Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, by the way.

Chino knocked me up.

Yeah. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhp. Pregnant, In a family way, with child, bun in the oven.

The women have a saying here in MX - "I can't even sniff my husbands underwear without getting pregnant." *Chuckle* and gross. Perhaps something is lost in translation but I don't think so. I haven't been sniffing his BVD's since I moved here but I AM knocked up and it's not like we were trying. (ok so ONE DAMN NIGHT i was lazy, i'm having a lazy baby) I think one of the thousand contaminates in the water here is hormones, a lot of hormones. I have a feeling my Brita water filter wasn't looking for THAT to filter - and now we BUY water.

I really am knocked up. I've swore heatedly that I did NOT, EVER want children, that I did not like them and would never have them. HAAAAAA !

And then I met Chino. And he makes me all gushy and warm and filled with love and adoration and retarded - but I STILL didn't want kids. But he did, does. And even though I'm pregnant now I haven't magically started LIKING children, but I DO at least want the one I've got growing. That's a start right?

SPARX has been my hero just about ever since I met Chino and knew that I was somehow horribly destined to reproduce. I will NEVER forget stumbling on her blog the first time and reading about how SHE was pregnant and had never wanted kids and was a tad freaked but determined to blog about the whole damn thing. She was like this GRAND EXPERIMENT for me to watch unfold with crazed, morbid, fascinated, obsessed, hopeful curiosity.

I'm not exaggerating one bit Sparx and I thank you again and again. (you tramp hor you TOLD me Chino would get the better of me one day, I remember) :P Thank You so much for your blog and honesty and even though I know you are helpless to stop it anyways, I'm still very thankful for how much you clearly love your Spud. I might be ok because you are ok.

A few weeks ago I could finally feel her move. HER !! Her name is going to be Daisy Grace and I can feel her move and it's WILD. It's crazy town and I like it every time she kicks me - which is a fucking LOT btw - and it's made it all very real for me.

It was sort-of real during the first ultrasound and she just POPPED up on the screen and I let out a huge sigh of relief. Relief because even though I had been dead dog sick for FOUR DAMN MONTHS, and I had the blood test and everything, it just did. not. seem. real. I wasn't showing and I couldn't feel anything so how was I to know there was REALLY something in there. My first thought after, "Oh thank God, C. won't be disappointed" was "So THATS the bastard that's been making me so damn sick." Ah well, I don't have to TELL the kid that.

It goes without saying here that Chino is BEYOND THE FUCKING MOON with glee and proudness and utter-flipping-unbelievable-happiness/joy over the whole thing. It's been 5 months and he's still strutting like he has balls made of gold. Actually his enthusiasm is really nice and it makes me feel not so really afraid. He wants her enough for the both of us and I know if I ever have rough days with it he'll power us on through like a tug-boat. Now if only I could get him to stop from pointing at his balls with a cheshire grin and saying "Dey made you fat." (in a good way) Punk.


Blogget Jones said...

oh WOW! What a ride it is, right? I was scared of being pregnant, but it was a brilliant experience. When the kicking starts, it's just amazing. I used to be able to see the outline of Daughter's foot under my skin. Just Wow.

Just wait -- you'll totally be in love with this child. And in way too short of a time, she's starting high school. Like mine did today. A whole different wow....

:o) BJ

Krissie said...

DAY-ZEE GRAYS!!! Is that how he's saying it? LOL

HALF-BREED ON HER WAY, GIRL!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

jenny said...

*GASP!!* Well well well!! Look at you!! It's so amazing when you can feel the baby move in there ain't it?? At least with baby being a girl, you won't have to think about circumsising the poor little willy-- to cut or not to cut?!

For the record, it's because of you and your post way back when that made us decide NOT to cut when our son was born.

And Daisy?? LOVE it! Love you!! xoxo

Lindy said...

High School, Omg blogget - and HIIII!!!!!!! by the way ! Congrats on your "big kid" now. :)

Krissie - His family is pretty funny about the name, they start with a pause, lower thier chin, concentrate and it comes out Daayysee. :P And grace? Well that one will take a while. :)

Jenny - thank you - and FOR REAL?? COOL !! Hell it's thier weaner and I figure thier decision. But that is so cool. And yeah, I really REALLLY like to feel her move. :) Thank You again :)

~ellen~ said...

Oh! :D

I am SO HAPPY for you.

For all THREE of you!!

Lindy said...

Ellen - Thank You :) :) :)

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

None of us are ready for it. None of us know what we are doing! You'll be great, an amazing mother. A good healthy does of sceptism is required for every parent.

Thanks for stopping by at mine. The whole heat during the day thing kills me. Ah well. We live and learn!

Amanda said...

How exciting for you, So are you seeing a dr. at the segudo or a private, where are you going to have it?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Brit In Bosnia - Sceptisism, I like that, I'll keep the baby alive on sketpisism and breast milk. That's all I've got to go on but at least the husband knows how to change a diaper, hell we're set. :P Thank You :) Heat? What heat? It was only 99 here yesterday - UNDER 100!! YYYAAAYYYY!!!!!!

Amanda - I'm lucky because I'm on the border and can go into the states. Thank GAWWWWD, I don't want to have a translator to give birth. So, God willing I'll have the baby in Texas.

Suki said...

PREGNANT HOR! Wow! Congrats! Does this explain the long long absence thingummy?

Mummy Hor. That's gonna be an experience to savour. Hope you're feeling better now(sounds like you are anyway)... have fun!
Oh, and also has some hilarious and - I suppose - reassuring posts up.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Suki - My computer was stolen and I didn't have access to blog - horrid! :P But thank you! And yes it's going to be neato. And YES! I love that blog too! She's a cool lady, I read her whole blog from the beginning. A cool cool story.

Sparx said...

OH man, I can't believe I missed this... you managed to start blogging just when I decided to stop, or at least to slow down... and here you go, blowing mah trumpet and getting knocked up and everything and I haven't even for a minute known about it and I am ALL THE FUCK flipped out and happy for you! And you probably won't ever read this comment because it's like ten years ago that you wrote this. So I might have to comment again in a moment on your latest one to let you know this is sitting here like a lame-o 'belated birthday' card. Pants.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sparx - of course I came back to read it. Is "Pants" a swear word? I love it! And THANK YOU !!!!! EEEEEEEE!! I'm Crapping KNOCKED UP !!!!! SSSSHHHIIIIIITT !! It's a good thing I've been taking notes from you gals, thank god for bloggers.