Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So You Know I Miss You Right??

I don't want to get internet in our house until I've got a job - prudent and all that.

(But I MISS you Blog-Pals!!)

I've been job hunting like a crazy person 5 days a week.

(Omg I seriously miss reading your blogs every day!!)

My dog got for real sick and almost kicked the bucket and I had to GIVE HER SHOTS and watch her like crazy and hand-feed and make sure she DIDN'T kick the bucket.

(and dag gummit it would have been nice to WRITE about it here while it was happening)

C. got bronchitis about a week and some days ago, I came down with the FLU about 5 days ago - HA !! So much for job hunting THIS week ! - AAAANNNDDDD my dog came up with this big weird gaping wound on her leg that seems to be spreading a couple of days ago.

So. (aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

There's all of that. I haven't been over to Tx to call any of my family because I've been too sick (hi family! I'm alive!)

Enough, enough, I'm sure you can see my blog pals - the ones I love to read and love to have visit me here that it's been a little nuts and computer time has been all but impossible - BUT - but I DO miss it and I WILL get back into it - just as soon as I can.

I hate it when my favorite bloggers take days or weeks (ahem - months) off and it always seems like even if they DO return it doesn't seem to be the same, or I've moved on to someone else that interests me. But it happens and I understand and hope you all understand.

I miss you, I miss my family, I miss so much - but just like everything else, when things get settled down I'll be in touch again.

Until then - (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)



Krissie said...

If you only knew how often I click on the link to your blog... I MISS YOU TOO!
And ugh, sorry to hear about everyone being sick. WTF Mexico, trying to kill everyone?

Patti said...

I'll always come back to visit you!
Hope you all feel better soon.

Lindy said...

Krissie - Mexico is a punk right? And Tx too - GIVE ME AS JOB TEXAS !!!! I need the internet. *sniff* :P

Thank You Patti !!!!! :) And we're all finaly healing up thank heavens, we're looking up. (but not with our mouths open because there are a lot of birds and bugs and I don't want to get shat in my mouth)

Patti said...

lol.. I can't tell you how many times I've been shit on .. I swear the birds are just waiting for me to leave my house!