Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Switched Things Up

Unless you're blind or even MORE ungodly unobservant than even myself, then you'll notice I changed a couple of things here on my page. No offense to blind people. And for the crazy people like myself who has somehow reversed the male-female role with her husband by not noticing for 3 days after he gets a haircut and thus leaving him feeling neglected and pissy - well, look around, it's RED. Ugghh I never notice his haircuts and I don't noticed that he's shaved his beard till the next day when the yummy smooth faze is over and the cactus is back.

PLEASE god if he EVER shaves his mustache off like I've been begging him to do for 2.9 years PLEASE let me notice right away! I'm married to a Mexican Tom Selleck and no matter how much I beg or reason he WILL GOD FORSAKEN NNNOT shave that thing off for me to see his real face. (And please let me remember our anniversary and his birthday - amen.)

Anyways. I had this big grand notion that I would go out and find THE coolest template ever and download it and be the bad-asset around. I eventually DID find the coolest template ever but there's something clicked wrong SOMEWHERE in the bowels of my computer and I can't download for SHIT. Everything downloads into a WordPad document and no matter what I seem to do to change this -even the obvious things like ask it to download somewhere ELSE- it ignores me. I downloaded a program to unzip the files and I can't figure out how to use it. When I go to OPEN the document to view it, it goes right into Wordplay again. I don't get it. I'm not computer smart and Google can't seem to help me.

SO!! I got another grand notion to build my own template. Uh. Tee-hee. Ha. Hhaaaaa. Bwwaaaahahaahahahahahhaah *RETARD* Did you KNOW that to build an entire page you have to do it in HTML and HTML is the most aggravating, ridiculous and meticulous thing created EV-VER?!?

Moving on. I came to a compromise and high-jacked a blogger template and dinked around with IT'S html till I got something I liked. It took me like 39 hours of dinking and begging google for how-too's but I did manage to make it totally different than what I started with and HTML'd my way into something I liked. HTML is the shit. (after it's done being an asshole)

It's not so awesome I KNOW, but every last detail is mine and I searched and dinked and begged and dinked and dinked and got pissed and dinked some more so I FEEL like it's some sort of grand accomplishment. Just let me be happy and delusional over here in the corner all by myself chewing my pencil and drinking cranberry juice out of a sippy cup.

OH! One thing, I did manage to lose my link-list and I'll get it back up after I've calmed down enough to not hyperventilate every time I look at this damn screen. I've got more pictures and junk like that but I've moved on to lazy-town.

AAAAAAAAAAND remember how I mentioned in my last post that I'm clumsy? Well, cooking today I managed to splosh boiling hot frying oil on my face. DAMN IT MY FAAACE??? I've burned I'm guessing 80% of the skin on my arms piece by piece over the years but never my FACE, that's like, wrong. Is this going to leave the 5 year skin discoloration on my FACE like it does my arms? Tell me no. Someone please. I went racing to Google and it says that face burns usually heal faster and better and more without scarring than the rest of the body due to increased blood flow. Google is right, RIGHT??? I'm not blistered, it's just 1st degree but there sure is some redness. I've got ointment so now it's just time that will tell. My FACE! SHIT.

There is a REASON I don't use a curling iron.

I also thought it would be a good idea to make some more ice and in moving the 4 ice trays the 1.5 feet from our water to the freezer I managed to spill them IN the freezer, down the refrigerator and onto the floor. Ah well I needed to mop anyways. We ate, I spilled salsa and beans all down the front of my shirt and I'm calling it a well rounded day. God help us all.


Anonymous said...

You did good, Momma! Thank you for using bright colors for the writing . . . normally I can't stand black backgrounds because I can't read them without going cross-eyed and shit.

I've got nothing for you on the face - I hope it heals quickly and without scars!

Kristi said...

"html is an asshole" you are hilarious! LMAO. Glad you figured it out, it looks pretty cool

Suki said...

LMAO, first forays into HTML are always annoying as hell. Why the hell do I have to learn where a "<" goes and where a ";" goes - ARGH!

That said, well done :D. Looks dramatically different, bold and bright!

As for the burn, get yourself a cream with silver in it. Best thing for any burn, and works on cuts too. I've also seen some expensive stuff that claims to prevent scarring, so you could try that too - only for your face.

Krissie said...

That's a very Mexican layout you've got there, Missy.

~ellen~ said...

I think it looks awesome, good job :)

I am sure your face will be fine, faces really do heal better than the rest of your body (skin-wise, anyway). Funnily enough, right now I have a big ugly blister on my finger where I burned myself a day ago... sigh.

Ritamg said...

Dear Dinky,

I, too, am a dinker. I did the same thing. I downloaded a template and DINKED with it until I liked the look.

This week must be "Use the word dink week". I called my niece and asked what she was doing. She said, "Dinkin' around."

Thanks for the laugh. From, Dinkle

On Mexican Time said...

I think it looks great! I too am redoing my page and lost a hole load of crap! I'm just too lazy to try and get it all back ... maybe one day!!!

My hubby burn his face and arms about two weeks ago with oil - face is mostly healed...arms not! He put room temp oil on it at the time to help heal??!! Who knows??

Yessica said...

I just found your blog and I love it. I am considering doing what you are doing, having a baby in Mexico. I wish you loads of luck and I love your honesty.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

F&F - Lol I'm still getting used to it myself and though the dark lettering freaks my eye's out the bright does as WELL, it seems too bright or something. :P Ah well, I'll adjust.

Kristi - Thank You ! :)

Suki - It sounds like you know first hand the woe's of html :) And Silver cream? I've never heard of it but we've probably got it somewhere - thank you for that advice! :)

Krissie - RIGHT??!? I'm getting into the swing of things :P

Ellen - Aaaahhhh my twin in klutz-land :) Hope yer fingers feelin better :)

Dinkie - Lol I too use the phrase "Dinkin around." It's nice to have someone else on board :P

O.M.T. - Thank You! And your poor husband!! I hope he heals ok and isn't in too much pain, that sounds terrible! But thank you for saying that about his face, it makes me feel better.

Yessica - Thank You !!! :) I hope I stay entertaining :P OOo! I should clarify for you though - I live in Mexico (on the border) but God willing I'll birth the baby in Texas, Mexico just scares me too much to be birthing here :P