Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dirty Hotel Secrets: Part 1

Dirty Hotel Secrets : Part ONE

***note I live in MX but work in Texas, these are USA hotels***

I'll get around to talking about Mexico eventually but this is on my mind right now and I think you all should know. A lot of you travel right? Well, here are some things to... think about.
After about my 2nd week working front desk I was back in the laundry room (they're too cheap to hire laundry workers so the front desk washes, dries and folds when we're not doing other things) doing laundry, when it finally hit me that the housekeepers never bring the comforters or brown fuzzy blankets down to me to wash. I thought "Huh, they must send those out to be washed, and the cheap bastards make us do the towels and sheets."
Theeeen I got a bad feeling. I never saw a truck come and go and I never signed for anything, so I asked the housekeeper. There is no magical truck that comes, the blankets stay in the room. Forever.
Did you guys read that? HOTELS DO NOT WASH THEIR COMFORTER BLANKETS OR THEIR FUZZY BROWN BLANKETS. Not even once a month. I've been there 6 months now and they have NEVER done a full washing. Maybe once a week a housekeeper will bring one down to me because it has an OBVIOUS stain, or maybe a guest will complain about the comforter smelling of cologne (that's happened ONCE) and we'll wash the offending blanket, but that's IT. IN SIX MONTHS.
I work at a BW by the way, I would imagine you've heard of it. Yes THAT BIG OF A CHAIN !!! AAANNNDDD I asked the housekeeper when I figured it out (and flipped my fucking gourd) if this was the only hotel that she had ever heard of doing that. Like, maybe the owners are just horribly cheap and law breakers or something.
Ha!! Hahahahahahhahahhah WRONG. She has worked for a BW, A Super 8, a La Quinta and an Americas Best Value, a Comfort inn and a Comfort suites AND A HAMPTON, and she has never seen anyone wash those items on a regular (how about DAILY????) basis.
So yeah. The people that stay with us are sleeping on no less than 9 months (new hotel) of other peoples . . . STUFF !!

Do you KNOW what people DO in these rooms? OMG and not just sex and jizz but we get DIRTY ASS workers who come and stay and the rooms stink after they leave. And how about DISEASES!!?? Oh my GAWD!! Skin diseases that are contagious or god knows what else. BUGS. People party, people bring gross kids who snot all over the place and. . . and I just can't go on.

When I used to stay at hotels I would strip off the scratchy things and just sleep with the brown fuzzy blanket because it was snuggie and nice. I guess I'm not dead, but I DON'T CARE.
How can this be legal? I just, I just don't get it.
People bring their own pillows to sleep on all the time. At least we wash the pillow cases, never mind your pillow -BRING YOUR BLANKIE.


Refried Dreamer said...

that's seriously sick. Which... btw... explains how one year my kids came back from PV with piojos....and whatever else was "floating around". thanks for the insight!

jenny said...

Guess it's a good thing we don't travel much. Last time I slept in a hotel was...4 years ago?? We usually drive at night if we're going to go somewhere far away now, much easier for the kids to sleep in the car while husband and I take turns driving in the night, instead of hearing:: "Are we there yet?" every 10 minutes!!

Thanks for the heads up on the blankets! gross!

Krissie said...

I'm so glad I don't go anywhere. LOL

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Refried - Hi !! Your pobrecito bebe's! Gross, just accckk.

Jenny - Cheaper and smarter, and who would want to leave your woodland paradise anyways? :)

Krissie- Like for REAL right?

Amanda said...

Ok note to self bring covers,pillows and sheets if you are staying in a hotel in Mexico. Ge I would have never guessed but then again Im not sure why Im surprised after living here for over a year. You learn something new every day.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Amanda - I should tell you, I live in Mx but work in TEXAS ! Crazy right? I don't even WANT to know about Mx hotels.

~ellen~ said...

I totally knew this. Just ask my husband, who makes fun of me for going far out of my way to never touch anything but the sheets.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Ellen - Ew right? Thank goodness you KNOW! And don't tell me your husband doesn't care! NO!! :P

Suzanne said...

This is going to gross you out even more... sorry. Love your blog!