Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Eats!

I've posted before about foods people eat here in Mexico that gross me out or are just plain different - cactus, stomach soup, intestine tacos and even chicken feet. Well, if we're talking feet let's not forget cow feet and pig's feet too but these days they seem kinda normal. Hell the mention of tongue tacos doesn't even phase me anymore.

Did I tell you guys about the Brain Taco's? I can't remember if I did or not and I don't want to double-post but damn, it's a BRAIN taco so it deserves a mention just in case. Honest to God we were driving off our regular route and I saw an entire taco stand "Taquitos de Cerebro" devoted to brains. Who says Halloween comes only in October? Brain tacos with a side of chicken feet soup - BOOO !

A couple of weeks ago we were having Fish and Potatoes Veracruz-Style (whole fish cooked in a disc with oil over a wood fire outside) and I watched one of C's cousins working the face of his fish to get to the fish tongue to eat it. I almost missed him do it because I was too busy playing with MY fishes mouth working his jaw up and down so he could sing songs to my husband and ask him for kisses. Chino wouldn't kiss my fish. Punk. Anyways, I asked him if he really was doing what I thought he was doing and he laughed and said yes, that the fish tongue is delicious. He THEN proceeded to pop out the eye balls and savor them as well. Never one to be rude I offered him MY fishes eyes and he gladly excepted.

Crackers. Just crackers.

My husbands family thinks the food that I eat is off the wall sometimes. A couple weeks ago they were showing me pictures from a vacation and came across a squirrel pic. They were ooo'ing and ahhh'ing and I piped up to say how yummy squirrel is. Whoops. They looked at me in horror and just shook their heads. They eat RABBIT (and so do I, I come from country folk) so I didn't think it'd be such a big deal, but while we have rabbits down here we don't have squirrels, so eating a squirrel equates to eating a zoo animal. Squirrel stew with a Penguin sandwich please!

The best new find came last week when we were out and about and decided to grab some street-chicken for lunch. Chino came back with the bag of street chicken - Chicken, tortillas, green salsa, red salsa and charro beans - with a little something extra on top. He was obviously excited and happy with himself but I couldn't figure out for the life of me what the strange looking, meat looking object was resting on top of my chicken. He wanted me to guess so I guessed "An organ of some type?" He said yes and to be more specific. "Liver?" No. "Kidney?" No. "Heart?" No. I was out of ideas so he told me just to taste it.

Yeah, what about no.

It turned out to be a grilled piece of lung.


Did you know people eat LUNG?? I knew people ate brains so the brain tacos weren't shocking but freaking LUNG? SHIT!

Gaaahhhhhh it was cooked on a grill so it looked just like a piece of one of those black lungs they show you on t.v. to make you quit smoking. GAAAGGGGG.

He insisted I try it and I'm pretty brave so I put it up to my mouth, retracted my tongue as far as it would go and bit into the tip with my teeth - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it. It felt like some sort of rubber and it smelled weird and smokey and I was finished. I reminded him that my pregnancy book says it's best to not eat organ meat during pregnancy and that for the sake of the baby I had better abstain.

Damn, just damn.


Leslie Limon said...

What about udder? My hubby and youngest daughter love cow udder tacos! Hubby jokes that they are udderly delicious! :D

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Leslie - Udder? For real? Here I thought lung was going to be my last big discovery - and now we have udder. :P You know, for a gal about to start breastfeeding this whole concept brings on some funny feelings. :P (p.s. your hubby is a dork and I love it (udderly delicious - gaaahhhhhh), too funny! :) ))

Krissie said...

Yeah, my Mom and Dad usually fight for chicken lung, heart and kidney in soup. Also, Dad likes to gnaw on chicken feet. WELCOME TO A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY, DARLING!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissie - We always saved the chicken livers for my gramma when it was butchering day. And what? No gizzards? Can't forget chicken gizzards! I figure I'd eat the chicken feet if I hadn't grown up watching my parents raise them - they WALK IN THEIR SHIT every day of their life (no matter how much room they have to roam, I think they just like the way it feels) and so I can't get over that shit-soaked-in notion. But ah well, what ever floats yer boat ! :)

Sgt said...

I've heard of people using entrails and other internals for gravies, but never as a topping.

Call me prudish, but I'll just stick to the basics for my tacos. A bit of beef or chicken, some cheese and top it with some salsa. You know.. to save the lungs for all those starving people.

Kristi said...

"Squirrel stew with a Penguin sandwich please!"....... Girl, you are KILLING ME!!! LMAO

Upstate Broad said...

Thanks a lot. I was planning on making the Big Guy take me out for Mexican food tonight, and for some reason I've completely lost my taste for it. Hell, I may never be able to eat tacos again, and those I make for myself!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sgt. - Entrail Gravy? You are from the South aren't you. :P And you? Prudish? HAAAAAAAAA !

Kristi - I love that you like my super dork humor :)

Upstate - Well then, maybe you should stay home and eat bologna. :PPPPP

Refried Dreamer said...

i think i just vomited.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Refried - you're still hung over??? :P

Sparx said...

Penguin sandwich! Mind you, our last cat was on a raw food diet and I used to grind up chicken livers and hearts for him. One day I came home and the frog was frying up... you guessed it... the chicken hearts he'd found in the freezer...

The French will eat anything too.

Chris Allin said...

I don't think I want to go to Mexico now, it's only two days away.


Ritamg said...

I'm with the Mexicans to say eating squirrel is just wrong. I watched my country bumpkin cousins in Iowa do it, but I couldn't go there. I have tried tripas (hate it!) and menudo (double hated it!). At the tianguis in Mexico City, I was freaked out by the chicken heads and feet. What the hell does one do with scrawny chicken feet? I have a friend back in Iowa who gave dissertations on the foods that should not be eaten like liver, because you know what function it serves. Or mushrooms because it's a fungus like the stuff that grows between your toes.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sparx - Silly French and their snails, at least the Mexicans don't eat cockroaches. Crickets and Grasshoppers, but not cockroaches. Or snails. Gaaaaa
And your cat? Poor baby but that IS hilarious, it reminds me of a friend I had that had a dog that could only eat vegtables. Expensive!

Chris - Lol you'll be fine there's a ton of great food to go along with the not-so-great. I could live on the taquitos alone, just WONDERFUL. :) (p.s. I like your word "Bleaurgh" that's a good one)

Rita - I'm with your friend on the fungus - it grows on dead stuff and SHIT. And liver too. Gaaaagg. One makes SOUP with chicken feet btw - you eat the soup, fish out a foot and gnaw off the meat. Mmmmm and I would imagine the nails make for a good toothpick !

jenny said...

I went to a family reunion a few years back, my dad came from a family of 11 kids, so they were all there with my cousins and talking about the good old days and my uncle brought up "remember eating chicken feet? Oh yum!" And I thought, "WHAT?!? what meat is there on a chicken foot? well, 11 kids means nothing goes to waste, right?" Then my uncle proceeded to mime eating chicken feet and he looked like a beaver gnawing on wood, too funny!

Sorry, I can't eat that stuff... I'll stick to "normal" food... MY normal!

P.S. using chicken nails as a toothpick-- LMAO!!!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jenny - 11 kids WOULD neccesitate (lol is that a word??) eating everything on hand. And LOL only two feet per bird and 11 kids - I wonder if they fought over them! :) "I want the foot! YOU get the gizzard!"