Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Being Poor Makes You Smarter :P

Ok so I don't know if it increases intelligence but for Chino and I it seems to really bring out the best in us, well...Chino. We're not so terribly poor that we can't eat nutritious food or live without electricity or something horrendous like that, but you know, we gotta mind our caruthers.

SO -anyways- our shit has been breaking down - ALL THE DAMN TIME - and Chino just up and woke up one day deciding he was a mechanic. At first he fixed our stove when it turned possessed, shot of a gigantic flame and tried to burn itself down. Chino had some white tape stuff to make a new seal in his toolbox and all of a sudden the stove was fine, he gave it Mylanta or something and the demon went back to hell. Gracias! (Ok FINE mr. smartypants is reading over my shoulder and has informed me that it was teflon. I thought teflon was black and came on pans, but what the hell do I know (ok hahaha I told him that and he's never heard of a teflon pan - so there, I'm smart too))

I thought that was so cool that he fixed it though you know? Hell I wouldn't even figure out to turn of the GAS before it melted to the floor.

So then came the cars brakes making some weird ass noises and he decided that he would just FIGURE OUT how to change the brakes. I imagined that one ending pretty bad but whatever have at it, mechanics make house calls right? But no, lo-and-behold the brakes were fine but some little pin that along with another little pin holds the entire brake assembly together had broken off. That could have turned out nasty, but he saw it, replaced it and I'm not dead.

Last month the washing machine suffered a sudden stroke and the fix-it-man said it'd be $100 to fix it. We paid the same man $100 when we bought it. So, Chino decided he would just take the damn thing apart and figure out what was wrong. I think he was inspired by CSI and the whole autopsy thing, I don't know. Did you even know that you can take a washing machine apart? Shit hell I couldn't even figure out how to get the top off (truth, I looked at it for 10 seconds, went back inside and ate a sandwhich)

3 days later and washer guts strewn everywhere Chino just up and figured out that it was bad bearings and a torn belt. I think the washer was overeating. He got the parts, fixed it and somehow by the grace of man-gods got everything back together correctly.

Rack up a few more fixes including

*a metal hose on the car (that up and puked out all of my coolant, apparently it didn't like that brand,)
* the front end of the car when I crashed it a little bit
* another hose on the car - pcv mr. smarty pants says
* a screwed up deadbolt lock
* installation of bars to cover the air conditioner - he put holes in the house !!
* ran another line of electricity from the box to the air conditioner
* fixed an extension chord (who DOES that??)

And a bunch of other stuff that I guess I probably forgot. Actually tonight my husband -McGuyver- decided he could fix a broken flashlight. He tells me it wasn't broken but I say if it doesn't work, it's broken. He mentioned tinfoil and wire and I wondered if he really isn't the Mexican McGuyver. Miguel. (McJuan?)

The point is I don't know how in the world he just up and figures all of this stuff out, it's not like he went to washing machine school or even watched a lot of McGuyver. I asked him what his inspiration for all of this crazy fixing - expecting him to say because of our financials - but he said "Because I have the tools." (he has like, a screwdriver, wrench, ratchets and sandpaper) And "Because I felt like it."

I wish I could just FEEL like doing smart stuff, but I only feel like writing about it, I'm just not motivated. Or smart. And I don't own sandpaper I guess.


~ellen~ said...

Man. How far are you guys from Florida? I need to borrow him!

Krissie said...

I doubt it's McJuan. LOLOLOLOL

Oh, you! I MISSED YOU! (Yeah, I'm still not over that, you GIANT hor!)

Lindy said...

FLORIDA?? Ack, if I'm going somewhere, it's going to be somewhere COLD. :P But for real, I should rent him out or something.

Krissie - I actually had to explain to him who McGuyver is, he seemed really intrigued bless his heart.

Blogget Jones said...

Somewhere cold? Ah-ha! I live in Colorado! The cold is coming....I can feel it in the mornings now.

Son got a car and now he thinks he's Mr. Mechanic. I think the Auto Zone guys laugh when we pull up.

Take care!
:o) BJ

jenny said...

Hey-- I'm in West Virginia-- GEtting colder here!! come here, come here!!! :o)

Yeah, lack of money brings out the smarty pants in people. We can do things that having money never let us do before!


Lindy said...

Jenny - Like chopping off chicken heads and blogging about it - you are so cool !

jenny said...

LOL!! Not only that, but less money means we get creative on how to have fun. Apparently that's what you two have been up to, doing the horizontal mambo there, eh?! Guess no one told you what the prize was gonna be! :o)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jenny !! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!! You crack me up! And yeah, it is (WAS) free right!?

Amanda said...

This had me laughing out loud thank you, I love the way you write. Melissa (Refried Dreamer) and I were talking about how we thought we knew how to budget until we came here and now let me tell you I know how to save money. I think Im the McGuyver in my house. Im a tinker and for that reason Mexico has been fun for me.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Amanda - I'm so happy you got a smile !! :) And YOUR the McGuyv-ress? That's totally cool, I'd like to be neato like that. Ah well, I do get a little creative with the cooking these days. It's amazing what an egg can do. :P

Vadose said...

I call my husband the Mexican McGyver, too. I'm in awe of his fix-it intuition.

I see this kind of innovative can-do all over now that I'm down here. I don't know if it's part of the culture or the poverty, but probably both. I know I would go out and buy the tool I needed instead of creating one out of wire and a stick and a machete. hahaha!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Vadose - McGyver - :P Is that how it's spelled? I KNEW I should have Googled it :P Ah well. And that's so cool about your husband! You know, I do think you're right on the head about the poverty angle though. We (he) would never have been so Mr. Fixit if not for the lack of funds. AND it's been going on so long that it IS part of the culture yes? It's just what people DO here. Wouldn't that make a neat research project? The correlation between fix-it-ability and income?