Thursday, September 10, 2009

Does it Rain in Mexico?

Yes, yes it sure as shit does. And if it rains for more than 15 minutes? It floods. Drainage here is a tad slow so after about 25 minutes the whole city is up to it's knees in God-knows-what water. Give it a half hour and things go back down - unless, UNLESS you happen to live in one of the areas where all of that water goes back down TO. Like our house.

When you're prospecting a house to rent in Mx you must MUST do it while it's raining, because no matter how many times you ask the owner or what you make him swear on, he will NOT tell you the truth about the flood situation at his property. "OH Noooooo just a leetle beeet, like everywhere ales." Fucker. We even asked the neighbors but the whole "proud" factor of Mexico won't let them tell you that they live someplace retarded.

I took the first pic. from where I had to park today to be able to walk to our house. Our house is waaaaaayy down at the end of the street, at the bottom of the slowly sloped street where it's about knee deep in this pic. Imagine our surprise the first time it rained.

The next two I took from my front steps - front steps that were under water earlier in the day - you might notice the gate (part of the gate is crooked because the water washed one of my plants in it's planter halfway underneath and is holding it askew), it's a lovely view. The first pic is strait out and the second is to the right to the other adjoining street that I normally get to my house on. It's a tad wet right now and I don't think my car has boat-mode so I went the back way.

Mexico is a pretty stupid country. Hate me if you want but it just IS. This is from 25 minutes of rain! Back home sometimes it rains for 3 days strait and we don't flood. If it rained for 3 HOURS here the water would flood the inside of our house as well as the outside, along with the homes of the 500,000 other people (literally) that live in this city. WHY are they so RETARDED here? GAH, I just don't get it.

Luckily I had emergency trash bags in my car for just this occasion. If you put one trash bag on each leg you can walk through water up to your crotch without getting wet. Unless said bastard trash bags have holes in them. (bastards) :P

Bright side of all this? Our rent is cheaper here, and for a cheap soul like myself it makes up for a multitude of sin. If it doesn't rain anymore the water will be down far enough in the morning for me to walk back to my car on a dry sidewalk and the water in the streets will be gone by the time I get home from work. In another day when the mud dries up in the street Chino will have to scrape, shovel and sweep it all up, and we'll go on just fine. We'll make do.


jeremy said...

i think all the drainage-expert mexicans came to louisiana after the hurricane. i'll go hang out at the wal-mart this weekend, by the corn tortillas (obviously) and when they show up - and they will - i'll tell them you need to borrow them for a little bit.

Krissie said...

Oh dear Lord!
Cheap? It should be free.

It's like when our lovely across the street neighbours have their coal delivered to their driveway and then hose it down afterwards and the ugly, dirty, black water comes running down to OUR driveway. Living down the road is NOT FUN.

Sunshine said...

Bless your do get major flooding! I think it's bad everywhere where could we live where it doesnt flood?
ey that's an idea...lets go driving around one day in the rain and pick out our new

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jeremy - That's quite kind of you, but just what the hell did they do for me when they were HERE?? Nothing, keep 'em.

Krissie - Bastards, bastard neighbors ! :P Actually our neighbor doesn't have their damn washing machine hooked up to the drainage and when the washer empties itself the dirty water runs down the street past our house. Yes, living down the road is lame. You need to kick your neighbors ass - or do like me and give them strange dirty looks. :P

Sunshine - I think it floods everywhere, it's just that in places like ours it STAYS flooded for a couple days. We have been house-hunting (after rain!) but we couldn't find anyplace as nice as ours for the same price. We're cheap so we're staying :P

Refried Dreamer said...

Haha... its no better here in GDL.... 'cept the flooding only lasts a few hours, maybe a day. I'll send the flooding experts your way. :)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Refried - a few hours or only a day? Yep, you're used to living here, only someone seasoned would be nonchalant about flooding like that :P