Friday, November 21, 2008

Reasons Why Someone In Texas Should Give Me A Job

Because I need to buy a digital camera (my 3rd one in a year, I've got to stop killing these things) For I NEED to show you guys what I'm SEEING every day! Yesterday on the way to pick up C. there was a man riding down the street all cowboy'd out on his horse. For real, people ride horses down the same streets that 18 wheelers drive down and it's crazy to see.

I need to show you my HAIR that I tried to dye back to it's natural color after my red-faze - because it took the dye WAAAYYYY to seriously and now I look like I tried to dye my hair to look like a mexicans natural hair and I'm really fair skinned and I look like one 0f those old italian guys that just won't-give-it-up and still puts shoe polish in his hair to keep it greasy and black. My gawd I can't wear half of my clothes because the color clash is just too weird. Heaven help my hair.

And I need to SHOW YOU MEXICO - you need to see the insane streets with pot-holes the size of beach balls and swimming pools and then the speed bumps here that are so high that you get altitude sickness driving over them before you crash back down on the frame of your car.

OMG OMG and the construction site that lead my lane of traffic into ONCOMING traffic yesterday with the use of 4 orange cones and NO WARNING AT ALL to the oncoming people who all of a sudden had a wall of cars thrown at them for no apparent reason without notice and the pissed off looks on their faces because they thought it was crazy people (crazy white girl!) just driving the wrong way on a one-way. (I guess I can't capture the sound of car horns and me saying "holyshitholyshit-FOR REAL???" outloud by myself)

And you need to see the food and the people and my gaaawwdd the wonderful women here that wear 90% of their clothing 3 sizes too small at ALL times. I love these women they make my day nearly every day.

Ok so a camera is ONE reason but there's more but I'm running out of battery and I gotta go fax some applications. (sort of can't GET a job without applying :P)

Wish me luck so I can buy a camera!! (ok and food :P)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So You Know I Miss You Right??

I don't want to get internet in our house until I've got a job - prudent and all that.

(But I MISS you Blog-Pals!!)

I've been job hunting like a crazy person 5 days a week.

(Omg I seriously miss reading your blogs every day!!)

My dog got for real sick and almost kicked the bucket and I had to GIVE HER SHOTS and watch her like crazy and hand-feed and make sure she DIDN'T kick the bucket.

(and dag gummit it would have been nice to WRITE about it here while it was happening)

C. got bronchitis about a week and some days ago, I came down with the FLU about 5 days ago - HA !! So much for job hunting THIS week ! - AAAANNNDDDD my dog came up with this big weird gaping wound on her leg that seems to be spreading a couple of days ago.

So. (aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

There's all of that. I haven't been over to Tx to call any of my family because I've been too sick (hi family! I'm alive!)

Enough, enough, I'm sure you can see my blog pals - the ones I love to read and love to have visit me here that it's been a little nuts and computer time has been all but impossible - BUT - but I DO miss it and I WILL get back into it - just as soon as I can.

I hate it when my favorite bloggers take days or weeks (ahem - months) off and it always seems like even if they DO return it doesn't seem to be the same, or I've moved on to someone else that interests me. But it happens and I understand and hope you all understand.

I miss you, I miss my family, I miss so much - but just like everything else, when things get settled down I'll be in touch again.

Until then - (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)


Thursday, November 13, 2008

SONS OF BITCHES RANT - And a happy ending

I put in an application and resume at a place last week - they called me a few days later and asked that I come in for an interview. YES ! I was excited, even excited the day of the interview when they called me 30 minutes beforehand to tell me that it was off. Very important office meeting popped up and no time for interviews but I could come in the next day. I said it was no problem at all - although I DID have to drop C. off at the bus station an hour before I would normally TAKE him to work to make the appointment and you know, I had already spent my 70 minutes at the border crossing and was paid up and crossed and only about 10 minutes away. (no I didn't tell her that :P) But ok, I understand.

So, the next day comes, the interview happens and it is explained to me that it's a 3 interview process - my my ! Well, 3 interviews IF I'm one of the 6 chosen from the first 20 and then one of the 4 chosen from the 6 - my very own little reality show. Blah blah anyways I'm chosen for a second interview and that was today. I went in for my second interview at 10 a.m. and they told me that there were only 5 of us and that they would forgo the 3rd meeting and make a decision today. YAY !! SOOOO I thought the interview went quite well and one of the interviewers told me that they would make the decision this afternoon and I would receive a call around 3:00 - 3:30 to tell me either way. Okay, great ! Actually he told me he would call me like THREE TIMES.

And. And now it's 4:18 and yeah I know it's only an hour or half hour late but, but, OH BUT COME ON! This is serious business people! This is my LIFE here and DAG GUMMIT I NEED TO KNOW IF I GOT THE JOB!!. ACK ! Do I even WANT to work for such rude people? Yeah yeah I know, important business probably "came up" but geez. Geez and dang and CRAAAAAAAAAAP.

UPDATE --- (It's the next day) Yeeeaaahhh 4:30 came and went as well as all last night and this morning - they NEVER called. How unimaginably rude, I mean REALLY? FUCK YOU ASSHOLES !!!!! JERK OFF SONS OF WHORES !! Dirty whores. With syphilis.

LOL my Mom said this morning "It's not like it was a bad DATE, they should have called you." AHAHAHAHAH My Momma is funny ! :P

Okay, Moving on. Happier things await.

