Friday, November 28, 2008

Very Pissed Rant - AND a happy note.

I put in an aplication and resume at a place last week - they called me a few days later and asked that I come in for an interview. YES ! I was excited, even excited the day of the interview when they called me 30 minutes beforehand to tell me that it was off. Very important office meeting popped up and no time for interviews but I could come in the next day. I said it was no problem at all - although I DID have to drop C. off at the bus station an hour before I would normaly TAKE him to work to make the appointment and you know, I had already speant my 70 minutes at the border crossing and was paid up and crossed and only about 10 minutes away. (no I didn't tell her that :P) But ok, I understand.

So, the next day comes, the interview happens and it is explained to me that it's a 3 interview process - my my ! Well, 3 interviews IF I'm one of the 6 chosen from the first 20 and then one of the 4 chosen from the 6 - my very own little reality show. Blah blah anyways I'm chosen for a second interview and that was today. I went in for my second interview at 10 a.m. and they told me that there were only 5 of us and that they would forgo the 3rd meeting and make a decision today. YAY !! SOOOO I thought the interview went quite well and one of the interviewers told me that they would make the decision this afternoon and I would receive a call around 3:00 - 3:30 to tell me either way. Okay, great ! Actually he told me he would call me like THREE TIMES.

And. And now it's 4:18 and yeah I know it's only an hour or half hour late but, but, OH BUT COME ON! This is serious business people! This is my LIFE here and DAG GUMMIT I NEED TO KNOW IF I GOT THE JOB!!. ACK ! Do I even WANT to work for such rude people? Yeah yeah I know, important buisiness probably "came up" but geez. Geez and dang and CRAAAAAAAAAAP.

UPDATE --- (It's the next day) Yeeeaaahhh 4:30 came and went as well as all last night and this morning - they NEVER called. How unimaginably rude, I mean REALLY? FUCK YOU ASSHOLES !!!!! JERK OFF SONS OF WHORES !! Dirty whores. With syphillus.

LOL my Mom said this morning "It's not like it was a bad DATE, they should have called you." AHAHAHAHAH My Momma is funny ! :P

A Neighbor Friend !!!!!!!

EEEEEEE!!!!! I was scrapping the paint off of our iron gates yesterday when a neighbor lady from two houses down came to introduce herself and say HELLO to me !!! YYYAAAAYYY !!!!!! I can't tell you how dang THRILLED I was ! Granted, she didn't speak a lick of english but I had enough cave-man spanish to get us at least a little aquainted. She came with a SMILE and a handshake and I was so damn happy !! I think we should KNOW our neighbors, not neccesarily be best friends but it's rude to live feet from them and not know they're names damn it. It's just polite. Neighborly!

I've been WANTING to introduce myself to the neighbors but that whole language barrier thing is a bitch sometimes. Anyways she told me that if I ever need anything or need help that she is just two houses down. OH !! How kind !! I told her the same thing back and we talked about her kids and then she went back home.

I promptly went to the task of baking some cookies so I could take them to her later to say thank you. I delivered the cookies later on and she was asleep but her son was there. He's 11 and speaks better english than I do and gave her the message. Later on she kindly came back to give me the plate.  No talk this time but there's always tomorrow!  :)

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