Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I've got a feeling it's a good idea I'm not a superstitious person. A couple of weeks ago black birds started showing up by the flock-full at the place where I work. I thought they were nice at first, and then they started following me.

I walked out of the door to go home around the second day and the birds hanging out by the side of the building all took flight at once, flew over and landed underneath my car. MY car, not the car or cars next to it, no, they thought my car was the best to . . congregate underneath. You can see it here in the pic which is actually a week later - they hang out there every day now. (Shittiest pic ever, my bad)

OKAAYYY so they were only really freaky that one day and after that they started hanging out under other peoples cars too. It was a pretty neato trick that first day though and I'm keeping it.

More and more birds started showing up and now every new guest comes in and asks me "What's up with the birds?" I tell them we're shooting a new Alfred Hitchcock film and if they're white people they get it. If they're Mexican I don't know how to say all that in Spanish so I just smile and shrug. I REALLY want to tell the Mexicans that we have a Bruja (mexican witch) staying at the hotel, but I haven't worked up the courage. :P I will eventually.

In the meantime I had a group of hunters on their way to Mexico offer to "take care of the birds" if I wanted them to. I told them no. They shit everywhere but I actually like having them around and it took me two weeks but I figured out what they're doing here. :P We have a cornfield that was just mown down in the back of the hotel. It gets hot as hell outside in the baking sun so they come over to wherever they can find shade. Not nearly as exciting as them trying to warn me of impending doom or being an omen, no they're just hot like the rest of us. They keep me company though and I like having them around so NO mr. hunter men, you can't kill my birdies.


Chris Allin said...

I still think it's a sign. Are you harboring satan or something?

JJ said...

I think it would kind of freak me out.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Chris - nope, just a mexican. :P

JJ - Right???!

~ellen~ said...

That is awesome. I made my husband come in and look at the pics, which I love.

I'm glad you were smart enough to figure out what was going on! I probably would have assumed it was one of those the-world-is-ending plagues or something.

Poor little birdies with their hot little feet. :)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Ellen - End of the world plagues? You and I have watched too much t.v. and read too many books :P

Sparx said...

That is sooooooo cool! They are SUCH good luck! I however would probably also have assumed it was some omen or other... cornfields - good work, detective.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sparx - Good luck? For realziez?? Well shit, who knew? :)