Friday, September 5, 2008

They Moved C.


They transported my C. from one state to another (to the place they'll fly him out of - TOMORROW) but they lost his things in transport, well, misplaced.

His I.D.
His money
His wedding ring
His papers with his familys phone #'s
And his shoe laces.

So they'll be shipping him off to Mexico with no I.D. and no money and no phone #'s.

I called his family last night and they told me that they don't think he can make collect calls in Mexico - seriously? Can that be? What will he DO?? He's not allowed to know where they'll fly him to so his family can't just be waiting there,

And you know what he's worried about the most? His ring, bless his heart he's not worried about oh, I don't know, being in a foreign country with NOTHING and no way to contact anyone, but instead his ring and what it means to him.

I on the other hand I am shitting my pants. I called his original location that told me to call INS, who told me to call his original location, who again told me they can't help me, so I called INS again and they said that they did transport him but either his stuff was left at the original place (that won't speak to me) or was "misplaced" and told me to call where he is now. I called where he is now and got put through to the supervisor who wasn't in to answer his phone.

You know, I keep wondering at what point a person - well me - gets to the point where they break and can't take any more? Shouldn't I have got there by now? Where is my nervous breakdown? Do I get one? No, no, I don't want one, it just surprises me that I seem incapable. I'm stressed to the point of not even crying, does this mean I'm strong? What a load of crap.

I don't know, I don't know anything and no one will TELL me anything.

He's not a bad person and oh God I love him so much, why do all of these bad things have to happen? What's going to happen to my baby?! Why can't I convey through my words that I'm yelling and terrified? Oh well great here's the tears, I found em, good ole writing, it'll do it every time. Don't worry you guys, you don't have to write the "I'm so sorry's" I know this is a big mess of awkwardness and crud. I just had to write it down, one of those things I guess.

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