Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Cook Like Paula Dean - Confession Time

How do you cook like Paula Dean? Just get phreaky with butter. Or in this case? Bacon Greese. :P Let me explain myself, and in doing so, purge myself of my secret.

Monday night I was cooking dinner for Chino and I - BLT's with egg (BELT's,) with a side dish of mashed potatoes. Why the hell was I cooking mashed potatoes to go with BELT's? Cuz I'm pregnant and I can. Ok and I've been having a 3 week affair with mashed potatoes, I just can't get enough. Chino told me that in Mexico they have a saying about how eating potatoes gives you a ghetto booty. Well THERE'S the explanation for my extreme booty! Who knew.

ANYWAYS. I was finished cooking the bacon and was planning on using the left over grease to fry the eggs - God love bacon grease, if you've never cooked your eggs in bacon grease you need to - today, and I realized I had way too much. I didn't want to dump it down the sink - for some reason that's bad I guess, hell, I don't know how sinks work, that's just what they say. SO. I saw my potatoes boiling and thought "Hmmmmm potatoes go good with bacon, I wonder if the grease would flavor the water??" I dumped the grease in the boiling potatoes. I did. Secrets out. Shame, shame on my Paula Dean Ghetto Booty Ass.

(ok so shame for cooking eggs in grease and boiling the potatoes instead of steaming but just never you mind)

It took me two days of eating the potatoes and thinking "Damn these taste good. I swear they taste smokey. . almost bacon-y. Huh" (duhhhhhhhhh) before I remembered what I had done. The bacon grease made them taste freaking awesome and as much as I hope I don't, I just might do it again some day. Shame. Shaaaaaame.

*Sigh* Thank You internets, I feel better for having confessed. And btw? If you have any horrible food secrets like this, feel free to share - I don't judge. :P So share. Cuz I love Paula Dean. Gracias.


Krissyface said...

Goddamn it I love Paula too. She makes me feel like there's nothing at all wrong with taking a stick of butter, dipping it in sugar, then squirting a whompin' bunch of whipped cream on top before eating it in front of the Food Network. I'm not a bacon eater, but I live with a couple of them, and though I don't like that the smell gets in everything, including my hair, when it's cooking, I have been tempted to pop a greasy morsel in my mouth from time to time.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissyface - Ahhhhh you're funny! And I really can see her eating butter like that :P

Hillary said...

Lmao. My god. Paula Deen? I have her dishes from walmart! ahaha. I love her too. I think her show should just be called Heart Attack Cooking. Her food will clog every artery you have in your body :) ahaha. Gotta love butter & some grease though.

Upstate Broad said...

Did your Mom save the bacon grease when she cooked? Mine did, and I've recently revived the tradition. My Big Guy thought it was very funny, very Great Depression of me. Right up until the first time I served him some ordinary fried potatoes that I'd cooked in the grease. All of a sudden I was a genius. I'll have to remember your post the next time I make mashed potatoes.

jenny said...

Mmmm! I keep a jar of bacon grease in the fridge and cook with it from time to time. Not always, but when I am in the mood for some good ol' potatoes and eggs I whip it out.

I cook with lots of butter, too, but I do my fair share of olive oil cooking, too. None of that icky margarine crap for me, thankyouverymuch.

Sometimes, instead of milk, I use sour cream to make mashed potatoes. YUM!!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Upstate - Yep! In a folgers coffee can in the fridge. :P And she ALWAYS made our fried potatoes in bacon grease. MMMmmmmmm lawwdy. I need to get a coffee can.

Jenny - HA ! I have the coolest blog friends ever! I never expected to have TWO of you who are bacon-greasers! MMmmm yay for sour cream in Mashed taters :) And I too try and use olive oil as much as I can. The news is always talking about how healthy it is so I do TRY sometimes. Chino will hiss if he sees me using it - he can't stand the thought of using anything but veg. oil - but he can't REALLY taste a difference after all the peppers have been added. :)

Suki said...

Suggestion - potatoes, some chopped onion, hard-boiled eggs. All mashed together, and then some hot bacon grease mashed into it.

That's a modification of a typical, cheapo Indian(Bengali, rather) thing we do with potatoes, onion, eggs, green chillies and mustard oil.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Suki - that sounds HEAVENLY !! It also sounds like something we would put mayonaise on and call potato salad - wonderful both ways. You all know how to eat !

Suki said...

I just remembered where I got hooked on to potatoes in animal fat.

A couple of friends were having beefsteak, and I need to avoid protein for health reasons. So for the most part, I ate the mashed potatoes and peas, rolled around in the oil oozing from the steak.


(And yeah, Indian food RULES!)

Leslie Limon said...

My grandma always saved the bacon grease. I swear, her refried beans made with bacon grease were the very best I've ever tasted!!!