Monday, September 14, 2009

Chino's family has been wonderfully accepting of me since we announced "oh by the way, we're married" and quite lovely to me since I have moved down here to Mexico. They treat me just like anybody else in the family with joking around silliness and they try their best to include me and talk to me when we are over visiting. Nothing ever bothered me about their attitude toward me till we became pregnant and the subject of buying baby things came up.

Little did I know but they assumed that since I'm white or American or something, that I would be wanting only brand new things for my baby. They thought I'd want everything from expensive stores or something, and my husband said they were having a hard time trying to figure out what to do for me because they assumed I would be so picky. Oh lordy they don't know me at all!

Chino and I haven't bought one thing new for the baby and we're just about done shopping. I'm so proud :P I went to crazy lengths to make sure everything is SAFE and up to code and has all of it's parts - there's no use being cheap if it's going to harm your baby - and we've saved a ton of cash.

Crib - In some lady's yard - $40 !
Bumpers and sheets - $4 thrift store
Stroller & car seat - Free from family member
Tons of clothes - Fleamarkets, garage sales, thrift stores - $?
Baby bath - $4 yard sale

Receiving blankets, shoes, bibs, ect. fleamarkets - $? cheap

Ect. You get it. The only thing I need now is one of those diaper genies and the medicines, bath-stuff, lotions and potions that babies need. I'm gonna buy all the lotions, potions, bath stuff and medicines new - I'm not crazy.

So see!?? I'm not a spoiled American brat, I'm pretty damn thrifty! Chino and I looked at a ton of different baby baths over a period of about 3 weeks before I found one that was nice enough AND cheap enough. I wasn't willing to pay over $4.00 !

Chino tried to tell them that we've not bought anything new but they can't seem to except it. I don't know what it is about me being a Gringa in this situation but they're being hard headed and I don't get it, and I don't deserve this. . . scrutiny or . . judgment? I don't know. I think it's making it harder for them because another girl in the family is also having her first baby (a month ahead of me) - but she's from HERE. Perhaps when they come to the house to see the baby's room they'll get it?

Ah well, my wallet is happy and that's something. They're still a great family, they just don't understand where I come from.


JJ said...

Okay a) I think it's hilarious that every time I go to open up your actual blog (I read it normally on my google reader so this doesn't come up then) I have to click something that says your language is foul and I run the risk of being offended. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHHAAA don't they know I RELISH this kind of language?! And b) I'm trying to think how I can say this without offending YOU but remember that when I tell you that the baby thing? I was never in to it and the biggest reason is that about which you have just written - spending money on someone other than myself. Is that bad? Kudos to you on saving money, but think of all the OTHER things you could have bought for YOU instead... see? That sounds bad. But, like, at least I admit it, right? I WILL say this, for someone who wasn't expecting to go down this road you are doing a great job of it all, which means it turns out you ARE meant to be a mom, and you'll be a great one. I'm just selfish. Can you dig it?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

JJ - Dude, you're totally at home here. I didn't want children because I always thought that I was just TOO selfish! I like my ALONE time and freedom to do as I please when I please. And then I met C. and here I am knocked up. Shit happens (you think you could offend me? I just referred to my unborn child as "shit") :P

So hell yes I can dig it!

I DO thank God all the time that SOME sort of horomone seems to be taking me over and turning me into a POD person - in that I'm not on total freak out that I'm going to have a baby (god it's weird to type that) so that's at least one thing. The whole motherly horomone instinct crap THING seems to be somewhat true. Thank God or I'd be in a heap of trouble - BUT we'll just wait and see when she get's here - lord only knows.

Kellysmakeupandmore said...

I dont understand that either!
They think bc we grow up in USA that we only like the stuff that costs a BUNCH of money...

My husbands sister wanted to send me stuff and she asked him...was I a picky person and he said lord no we go to flea markets and yard sales and she racks up on stuff LOL!!! which I do idk what it is but I can find some GREAT stuff and you know that people get rid of BRAND new stuff and sale it for $1 or even cheaper but idk I guess they just don't get it bc we arent raised over there idk its crazy

My husband like his clothes to be nice and the car we drive is nice...idk I guess its going to take them seeing to believe lol

Vadose said...

I have the same experience. I do like nice things, so I'm more likely to buy one quality thing than 3 or 4 that are bound to fall apart within a week, but I'm pretty realistic, and if I've ever owned brand name things it was probably unintentional. They must have been on sale! hahaha But still, the assumption is i'd want only the most pricey things for my baby. Somehow that translated into hardly a baby present from my in-laws, which is fine with me. I didn't get pregnant to get presents. But my sister did send me tons of handmedowns and my mom sent me some clothes too. In the end, we're bathing our baby in the sink, putting him to sleep in our bed, and using cloth diapers to cut down on costs.

