Monday, August 24, 2009

HA !!! I'm McGyver TOO !!

Media Player can Suck It ! HA !

A friend of mine gave me a mini SD card with a bunch of music on it to add to my new computer or mp3 player. It's one of those tiny ones that goes in a cell phone or mp3 player and I don't think my computer has a slot for it. SO I used my super smart skeellz to put it in the Mp3 player, plug it in to the computer and take the files off that way.

It would have been great but for whatever reason that my super skillz do not comprehend, my computer didn't want to take the files off. It would PLAY the music so I knew there had to be a way you know? But I don't know much about the smarts of computers so I fiddled around 2 or 3 different ways that I could think to tackle it, opening it in different locations asking it to save different ways - what the hell do I know, but I tried. I know there is some terribly simple solution out there but my brain doesn't contain it.

ANYWAYS after an hour I got the bright idea to BURN the music to cd from the computer strait from the MP3 player. And it worked !!! After it's burned all I have to do is take the CD out, put it back in, and RIP the music !

HAA !! HAHAHAH !!! Ignorant people can do things on computers too !! So THERE Media Player ! Suck my balls and play my new playlist !!


Now of course I have to burn 250 songs but whatever, I feel stupid-person-smart and I don't care. Chino's not the only one who can figure stuff out :P


Krissie said...

Remember when I first bought my mp3 player and couldn't figure out how to put music into it for two whole months? Yeah... All is well that ends well (i.e. with audio-pr0nz for my bedtime stories LOL).

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Right? And now you're like all super smart about all sorts of shit. You stole me a lot of music :P Audio pronz? Is that for fic stories? Coooooolll. :P

Krissie said...

It is, actually! Sometimes I eve listen to the real audiobooks. But I prefer fic. :P

LOL Super smart my ass. I still have to call my friends whenever something goes wrong. I'm just really good at useless surfing.

Refried Dreamer said...

and next, you'll be fixing the garbage disposal.

oh wait, we don't have those here... damn.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissie - I do a lot of searching for answers to my questions - instead of friends, that way I can re-read a passage 20 times if I need to and nobody knows I'm retarded. :P !!!! EEEE!!! When I came back last week I had to look up how to post a link all over again. Sad. sad.

Refried - Sure we do, it's called a dog. Also known as pre-washer for the dishes. :P