Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Mean Side of Diapers

Don't freak out I'm not going to start advertising baby shit. I would kick my own ass for that. No, just read the top line - "The Diapers Designed to Keep Baby Moving."

WTF? I don't know anything about babies or diapers but damn has Huggies gone a tad Sadistic or what? I mean I've heard of parents wanting to keep babies awake during the day so they'll sleep at night but sheesh. What, do they have like a baby-cattle-prod in the butt or something? This whole new mom thing brings it's surprises.

Can't .... stop......crawling. Will.....be......SHOCKED !!

p.s. thanks Krissie!


Krissie said...

LOL You're welcome. :D

Anonymous said...

I read that ad and though the 'moving' part was in reference to their bowel habits (as in, 'Keeps your baby pooping'.) At first I thought, that makes no sense! How could a diaper encourage a baby to poop? And then I thought, if someone is going to invent a diaper that controls a baby's bowel movements, they need to invent one to slow them down . . . because there have been days when my child has shat her way through a half-a-pack of those bad boys - and they ain't cheap.

One thing no one will tell you about having a kid? The sleep deprivation, while mostly tolerable, will turn portions of your brain into tapioca pudding. I wasted a good 5 minutes this morning standing in my kitchen trying to remember why the hell I was standing in my kitchen.

Sunshine said...

This is why i use cloth!....no yucky chemicals close to my babies bum....except...when im feeling lazy and dont feel like washing diapers...then ill use a sposie!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissie - Mi Maestra Tu eres buena hente! (My teacher you are good people) Dude I'm getting this spanish shit down!

F & F - You for real make me laugh like every time you come here, and maybe the baby-mush part of your brain was working overtime when you thought the diapers were going to make the baby shit on time. A HALF PACK though?? SHIT ! (har har pun) Those packs are huge! You can't be for real. CRAP. :P

Sunshine - Cloth seems wonderful but for me there is no way, too much time, but I figure if I breastfeed at least that'll even things out a tad. I'm ok with mediocher :P

Sunshine said...

Yes it is ok to use sposies....i use them at night and when im to tired to mess with cloth.

Crystal said...

I use LUVS. I have 2 kids and I used them with both. I started out usinf Huggies and Pampers, but they would leak out the sides. I changed to Luvs and I liked them. You know the really cheap diapers gave my babies rashes. Luvs are not too bad pricewise and they are really good. My son is 8 months old and he sleeps through the night. His diaper will be really full in the mornings sometimes, but there is no sign of leakage anywhere in his bed. I think every baby is different so you will probably have to try different kinds out to see which one fits her best.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Crystal - HEY !! Thank You for the recommendation, at least I know where to start trying. Gracias! :)