Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday when I was done job searching for the day and was back home alone I was in the kitchen when I heard a knock at our fence outside. I don't like it when people come to our house when C. is gone, I usually have JUST enough english to get by I guess I DO manage, but never as well as I'd like. I guess the textbook he gave me for our first Christmas really IS coming in handy now. :P

Yesterday was a shining goofy example of my lack of Spanish though. I wearily walked to the front door to peak my head out and saw a man behind our gate with some paperwork. He immediately launched into rapid-fire spanish and I couldn't get in a "UHHH" or "DUHH" or "NO HABLO" anywhere for like what seemed forever. I could tell he was asking me questions and he wanted answers, and it was making me nervous. I heard a word a few times and finally my brain registered it as "Immigration."

IMMIGRATION !!! AHHHHH!!!!!! I immediately thought "Holy shit! Immigration has come for me! HOW did they find me? WHY? I've got to run away!" LOL riiiigggghhhhttt like I could run away. Dork.

He stopped for a half second and I said - ???? Immigration ???? and he kept rapid firing that damn word at me but finally my head was starting to register something else. "igracion" "umigracion" "Fumigracion" "Fumigacion (Fum-i-grah-see-own) OHHHHHH !!! Fumigation !!!! He was a Bug-killer salesman !

AH !! AAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH !! SHIT !! And he scared the crap out of me! LOL I don't know why but he kept repeating it over and over FUMIGACION-FUMIGACION-fumigacionfumigacion! Strage.

Anyhoo I finally understood, said "Ohhhh !!" "Fumigacion!?" "NO GRACIAS !!" I smiled and shut the door. Good bye !

There's no REASON that immigration would come after me - and lord knows they wouldn't come toting a clip-board but instead big guns - but my lil ole brain is programmed to be worried about it I guess, after the couple of years with C. in the U.S.

Fumigation - HA ! He's two weeks too late, I hauled my cats and dog and C. over to his Aunts house the first full day I was there and bug-bombed the hell out of that place. We STILL have bugs dying - it's a long-killing formula safe for animals. I don't get how it works and I don't care, I'm just glad that the only mouse-sized cock-roaches I see are dead ones. *shudder*


Upstate Broad said...

Who's willing to chip in and buy Lindy a copy of Rosetta Stone for Spanish?

Krissie said...

I usually have JUST enough english to get by I guess I DO manage

Seriously. I know spelling is lost on you, but that's the whole word not belonging there. It took me a while to get what you meant.

Anyway, LOLOLOLOL. Oh Lindy.

Ryan said...

I've been called a pest enough to be equally worried by Fumigation

Lindy said...

Upstate - OMG have you SEEN the price of that!!!!????? It's like $300.00 !!!! WAAAAYYYY too much, I wouldn't buy it on PRINCIPLE. Bastards !

Krissie - huh? It made perfect sense to me - it's sort of a figure of speech, maybe it got lost in translation? LOL anyways :)

Buy a mask if you're coming to my casa then, it's deadly.

jaybird said...

hey chica! how's the job (hob, heehehe) hunting going? oh and i agree with krissie and i don't think it was lost in translation (or maybe it was and i'm a retard?) haaha! anyways, love ya sista!

Krissie said...


Helen said...

LOL! Maybe Fumigration is the department responsible for moving the bugs out of your house instead of killing them? I can just imagine you going all freaky of the sudden appearance of Immigration at your place and then the sudden relief at realizing its the bugs they want, not you.

Lindy said...

Krissie - Oh, OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP. "ENGLISH" Ok so it took me a week but it should have sort of been spanish huh? HA! HAHHA LMFAOLMFAOLMFAO OH MY GAAAWWD !!

Jaybird - I, well, I've been stressed, that's it, it's the lack of job (hob? you mean like "yahb"? LOL ! Funny ! :) THAT must explain the complete dense-ness of that whole thing on my part - omg. :P

Helen - Ag, I think the bugs come installed. :P

Yo Heart a Tirrin said...

Hahaha! I am at work & was just looking at some blogs & found your on another blog I am following & here I am 4 hrs later stuck on your blogs hehehe! I am at work & I really must get back to work but I can't I am oh so stuck here hehehe! Newho you had me cracking up on this one with the immigration man seriously I was laughing so hard I even started to cry hehehe!