Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blowing Up a Car

I woke up to an explosion this morning at 3:30 a.m. Being that this is Mexico I asumed it was a factory or gas line somewhere that blew up for the heck of it and would have just gone back to sleep thinking "Geez Mexico," but I'm knocked up and therefore had to pee for the 3rd time of the night.

When I went into the bathroom I heard a couple more explosions and some weird firework sounding noises and realized that they were coming from next door. I was pissed that the neighbors would be lighting off such gigantic fireworks at 3:30 in the a.m. so I put on some clothes to go outside and give them dirty looks.

Surprise!! NOT fireworks! The neighbors car was engulfed in flames. I stood there for a bit in disbelief, it's not every day you see a car on fire. When I came to my senses I realized that there was nobody around, nobody else had woke up or cared to come outside so I did my neighborly duty and went to wake up my husband so HE could go tell the neighbors. Sometimes it's great being the wife.

Chino went outside and stood staring in awe for a moment before I started freaking out on him to get a move on because the car had already exploded like 3 times and I was afraid the gas tank would go like in the movies and he would get torn to bits. He woke the neighbors, they said they'd call the fire dept. and he came back to our house for me to drag him inside where he'd be safe. We stared out the window watching it explode a few more times (neato) and burn to the ground. It's AMAZING how fast a car on fire goes from CAR to RUBBLE. It was pouring melting on-fire plastic to the ground, the tires blew up and the rubber burnt clean away to nothing right before our eyes.

I asked Chino if a car can just be hanging out and then all of a sudden be a raging inferno all by itself and he tried to assure me that yes, they can catch on fire sometimes. 3:30 in the a.m. is a rather ominous time for a car to decide to just up and combust as far as I'm concerned and when I first saw it it was on fire at the front of the car, in the trunk and all four tires but nothing in the interior. Why would the tires have been on fire if it was just the engine? And would it have spread to the trunk from the front of the car without going in the interior? Maybe, what do I know, I'm just a tad paranoid these days.

My neighbors seem like regular folks, working, kids, complaining about the other neighbors and I'm pretty sure it's not a drug house but who knows. Arson doesn't seem like a big pastime here anyways, normaly people would just steal your car, not burn it to the ground.

We went back to bed but I was waiting for the firemens sirens and their knock at our door to question us, that both never came. When we woke for the day an hour and a half later there was a big puddle and the flames were dead so someone must have put it out, I just don't know who. They're not much for investigating here anyways so maybe the firemen DID come?

I'm sending Chino back over there when we get home today for a little Q & A. He won't want to go but if I get huffed up and say "FINE, I'll go myself, now, how do I say. . . " After asking him how to say 3 or 4 things and giving him the I'm-a-poor-pregnant-white-girl-and-you're-making-me-go-by-myself look, he'll give in and go his damn self. :P Like I said, sometimes it's cool being the wife.

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