Friday, September 5, 2008

OK We're Caught Up !

Well, I got a bunch of old posts together and laid them out. It doesn't flow right and it's all discombobulated but it'll give anyone that doesn't know me and C. at least a bit of an introduction to us and our relationship.

As it stands right now I'll be moving to mexico in ABOUT (??) a month. I've got to have a biopsy taken on the 16th and I'm gonna need my health insurance for it. Ugh. Plus, C. , my really cool boss, and I, all decided that I should stay here and continue to work here (with insurance) until I get the test results back and we know what we're dealing with. - Probably nothing at all but you know how them doctors love to scare ya.

I've sold two of our cars leaving us with just one - C. doesn't want one in mexico he'd rather ride the bus or a bike. (yeah he's a little crazy) I sold my couch and TON of my craaaapp at a yardsale this weekend. I'm going to go get my F3 Visa next monday and other than work I've been spending every last second with friends and family soaking up every inch of them that I can.

I've been down to Mexico 4 times now and ONCE to the place where we'll be living. Reynosa, In the Mexican state of Uhhh.... I don't know. Gewwww I guess I should figure that one out before applying for my visa. :P But yes, 4 blessed times where I got to hug and kiss and HUUUGGGG and SQUEEEEZZZE mi dulce until he overdosed. Well no, he can't overdose on me there's never enough of me for him (did I mention he's a little crazy? Locito!)

I met his Tia and Tio and about 20 cousins the last time I went and I so totally LOVE his family!! They are SO cool and SO nice and accepting and kind and just on and on and they can cook some MAD mexican food. And they LIKED me !! EEEEEEEEE!!!!! Praise god I was able to act like a lady and not say too much stupid stuff or offend anybody.

C.'s two week notice is up at his job on the 15th of this month and he'll be moving up to Reynosa to find us a home. A HOME for US to stay in - TOGETHER !! EEEeeeeeee!!!!!!! OMG.

It's going to happen you guys, for real, I'm really moving to Mexico.

As soon as I get down there I'll start looking for jobs in McAllen, Tx. It's a big town and I'm really hoping to find a secretary or office-type job. If not though I've still got my Class A CDL and I can always find a job driving.

SO !! That's a tad of an update for now, I promise to come back and tell you guys about the yardsale I had in the Ghetto. My mom is hilarious.

Gotta run !! XOOXXO's


Mighty Dyckerson said...

HOR!!!! I'm the first to comment on your new blog!!! What do I win???!!

Suki said...

Hiya girl, great to see your new avatar. Now you're on my blogroll :)

jenny said...

Hey sweetie-- LOVE the pictures! You look so beautiful! I hope you'll keep me in the loop.. xoxo

Krissie said...

LOL Dyck, actually, I was the first to comment.

Lindy, J/K in your old blog. You ain't getting rid of me that easily!

Effortlessly Average said...

Hey, I just strolled in here from out on the street. Nice wallpaper. The barstools are a little hard, but the beer makes up for it. Now, where are the cheap women?

Krissie said...

*raises hand*

Lindy said...

Dyck- you do realize that I have to tell C. that you're a gay man now right? You know the whole "You guys please call me lindy and nog "hor" on my new blog THING???" Sorry but I'll have to bring you out of the closet in explaination. You'll be ok.

Suki - LOL !! I finaly made it :)

Jenny - Thank You and of COURSE !! I'm still here and this is the loop and I love having you around!

Krissie - Thanks for following the "rules" OXOXOXOXO's :)

Effort - I've got beer? Where's the beer, I could use a beer, is it good beer?

Krissie - ahahahahhahahahhhahahahahahha :PPPPP

Mighty Dyckerson said...

If by "gay," you mean "happy," then yes, I am gay. I'm as gay as I can possibly be.

D-HOR said...

Dyck - Well being the old-fashioned girl that I am *ahhh ahhh AHEM* of course that I did. :P And Thank You :)

Sparx said...

Man, I am late to this blog, all the best seats are taken already...