Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Did Our Grandparents Do?

It's funny that the year I'm moving down to live in another country is the year that I've become the most patriotic for my home country. Well, if patriotic is the right word for it, I don't know what it is really. I guess it's just that I actually THINK about the things going on right now, that I care so much about our men and women fighting so far away in a war that so many people don't support.

Our media has made such a mess of what's really going on out there that I don't know how I feel about our war but I know that I support our troops beyond 100%. They're doing their job and risking and giving their lives for it.

What got to bothering me today was a radio-cast I heard while driving in to work this morning. The radio-man was asking people what they are going to do today, in remembrance. Most people said that they weren't going to do anything at all and the radio-man was/is quite upset about it. I asked myself the question that he was asking everyone on the air and I have to admit that I came up empty.

I didn't think about DOING anything for this day and when I began to think about WHAT I could do I came up empty.

So I wonder what our grandparents and great grandparents did to commemorate the bombing of Pearl Harbor in the years following of "...a date which will live in infamy."

Were they just like us and a few years later just go on with their lives on that day and for some even complain about the fact that that's all they'll hear about on t.v. (or radio) that day? Did they feel guilt like me in not KNOWING what is the right thing to do? Or were they infinitely more patriotic and wise in their dealings with the tragedy of their day?

I wish I had a grandparent that I could ask these things to. Even in times like these does my family's behavior toward Chino and I come in to play. How sad. Chino who is my wonderful Amor who though not a citizen of this country was here on that day and remembers as clearly as everyone else exactly where he was and what he was doing when it happened. He was out picking in a field when the farmer came out to get all of them and take them back to their camp. They sat around and watched the t.v. with the rest of the world and just like us he worried and prayed and felt terrible for those hurt and killed. He remembers and we talked about it this morning on the phone, I here in Mi and him there in Mexico.

This morning when I went out to hang my flag at work, something I've been doing for the last couple of weeks, I stood with it in my hands and said a prayer. I prayed for those lost on 9/11/01 and their families and I prayed for those in the war and their families and lastly for those lost in this war and all those affected by their loss.

I burned a C.D. a few days ago for a friend of mine who is a Veteran and I made myself remember to give it to him today.

I'll look up when we're supposed to pause in a moment of silence today and actually observe it for once.

Other than these small things I'm not sure what I should do, what I'm expected to do or what would be patriotic and right. I don't know what my grandparents would do.

I guess in my doings through out the day I can look for those little moments where one can choose to be kind or just be an ass. I'll look for those neat little times where we can do something small and yet so big for a stranger on the street or in the store and look for opportunities to do Random Acts of Kindness. I might not know how to be patriotic but the least I can do is do what I know how to do and spread kindness, at least my little bit, in a world that is some days so unkind.

Perhaps as I get older I'll know more what is right. I do know that I'll teach my unborn-not-yet-conceived children about this day. They'll know about it and how I feel and what I do before they ever have a chance to question themselves. I guess that's one more thing I can do.


Mighty Dyckerson said...

No dildo references?? WTF??!

Sassy Blondie said...

Beautiful sentiment, Lindy! :) I used to be able to see the towers from my northen NJ classroom while I was teaching there. I left in late July '01 for CA. Friends lost spouses, and former students lost parents that day in September, however.

Lindy said...

Dyck - oh geez.

Sassy - if you say it's beautiful I'll take it, but I am being sincere, I really do wish I knew what it was like for that older generation and what they did and what they would have done now.

Dag gummit I need to get some old people to read this site. :P