Friday, September 5, 2008

Poverty = Easy Keeper + Do I have worms??

My bean mans first 11 years of life were spent in Mexico. Lucky for me his short time there had quite an impact on the kind of man that he is today.

He told me just the other day that when he was little that they lived in the "country" in a one room mud block house with a stick/thatch roof. Whoa, ok so I wasn't expecting that and before I could stop myself I asked about 20 questions about what it was like to be a really for real poor person. He told me about what they ate and how they cooked outside over coals and now that I think about it (thank you God) I forgot to ask about plumbing. They never got to eat chicken I thought that was weird but I guess over there it's way super expensive. Mostly they had goat. And goats milk. YAaaG Goats milk? Ah well at least it was calcium. AHAHAHAA I asked him if the pasturized the goats milk. (why do things like that come out of my mouth?)

Anyways, blah blah what all of this translates into is that he is one hell of an easy keeper. Roof over head that's not sticks = SWEET. Anything I cook that involves meat = Sweet. I never really cooked before living with him so well I sort of burn things a lot. Does he care? Nope, he likes his meat cooked till jerky anyways. He considers a little coal to be flavor. Awesome.

I thought all of this was quite grand untill the other day when we got to talking about WORMS of all things. Not the fishing kind but the kind that live inside you as a parasite. I don't remember how, it just happened. Anyways he at one point asked me "How do you know if you have worms?" Guhhhhh well shit I don't know. I told him that you'd see them in your poop. (that's what happened when my dog had worms)
I think he was asking because he's one of those bastard freaks of nature that can eat ANY AMOUNT of food that he want's and NEV_VER gain an ounce. Punk. I started to tell him about what his metabolism but then our conversation of him growing up all super poor came back to me. So naturally I blurted out "Have you ever HAD worms?? Like when you were a kid??" He just looked at me and then a worried expression came over his face and he said "I don't know."

WHAT?? You don't know if you've had WORMS??? GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH oh crap! Shit and damn! At this point he told me that that's why they cooked their meat so much so that they wouldn't get worms from the wild rabbit or whatever it is that they had on the coals that night. And then the poor guy started looking really worried and I could see that he was piecing it all together in his head that maybe he had ALWAYS had worms and he didn't know it and that's why he'd always been able to eat whatever.

I'm pretty sure he was on the verge of taking a dump right there and sifting through it so I figured it was kind of time to calm him down. Obviously he couldn't have had worms for 24 years and not be like dead or something and I'm pretty sure he feels ok now.

For some reason I think we're gonna have an interesting life together.

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