Friday, September 5, 2008

Single Life and Food


Besides lack of sex (zero!) there's been a few other changes in behavior in the Ghetto home front since C. has been gone. C. liked to have real meals - like home cooked - every day for dinner, and usually the left overs for lunch the next day. It was fun cooking with him, he teaching me new things and vice versa and tweaking my old recipes to make them edible for him. (I.E. add a jalapeno pepper to anything and he'll eat it)

But since he's been gone it seems I've gotten lazier and stranger in my eating habits as time goes by. Last nights dinner?

*Ate a few handfuls of dry cheerio's out of the box standing by the kitchen sink

*Decided I wanted to try that can of Marshmallow Fluff that's been in my cupboard since he left, opened it and fingered out a few test runs. -marshmallow-ee, nice- (this time standing by my stove)

*children's F. Fry @ BK while posting

*Spaghetti made solely in the microwave

That microwave spaghetti was downright FANCY for me as of late. Usually I would have just went back to the cherrios and scrounged up a piece of dry bread or can of peas or something.

I'm a friggin gourmet when it comes to the microwave. Last week I needed real food and figured out that if I microwave my pasta in a bowl with water - and put a bunch of broccoli on TOP of the water, that the water will cook the spaghetti and steam the broccoli. Add in some garlic Parmesan sauce from the can and sprinkle some REAL parm. reggiano over the top and we're talking good shit!!

But yeah, usually it's cold spaghettios from the can with a plastic spoon if I'm wanting fancy. Hell the day before yesterday I had two bottles of water, a bag of combos and a diet ice cream bar.

I might need a multi vitamin.

It just doesn't rate high on my to do list when I'm alone I guess. What about you guys? You all that live by yourself, do you cook real food everyday? Microwave dinners eaten over the kitchen sink? Cheetos on the couch? I could live on cereal alone if I wasn't too cheep to buy milk.

Anways, that's just what I was thinkin about here eating lunch at work (some dry bread, a diet cola and some cherries) I don't know what's up with Websense but it let me on today so that's cool. I think I'm just bored. Hi. *tap* *tap* Anybody there? What's you eatin?

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