Friday, September 5, 2008

Off to the Range, Blowing off some STEAM!


I feel a lot better today. I've been running on about 5 hours sleep a night for around 3 weeks so last night after work I went to bed at promptly 5:17 p.m. I got up for work this morning around 5:45 and I feel like a new woman dang it.

SO !! After work I'm off to the shooting range. Yes, my new hobby of choice is handguns. For real though, last week I heard an ad on the radio about a shooting range like 2 miles from my house that actually lets you RENT guns and use their range.

I wondered what KIND of guns they have to rent so I went and checked it out. OH!! OHH!! HOORRRAYYYY!!! It's like a freaking AMUSEMENT PARK of guns!! Oh my gawwd I didn't even know a place like this existed! Every handgun you can think of, antique to brand new, rifles, shotguns, I don't know, just everything. Even a pump action sawed off looking shotgun thing. (it's hot) M-16's, AK 47, you name it they've got it. This must be some sort of NRA wonderland, I don't know how they can do it but they can and I'm in hillbilly heaven!!

With my Dad I've shot a pellet gun, a .22 rifle, a 4-10 shotgun, a 12 gauge and something else shot-gun-y. But I've never shot a handgun. And I've always kinda wanted to ya know? Well maybe you don't but I do. SOOOOO after drooling around the place for a bit I inquired about prices, shit my pants at how cheap it is, and got me some guns to shoot.

EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO FUN!!! I started off small with a .22 revolver then an antique .22 with a clip then a Walter P22 with a clip that I LOVED ! I was pretty accurate (which surprised me to great glee) had a great time and left feeling relaxed and full of joy. Can you believe I'm NOT a republican????

Next time I went I took my BFF Jaybird and hooked her up with my fav. .22. She was a complete crazy bad ass and unloaded her first clip in all of 4.5 seconds flat. After I picked up my jaw off the floor and cleaned the crap out of my pants I started cheering. The helper dude turned to me and said "Well . . . she's lethal." and turned back around. Ahhhaahahahhahahaah !! She went on to unload TWO boxes to my one into her target, all in her break-neck speed shooting style, and this is somewhere in the top 5 of my proudest moments for her. :)

I bumped it up a couple of notches and chose a comfy 9mm. Mmmmm I liked it better than the .22 but it was a lot more expensive to buy ammo for - SHIT ! From 3.50 a box to 15. Yowza ya know?

Anyhoo the range attendant dude - that sports a mullet btw which I instantly fell in love with - thinks I'm a little weird and at the same time very cool. He gives me some special attention when I go and pointers and stuff and THIS time with Jaime he casually asks me "Would you like to shoot my gun?" (lol *snort*) I asked what kind he's got and he unholsered his .45. .45 !!!! EEEEEEEE!!!! Holy Cripes !

I asked him if he thought it would knock me on my ass and he said no, that he's seen me shoot and know's I'll be just fine. (and the ego grows) So, scared but not one to be a sissy - EV-VER - I let him walk me through the in's and out's of it. And shot. MMMMmmmmmm Sat-tis-fac-shu-un!! It's recoil wasn't hardly bigger than the 9mm I had been shooting - to my great surprise, and I of course loved it. Obviously.

I wanted Jay-birds first shooting experience to be bad-ass so I offered her to shoot my gun - which of course she did cuz she's no ninny either. AND the dude let her shoot his gun after she came over to see what was up. SO cool !! I think he just liked having some hot chicks hold his gun but what-ev, I'll shot his $.50 a bullet ammo any time :P

After my first time going I started making my own targets - you don't have to buy theirs. Before I went with Jaybird I drew up some fun targets - the bastard taxi driver from a few posts ago - HAAA!!! Asshole!! - My ex-boyfriend (in the form of a monkey), The gramma that disowned me (in the form of a pig) that I got between the eyes - TWICE ! A clown (also got him between the eyes *takes a bow* And another gramma that sux (in the form of a snake.) I'd never draw a real person, it just seems too wrong, but I'll have fun with goofy 2-yr-old-drawings representing them. (ok and for real? Mullet-Man actually ASKED me if my preshcooler drew the target for me ! when I told him I don't have kids he totally made fun of me, and HE WEARS A MULLET!)

SO anyhoo I'm off in a couple of hours and I'll be heading over to shoot up some targets I printed off the internet (poor lil bunny fu-fu doesn't stand a chance) with a work pal of mine. He's never shot a gun so I'm pretty excited for him. Next week my gal-boss and our other gal-pal are going and then my Mama's gonna give it a try. Welcome to my hillbilly side. :)

And for REAL guys and gals, if you've never done anything like this I can probably SWWEEAARRR that you'll like it. So many people are afraid of guns but really, if you get yourself educated on them and learn how to use one, it just might make you feel a little better. So go out and find a range!! Come On !!!! Live a little, do something different !

And I'll be damned if I can think of a better way to blow off some steam !! Well. . . lol maybe one. ;)

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