Friday, November 21, 2008

Reasons Why Someone In Texas Should Give Me A Job

Because I need to buy a digital camera (my 3rd one in a year, I've got to stop killing these things) For I NEED to show you guys what I'm SEEING every day! Yesterday on the way to pick up C. there was a man riding down the street all cowboy'd out on his horse. For real, people ride horses down the same streets that 18 wheelers drive down and it's crazy to see.

I need to show you my HAIR that I tried to dye back to it's natural color after my red-faze - because it took the dye WAAAYYYY to seriously and now I look like I tried to dye my hair to look like a mexicans natural hair and I'm really fair skinned and I look like one 0f those old italian guys that just won't-give-it-up and still puts shoe polish in his hair to keep it greasy and black. My gawd I can't wear half of my clothes because the color clash is just too weird. Heaven help my hair.

And I need to SHOW YOU MEXICO - you need to see the insane streets with pot-holes the size of beach balls and swimming pools and then the speed bumps here that are so high that you get altitude sickness driving over them before you crash back down on the frame of your car.

OMG OMG and the construction site that lead my lane of traffic into ONCOMING traffic yesterday with the use of 4 orange cones and NO WARNING AT ALL to the oncoming people who all of a sudden had a wall of cars thrown at them for no apparent reason without notice and the pissed off looks on their faces because they thought it was crazy people (crazy white girl!) just driving the wrong way on a one-way. (I guess I can't capture the sound of car horns and me saying "holyshitholyshit-FOR REAL???" outloud by myself)

And you need to see the food and the people and my gaaawwdd the wonderful women here that wear 90% of their clothing 3 sizes too small at ALL times. I love these women they make my day nearly every day.

Ok so a camera is ONE reason but there's more but I'm running out of battery and I gotta go fax some applications. (sort of can't GET a job without applying :P)

Wish me luck so I can buy a camera!! (ok and food :P)


Patti said...

lol I can't wait to see it ALL ...Good luck! xo

CruiserMel said...

Oh wow, you are so brave! A new country, a new language, a sick puppy (and self)...all this an potholes the size of beachballs? I don't mean to laugh, but I'd be losing my mind with all that culture shock. So I say again - you are so brave! p.s. Sorry about your hair - hopefully, it'll settle down a bit. Poor lil hor. ;)

Lindy said...

Patti - :P Thank You :)

Cruiser !!!!! Hi Cruiser !!!! Hair - gah! Screw it I'm going blond - that way nothing washes out and all I have to do is touch up the roots now and then.
Culture shock? You? Nahh no way! You're the cruise-queen! You've been all over the place, you'd be a bad ass - BUT- you might freak for the lack of you man meat singer dude K. :P

Effortlessly Average said...

Well if I thought you knew me better, I'd wonder if you meant me. lol

Effortlessly Average said...

I hope you're getting along well in Mexico!

Sparx said...

Oh hey gal, this made me laugh a lot and really, really made me wish I could like send you a digi - only it'd be the wrong electricity or something if I did. Damn.

Lindy said...

effort - say what??
and thank you :)

Sparx !!! Hi !!! Awwww thank you :) and lord knows mexico IS weird, my goodness most of the electric outlets here are still TWO pronged ! craziness.

Effortlessly Average said...

You said you were thinking someone in Texas should get you a job... and I live in Texas... and so you know, two and two... ok fine, it wasn't funny. Geez.

And I'll bet you're just a hit with all the Mexicans down there, being all pale and hot an' all. C's probably the envy of the town. heh.

Lindy said...

Effort - You live in TX too??? Holy crap, YOU, cruiser, sassy, what is it with TX'ns and my old site??? :P

And yeah, sometimes lol, the other day we were at a gas station and a guy outside was staring and started WINKING at me with C. sitting in the car RIGHT NEXT to me !! Obsurd! C. didn't see because he was on the phone and not paying attention but I almost shit! Talk about audacity. OMG.

Sassy Blondie said...

Lindygirl!! I wish I lived closer because I'd so fire these gossipy bitches and hire you to help warp, uh I mean, mold young minds...

Was it hair color you got in Mexico?? ;)