Thursday, October 29, 2009

Butterfly Migration - Foot In Mouth

The other day I was driving home from work and at one of the stop lights on the Texas side I noticed that there was a lot more traffic than cars moving about. All of a sudden I had driven up into a cloud of butterflies. Or moths I'm not sure. If you click on the picture it'll blow up and you can see a few in a shot I took out of my car window going down the road. Brilliant I know.

I sat there at the red light and GAWKED as hundreds of butterflies flew past me all heading South toward the border. It was seriously cool and I didn't know my light had turned green until people started honking and going around me. That type of driving - or lack there of- would normally piss me off too but on this day all I could think was "Sheesh stop and smell the butterflies people, calm down."

After getting into the migration cloud or path or whatever it was I realized it was gigantic and proceeded to drive through it all the way home across the border and the six miles home. They were everywhere looping around and being goofy lil butterflies and making me wonder just WHAT THE HECK they were doing. They're so SMALL and go so slow I can't imagine how they get very far - but they were a determined bunch and that counts.

The next day at work I had a couple of guests checking out that had some far-away accents so I asked them where they were from. England was the response (lol like I didn't know by their lymie tongue) so I asked them if they were on vacation. They responded yes so I had to ask WHY IN THE WORLD they would come HERE for vacation. This is not Disney World, I had to know, foot in mouth or no.

They told me they came for the butterflies. After I thought "WOW that's . . . .dedicated." to myself I remembered my experience from the day before and said - "OH!!! The Migration! You came for the Migration! I saw that driving home yesterday, it was AMAZING!" "Wow how neeeeat!" "What were those things???" And they just stared at me.

They were silent and looked a bit weird so I asked "Yesterday, the butterfly/moth bug migration, did you see it? About a mile from here?"

Nope. They missed it looking somewhere else around here off on the wrong direction I guess and both looked like they were going to puke. Honest to gawd he went pale and she turned green and they just continued to stare at me in disbelief.

I backed off the whole "OHMYGOD IT WAS THE COOLEST THING EV-VER" line of conversation and just stared back at them thinking "Damn dudes that's shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiity."

They turned to leave in silence and the lady managed to croak out a "Have a nice day." She really croaked. I want to feel bad for them but it's just too funny - they came all the way from ENGLAND. CRACKER JACK that's a long way to come for some bugs.

And by the way? I'm not fooled by butterflies - they. are. bugs. They're creepy gross bugs just like the rest but they've got pretty wings to lure you in and make you feel safe. Then they land on you and stick out their creepy swirly-tongue-deal and taste your skin. You want some salt Mr. Butterfly? Go find a shaker and get off me. Freak.


Krissyface said...

I can't seem to shake the idea that underneath those pretty, powdery wings, there is a wormy body with a jillion legs. Ick.

Sgt said...

I love that you crushed their hopes and dreams. I mean, sure... their aspirations were already sort of low to see a swarm of bugs, but no harm in squashing that completely.

You should have continued about how the entire swarm came and covered your body as if to give you little butterfly kisses and then flew off in what was unmistakeably a peace sign formation. Yeah. Definitely should have pushed for tears.

Refried Dreamer said...

They should have come down further to Michoacan... where in March they have all the Monarch butterflies! We're gonna take the kids... if they don't piss me off first. :)

Kristi said...

There was a Jeopardy show last week where a contestant confessed her irrational fear of butterflies, calling them "Evil spawns of Satan" I thought that was hilarious!!!
Poor English people, that really stinks that they missed the migration....

Anonymous said...

DUDE! You ruined their vacation! If you call flying thousands of miles to see bugs a vacation. Makes me wonder what they do for fun back home.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissyface - Exaaaaactly.

Sgt. - Damn it I didn't KNOW. But gaaahhhhh "little butterfly kisses" and that I'm sure they cured my cancer too, why not go the full mile. :P

Refried - Aw that's cool (for gods sake bring RAID) your kids will HAVE to love that! :) I hope they don't piss you off :P ;)

Kristi - Spawn of Satan? Damn yo, that's a tad extreme. GAWD she said that on T.V.!!???? Sounds like we could be friend. :P

F & F - For real right? I'm not exactly miss out and about doing the coolest things but damn. No, no I shouldn't say that, maybe they're enomologists or something. But no, no I take that back too, entomologists or no it's a teeeeeeny lil bug, go to CHINA or Universal Studios or something. Yikes.

Upstate Broad said...

Okay, I'll admit I felt bad for the Brits for about 30 seconds. And then I started to laugh. Hard. And then I had to share it with the Big Guy, and he laughed. I hope this doesn't make us deplorable people, but that is exactly the sort of thing that would happen to us. When we went to Stonehenge, right up until the moment we got there, we were convinced that THAT would be the day that all those stones would topple over. Big Guy's comment? "See ya next year!"

Sandrine said...

Hi Gringa,
I live in Miami where I raise Monarchs with my kids for fun.They are amazing creatures.The idea that they migrate from Canada to Mexico is still astounding to me.One of my dreams is to go see them in the sanctuary where they spend the winter.They are so many that you can hear their fluttering wings.
Take care.

Sparx said...

OH man, well hopefully it was a long enough migration that they caught a few, poor sods. I love the vision of the silence in the room as they stared back at you...

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Upstate - Stonehenge! DAMN IT I keep telling you how cool you guys are! OMG I can't go there, I would walk up to one and test it with my hand just to see :P

Sandrine - How lovely!

Sparx - Nope, nothin :P