Thursday, October 30, 2008

Serious Men

I saw a very serious looking muy importante looking mexican man standing on the street today talking to another super I'm-very-important-looking-man. They had their chests puffed out and were waving their arms about during their oh-so important conversation but neither seemed to notice that one of them had the zipper on his tight pants completely down. Tighty-whities for the world to SEE !

HAAAAAAAA I didn't tell him - it'd be improper :P - but I winked at him because I'm a crazy beotch like that. He tipped his hat at me - oh yes the pretty gringa, obviously impressed by his status - and smiled wide. I would have given quite a few pesos to see his reaction when he finally realized that his white underpants were on view for everyone to see through his black pants - and to know what he thought of that gringa THEN. HA !

Okay, on to something meaningful. Here we go.

Chino is such a good husband, I adore him ! And I'm glad I can say I was not wrong to come crazy assed chasing after him. He has been so sweet to me these past 14 days. (my gawd it seems like a MONTH!) Through my crying and my tantrums and my complete irrational bitchiness to HIM for the fact that Mexico has an INSANE street system and I keep getting lost - he just keeps loving me and hugging me and telling me that it will get better.

Through the over-salty, over-sour- over-cooked- under-cooked dinners that I make for him (not quite back into the swing of cooking yet :P and god knows I've never been able to make rice.) he eats on and smiles and thanks me and loves me for my efforts.

The other day when he was off to work I walked down the street to a tiny store, a little adventure to buy some pop and cookies. On the way there I tried my best to feel that I was in MY home too, not just Mexico, and tried to make myself feel that I belong. When I got there the bars were up in the doorway and locked but the door was open on the inside. There was a sign out front "Abierto" and I just stood there staring at it trying my damnedest to remember if that meant open or closed. I stood there like an idiot and looked on into the store past the bars to the pop and candy trying to figure out what I would get if the door would open.

Finally a lady came out and started talking to me in rapid spanish. I "Uh" "Oh" and "Guh" and "Duh'd" for a bit before I could get out "Hablo poqito." But it was all good, her son came out and he spoke perfect english. He explained that they were open but keep the doors locked to keep out the rats. (The thief's)

Anyways, I walked around feeling like an idiot while they both STARED at me trying to figure out what kind of cookie I wanted to try so I just grabbed something. When it came time to pay it amounted to about 2 dollars and for what I bought I knew it was kind of an insane price, more like U.S. prices, but didn't know how to argue so I just paid and walked out feeling bummed that they screwed me for being a gringa. So much for my feeling of belonging. Jerks.

I told C. about it when he got home and asked him if I was right, that they over charged me and he got all manly and puffed up and outraged on my behalf. He demanded to see the wrappers from the cookies and the pop bottle, did the math in his head and came up with that they over charged me by more than double.

He says "Jew want me to go down there and say some-ting to dem? I'm going to go say something, they don't need to do this to you, I'm going." I just smiled at all this, I didn't expect that he would be so pissed on my behalf, I thought he would shrug it off but no. :) He left his dinner right there on the table and told me he'd be back and marched his lil but out the house and down the road full of fire-ant and ready to deafened his gringas honor. I was so proud :P

But really, it was nice to have him do that, it feels good to have someone stand up for me like that you know? I never should have doubted that he would. :) Lucky for those people the store was closed by that time, and the next day when we drove by C. stopped again, but once again they were closed. He's still got it in his mind to tell these people off and I love him for it, this weekend when he's not working that lady's gonna have some splaining to do. He's mine and I'm' so proud. :)


Sheila said...

Girl-you better hold on to that man! He's a keeper. A man who stands up for his woman. WOW!

Krissie said...

I hope they ain't got no shotgun under the counter there! I ~hope~, therefore it is an ~optimistic~ though, mmkay?

Lindy said...

Sheila - I've got him bagged :P

Krissie - I don't think civilians can have guns in mexico. Or something like that. I have no idea. And I guess it wouldn't matter anyways here right? Rule following and all that. Ah well, my baby's smart - he'd run like hell. :P

Living South of Sanity said...

I need some closure woman! Did he ever go back when they were open and give them a good tongue lashing?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

OH man, it was so long ago! Lol but I actually remember, awwww, yes he did go back, but they just played dumb and I don't think we ever went to their store again. At least I never did, I found an OXXO a few streets over and never looked back. These days I would totally march my own butt down there and ask them with a sad face and big sad eyes why they would do that to me??? :D And of course demand a refund. :D