Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hard Life, Beautiful Husband

I hardly know where to start and how not to type out 1,000,000 uninteresting details that nobody will care about - or maybe they will, I don't know - anywho I guess fellow bloggers understand - we have a LOT to say, like all the time, and to not write for 3 months where we would normaly write at least 5 times a week - and to try to pick up and recap - is impossible. And I have forgotten how to use punctuation. Ah well I'm just gonna lump this crap out here, yall sort it out, you wouldn't come here if you thought I was perfect anyways.

Coming up to Christmas so far away from home, our money either spent or stolen the world beating us down like sad dogs at EVERY TURN (it's probably a good thing I couldn't blog for this would have been a sad depressing doomsday blog for a few months and you all would want to either cry or slap me) Christmas just was NOT looking apealing. At all. Zero. Like for real I was just not going to celebrate.

BUT I have my husband and my family and they came through like I'd never have imagined. One day about a week and a half before Christmas I came home from my job - depressed that I hated my job sooo incredibly much - I opened our front door and saw that Chino had drug out my Christmas decorations and piled them in a heap infront of the lil Christmas tree I've used for years now. He had mearly took the tree out of the storage box and propped it up, bent in 20 directions and bed-head looking from being crammed in a too small box for the last year. :P I'm not one for lovingly putting away Christmas decortations 3 weeks after I should have already :P Anyways, he propped it up all comic and sad wrote on a peice of paper "Chaqita Help Me" and stabbed the papper with one of the wire branches.

:) I'll never forget the sight :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


YAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!! I can pay my car insurance and buy a hot water heater and INTERNET !!!!! Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!

Speaking of the hot water heater - OMG - C. said that a lot of people here don't have them, that it's usually so hot that the water that comes out of the ground is quite warm enough for showers. When I first got here he was right, the water was just warm enough to be nice and refreshing - BUT. But now it's getting down into the 50's and or colder at night, and unless it gets up to 85 the next day and stays there - the water is COLD !!! This past Sunday we went all stone age and actually heated water on our stove, put it in a bucket with colder water and did our thang in the shower.

Too funny, we moved into a much nicer house here than in MI and I'm taking a shower out of a bucket. LOL oh well I came from the boondocks, I'm cool with improvising. BUT !! Now that I've got a job we should be able to get a water heater in a couple of weeks. OH hooorraaaaayyyyy!!!

And Internet?? Did I mention that????? :)

OK, so the job. Um. LOL it's not exactly what I wanted but for right now it's cash and I'm ok with that.

It's a collection agency. . . . . . Do I hear Booo'ing??? Stop it ! OMG a collection agency, I KNOW !!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!! But like I said, it's money. Oh lordy the interviewer told me there are several different areas of collection - one of them being mortgages. Please god don't give me THAT account !! I'll be fired in no time considering people have all but stopped paying mortgages in this country. Agggg.

Anywhoo, in about an hour I have another interview with a Customer Service center that works for Sprint. It's slightly more desirable than the collections place I think, but we'll see how they pay and what hours are offered. (and if they offer me a job too :P). Considering the kind of work it is I think they might but we'll see.

In the meantime I'll still keep looking for a nicer job but right now I'm just thankful to work.

Heavens to betsy I gotta run !! Wish me luck ! :)