EEEEEEE!!!!! I was scrapping the paint off of our iron gates yesterday when a neighbor lady from two houses down came to introduce herself and say HELLO to me !!! YYYAAAAYYY !!!!!! I can't tell you how dang THRILLED I was ! Granted, she didn't speak a lick of english but I had enough cave-man spanish to get us at least a little acquainted. You guys she came with a SMILE and a handshake and I was so damn happy !! I think we should KNOW our neighbors, not necessarily be best friends but it's rude to live 5 feet from them and not know their names damn it. It's just polite. Neighborly!

I've been WANTING to introduce myself to the neighbors but that whole language barrier thing kinda scared me off. "Hello neighbor!! HOLA!! Crazy white girl knocking at your door that you won't be able to understand, please don't call security on me I'm just trying to be neighborly!!" Anyways she told me that if I ever need anything or need help that she is just two houses down. OH !! How kind !! I told her the same thing back and we talked about her kids and husband and then she went back home.

I was so happy I stopped the paint scrapping and went to the task of baking some cookies so I could take them to her later to say thank you. I delivered the cookies later on and she was asleep but her son was there. He's 11 and speaks better english than I do and gave her the THANK YOU message.

Later on she came back with her son and he translated a whole conversation for us (that little kid is bad ass!) She's so nice and sweet and she told me that any time I'm home I can come over to her house and hang out so that I don't have to be by myself! ISN'T THAT NICE!!??? YAY!!!!!!!

So anyways, she liked my cookies and she brought the plate back and even gave me some fruit in return. How polite ! And I TALKED TO HER !! Ok so I mentioned that :P It's funny what one can get thrilled about when so isolated, but I'll take it where I can get it and remember to be thankful.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who's the minority now?

A bit more on not being bilingual.

I knew that I would be in the minority race for the first time in my life when I moved here. I have no problem with that, whatever, we're people you know? But I have to admit I DID expect that when I crossed the border into Texas each day that I would be magically transported into a land of english speaking people again. Not necessarily a land of white people but at least I figured most everybody would speak english. It's our country's #1 language and all.

What I didn't realize is, is that by crossing that bridge into the U.S. I'm merely changing to better roads and different police. A border guard told me that it's anywhere from 70 - 90% spanish here on the U.S. side of the border, and while I think that's a little high (thought), I AM for real shocked that when I go to the gas stations and stores that many of the clerks don't even TRY to speak english. HERE, IN the U.S. - I had no idea. In the bigger stores they are bilingual - and damn good at it - but in the smaller places I'm spoken to primarily in Spanish. It's shocking to go to a gas station everyday to buy the morning paper to look for jobs and be told my total in Spanish.

I find myself in the Office Depot (printing and faxing resumes) talking to the bilingual girl behind the desk and realizing that I've become one of "THOSE" people. You THOSE people who give perfect strangers too much information and out-stay their welcome by talking about crap that the clerk doesn't care about for too long. Yeah. I hate those people. I didn't think I would ever do that - even when I was OLD ! But I find myself desperate to speak to someone that understands me and I can understand in return. Besides the border guards. Gahhh.

Yes, I call my Mom and Dad and BFF but there is something about talking in person with someone that humans need. C. is wonderful but he's not always around and dang it girls need other girls to talk to you know? :P It's true. Boo-hoo and woe-is-me I want a girlfriend. God please give me a job soon, lol at least those people HAVE to talk to me, even if it's just work related.

Speaking of - I went for my first job interview last week and there in the waiting room were TWO other women OBVIOUSLY there for the same job as I. Awkward much? I mean REALLY??? I can't really stand that sort of thing so when one of them asked me the time I took the opportunity to open up some conversation between us.

We all got the big elephant in the room out and kicked him to the side. The first girl and I talked some about being new people in the area and my nerves - as well as hers I'm sure - really started to calm down. When she went in for her interview I started up a conversation with the other woman - God bless the always viable convo-opener of "I really like your shirt!" :p I did though, it wasn't a lie.

And like magic!? She and I started talking about allllll SORTS of things - ending up on the subject of MEN for heavens sake and me pointing my finger at her and lecturing her (a woman 15 years older than me) about how she shouldn't be pining away for an obviously crappy man that was treating her like shit. I told her that she was a princess - a QUEEN and should be treated so - and NOTHING less. EVER. She felt bad that she's divorced and older and is afraid that she's a spinster and I has all sorts of confidence-boost stuff to throw at her for that. :) I swear nothing gets me fired up more than a mistreated woman that's had her self confidence worn down to nil.

SO anywhoo, we had a great conversation and by the time it was my turn to be interviewed all ov my nerves were gone and I felt great. The INTERVIEW went great and the woman told me that I was her absolute first choice - that she would REALLY like to offer me the job - but I need to be more bilingual. She even went so far as to suggest that she might try to shuffle some people around to find a place for me! I was really flattered - she said I seem like "A real go-getter!" HA !! Who would have thunk it!

Anyways, the second woman I was speaking with was professional and actually lived a lot closer to the job than I - and was bilingual. I told her that she would be more suited for the job than I, just the Gods truth.

No worries though - today I have TWO interviews and I'm hopeful about both of them, I don't think the bilingual thing will come into play as much and am really hopeful.

Wish me luck! And thanks to you all who are still reading, I appreciate it, I feed off of it. Thank You :)