Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do They Have McDonalds in Mexico?

I can finaly start doing posts about Mexico - I got a new Digital camera! Ohhh praise be. I snapped a few driving home yesterday to show a girl I've been corresponding with that it's indeed not the wild west with dirt roads here. She's just like I used to be and is thinking that it's still horses & buggies here. Of course there ARE horses & buggies here, but they're just the trash collectors and they have no problem trotting down the highway next to semis. Those are some bad-ass horses.

Anyways, this guy to the right was hanging out in an intersection doing tricks for pesos yesterday. There's always somebody in this intersection, a clown juggling or the boys on stilts or like today, the fire breather. I have no idea what he uses for his gas but he drinks it out of an old dirty sprite bottle. I can't imagine this is good on his mouth skin after a couple of days. Eeeesh.

The next couple are driving pictures - pretty lame but I was in a hurry - but you can see that we have things like Midas and 7-11, just like civilized countries. It looks just like anywhere else here on the main drag, I'll start taking the side streets to show you guys the cool shit.

And here you can see (if you click the pic it will grow) that we DO in fact have McDonalds. Thank GAWD, what would the world be with out french fries? Actually Chino and I go to Burger King when we want something like that, he's a total McDonalds hater and he sux because I love their french fries. Don't order papas fritas at a regular restaurant here, they will come out all weird and only half way cooked and totally limp. I think they boil them instead of fry them here and while Chino likes them, they scare me and piss me off. French Fries should be crispy Mexico - get it right.


Krissie said...

French fries should indeed be crispy.

Anyway, of course Mexico has McDonald's! Even my soviet country does!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

What's a soviet country? I thought the USSR broke up?? I've heard of the Soviet Union! Is that still around? I'm lost, but I'm glad you have McDonalds. :P

Krissie said...

I'm just kidding.

But the USSR was not the only soviet country, I'll have you know.

Rebecca said...

I also thought that Mexico was all people riding on burros and living in mud huts. Once i went to visit my husband i realized that i was very wrong. LOL, i mean people have high speed internet in their homes and flat screen tvs. Imagine that!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissie - :p I know silly :P - Well, that you were kidding, the rest I truly don't know. :P

Rebecca - It's funny, the ONLY type of internet you can get here is wireless, but my parents back home still have dial-up. As far as health care goes here. . . well nevermind.

Sunshine said...

Yeah there is a Mcdonalds....but the damn place doesnt have ice cream when a pregnant mama wanted some! Shit!
And the damn place only has one cash register...shit would u at least tell us we dont have to stand there looking like freaking crazy ass white
i had a blast!
will have to hit up burger king next time...maybe they will have ice cream and another register...or at least tell us...were not in line or something!

Sunshine said...

oh wait wait wait...have you seen the silver man? I gotta send you the photo so you can add it here...he is down right scary and nasty and freaky all in one!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sunshine - at least at Burger King they have that line corral thing so people don't get cut in front of. Tramps.

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