Babies cost money, but not that much if you're thrifty (and are lucky enough to score some hand-me-downs or presents once in a while). So way to go, thrifty mama! And i hope both your in-laws and mine will eventually figure us out!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Kelly - aahhh another cheap friend - I do love the people that come here :P

Vadose - You too? WELL! I know what you mean about not even WANTING gifts from people - I'm not good at getting gifts anyway, I get all awkward and dumb and I'm always afraid someone won't think I like the gift or I'm not grateful - so it's easier just to give and NOT receive for me :P BUT his family is really sweet and they of course want to do something and that's where it all got icky. LOL you crack me up with the never-owning-anything-brand-name-cept-by accident thing. :P OMG I am SO the same way! I don't even know what the cool brands are these days, it's just too much work! :P

Krissie said...

First of all, I have a word for you: ACCEPT. You go check it in the dictionary, I'll wait.
There you go: except=/=accept.

Anyway. Of course you'll take hand-me-downs! I don't think I had new stuff till I started primary school! Sad thing - my cousins were boys. LOL I know baby clothes circled around the village like crazy - no one wanted to spend a fortune on stuff that would be too small in a month. Cribs and strollers too. Come on. But today! Oh it has to be bright and shiny and new and COLOUR COORDINATED, FFS! Its ridiculous. Having a baby is so expensive because they wash your brain out and make you believe your baby would die or grow up horribly challenged if it wears something another baby wore earlier for about two and a half weeks. Nonsense. So kudos to you.

And you're a cheap hor. :P

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissie - Tramp : Def. - Krissie - :P I'm never going to get that word right, just accept me for who I am. :PPP And thank you, I am a cheap hor, and it feels good. P.S. I'll bet you have cute baby pictures :)

Krissie said...

I was ADORABLE as a baby. Too bad it didn't stick.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Kissie - you are so full of shit it's just smelly - you are beautiful or my name is frank

jenny said...

HEY!! DO NOT BUY A DIAPER GENIE!!! I repeat, DO **NOT** BUY A DIAPER GENIE! Those things are a waste of plastic!!

Just use those empty plastic grocery bags and hang it on the door knob and when you got 2 or 3 or a really stinky one, tie it in a knot then throw them away in the main trash. Baby poo from mother's milk DOES NOT STINK and those diaper genies get really gross and you have to spend big bucks to buy more special genie bags. I never had one for any of my kids and my house never stank, but when I go to friends' houses that had diaper genies and I changed a diaper, the genie stank up the whole dang room!!

Save yer money and even if you planned to buy a used one, don't. They're nasty poop-filthy stinky trashcans.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jenny - COOL !! I mean, Thank You!! For real for real I appreciate the advice big time! :) And lord knows I save all my grocery bags like a pack-rat anyways so they'll finaly go to good use :) Thaaaaank YOU !! :)

Sunshine said...

Ohhh how sweat...your nesting! Yeah....ok...diaper genies...those things are interesting....when they are full it still stinks and looks like diaper Plastic bags...tied up worked good for us.
Happy nesting

Krissie said...

Oh hi there, Frank! Knocked up is a good look on you!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sunshine - Nesting? Really? Well that's cool, I thought it would be more extreme than this, I guess it snuck up on me.

Frank - What. Ever. - Tramp

Suki said...

Hi, Frank! :D

Gawd, I wish more people here were as open to hand-me-downs as you. i have a bunch of my baby clothes, Mom's warm clothes and whatnot that I can't use anymore, and don't want to keep till I get knocked-up-without-planning-and-decide-not-to-abort. But what to do with them, I have no clue.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Suki - Really? People prefer all new there? Here in Mexico - no way - and people in the U.S. are a mixed crowd - more new stuff for 1st babies and later babies not as much. But girl keep it! I have a few toys from when I was a baby and a blanket and pillow and a bunch of stuffed animals - and I can't wait to give them to my baby, I think it's so neat to still have those things :) Of course, if you're not a sentimental person, just keep one or two outfits and give the rest to the poor. Do you have drop-off places for the poor there?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

#2 for Suki - I went back in your blog till July and didn't see any ref. to leaving - Did this just happen? Are you ok? Family? Where are you going? (too many questions?) Any-who, I hope all is well.

Suki said...

Oh well, as for leaving. We're shifting houses soon(buying a flat, hopefully), and I plan to go abroad for further studies et al. Nothing wrong(except that I'm PMSing right now, fuckitt), no worries :).

And I guess my blog tells you why I want to get rid of most of my baby stuff.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Suki - OHH ok I get it! Abroad, that's wonderful for you! Are you really sad/scared about baby though? (if I get too personal just ignore my questions, I just type what comes into my head) What a wonderful oportunity though, do you have any idea what area?

Suki said...

Catch me off the blog for that one! I have no problems talking about the Boy and me, but where it's Googlable? Nooooo!

Suki said...

PS: Gimme an email address, or shoot me a mail at sukhaloka on gmail.