mad at mommy." Usually my lil bro would ignore her and go on talking at me or actually relay the event.

But today- HA! Today I loved him more than ever before and was SO PROUD of his response!! OMG I love this - He took his little 8 year old hand, tried to cover the phone and said "MA-AAAAHHHHMMMMMMM I was NOT being a BABY, I was TRYING to DO something and you bothered me! Ughhh!"
And THEN ignored her and went on talking.

Ah, Ahhh BWAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH aahhhh ah ahahahhahaha you guys this might be nothing for you but for me it was one of the greatest things I've ever heard him say.

You see, that little gesture of hand and bratty back talk are so TYPICAL, so pre-teen, tween, what-have-you, that it warmed my heart a degree higher than any taxi driver can lower it.

For all that I stand up for my brother - and always will - in his defense that he's not handicapped but just different - I still cheer for him every time I see him do one more typical kid thing. It's typical and "normal" behavior that the world trusts and the typical and "normal" that doesn't get ostracized or fucked with so much as "abnormal." Don't hate me for wanting the world to be as "nice" as it can be to him.

Oh gawd I'm so terrible at this. I'm just trying to say that I love him 100% the way he is but I'm glad for him when he learns something like all the other kids - whether it's how to look someone in the eye and let them have a turn speaking - or being a BRATTY kid and being embarrassed by his mom.

D. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! You'll never read this (ok maybe if you're like waayyyyyy older) but I was so happy for you today, so damn happy that you showed one more trait just like your little "normal" bratty friends. I hope you keep all the neat things about you that are so YOU, but I'm rooting for you and so impressed every time I see you learn something new, lol or ages-old. :P

No rant tonight, I'm too happy with the world again.

XOXOXX's to bratty kids everywhere.

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