Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Robbed and Beaten in Mexico

Not me or any of my family so no worries there. No, it happened yesterday to a group of men that I met here at the Hotel about a month back. This was the worst group of people I've had the displeasure to come across since I've been here and I was APPALLED a month ago when upon check-out that they wanted to make a second set of reservations in another month. I was DREADING them coming back they are SO rude, condescending, belittling and just all around horrid. I complain sometimes but the majority of people I come across here are no problem at all to deal with and range from crazy-nice-polite to regular ole indifferent, and indifferent is FINE, you don't have to woo me, just be human.

These men forgot what human was a long time ago. They were supposed to be GONE this morning when I came back but there they were milling around the front desk demanding to use my phone. One of them spilled a teeny bit of info about being robbed and I put on my best ever I'm-SO-Sorry face and asked them what happened. Their answer was at once shocking and at the same time not surprising at all.

They came as a group of hunters headed down south Mexico to go dove shooting and on their way back from the trip were stopped by the Mexican Police. They said the police took all of their wallets (i.d. credit cards, cash, everything) cell phones, guns belongings and rental van. I asked if anybody was physically harmed and they pointed to a younger guy sitting in the corner holding his side, he's got some cracked ribs. I'm betting Mr. Young-and Cocky got mouthy or a little rowdy with the whole situation and didn't realize that they would beat him to a pulp in response. You don't fuck with the Mexican Police - they don't hesitate beating the shit out of people. I'm not saying that a person should just stand there and be robbed but down here you have to weigh your priorities - THINGS or LIFE.

The man at the front desk using our phone to talk to Enterprise the rental company started getting irate, swearing up a storm and yelling at the Enterprise worker who was explaining their policy to him - they couldn't "help him out" and he was throwing a shit-fit - right there for the other guests and their children to hear. I said all of the "I'm so sorry's" and "That's so terribles" because I don't have it in me to say "HA FUCKER - Maybe you shouldn't be a DICKFACE all the time!!" The truth though, the crazy truth is that I'm not glad that these guys had to go through all of this. Yes, they might be some of the most wretched people I've ever come across but it's not enough for me to justify how much Mexico can suck ass. I don't wish this kind of thing on anybody because if I did then I'd be saying that I in some way condone it.

I might wish that they get a really NASTY and painful and gross STD from a prostitute or toilet seat, but I wouldn't wish Mexico on them.

Currently they're milling around the lobby and breakfast area swearing and dirty-ing up everything I just cleaned in preparation for the next day. They're supposed to be OUT OF HERE and not fucking up my day making me clean everything twice and demanding me to make calls and run free errands all while still treating me like toe-nail-crud, but it's not bothering me like it did before. I can't get up the gumption and smile and think "That's what you GET!!" but at the same time I can't find even an ounce of me that feels bad for them. Not even a smidge.

OH! They just came up and wanted me to make copies of the papers that they wrote their stolen belongings claims on. Let me show you how NOT to go on vacation. (there were about 7 guys and here's some of the things they wrote down)

Cash - $650

- 1 Blackberry Bold - $500

1 Gold Chain - $1,000

Sunglasses - Costa Del Mar 580

Cash - $690

"Cell phone" - $500

Cash - $420

1 Sieko Divers watch - $565

Cash - $600

1 Silver Tiffany money clip - $?

All credit cards

Ferengeti sunglasses

Cash - $650

Morons. They were supposed to be in Mexico for 1.5 days and they all needed to carry over $600 in cash? PLUS credit cards? Retarded much?? And lol why were they so attached to their sunglasses that they knew them by name? The only smart guy in the bunch listed - "Cash - $20 and Sunglasses - $20."

When I visited my husband down here before I moved here I brought travelers checks and one pre-paid credit card (not my freaking personal cards and bank cards) just in case something came up. Jewelry stayed at home and if I had owned a $500 cell phone I would have bought one of those pre-paid phones and left my blackberry at home.



Refried Dreamer said...

i would put those estimates in pesos. That would be a bit more believable.


Sgt said...

Your also talking about people who hunt doves for sport.

Nothing makes a finer trophy on your wall than a nice vicious looking dove.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Refried - Pesos *snort* :P

Sgt. - RIGHT??? Scary bastard Doves, I hear they taste like partridge.

Crystal said...

Please tell me they don't do this to everyone. I am going way down in Mexico and we are taking our stuff with us in his truck. I could not imagine us getting everything stolen and who can you tell if someone steals your stuff? I am really scared now. Not that I am taking really expensive stuff, but my kids toys and clothes. I am putting all the money in my underwear, so we can atleast save that. What part of Mexico did this happen in? Are all police like this?

jenny said...

Never mind what Doves taste like, do you know how many you need to make a decent meal??? I was with an old country woman during dove season and she shot down a dove and showed me what they ate, she skinned it right there with her bare hands, and the amount of breast meat was just pitiful, about the size of 2 walnuts. Good god! Why bother?!?

Stupid idiots.. I'm sorry they run into bad luck, but it was probably karma.

Sunshine said...

Dont be scared to drive through Mexico...as long as your with your Mexican husband...you will be fine! Doves..are like angles...someone above is trying to tell these guyes something!

Ritamg said...

I ate dove once. Tasted just like chicken.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Crystal -

You will be better off if you have your husband with you - BUT - that's no reason to not be super vigalant. Take the toll roads when you can - they're supposed to be at least a LITTLE safer from the side-of-the-road car jackers and DON'T stop for anybody. I know it sounds horrid but they make traps by putting out sweet old ladies and children on the side of the road next to a broken down car and ambush you when you stop to help - just keep moving.

This instance happened about 90 miles south of Reynosa - but I forget the name of the town. YES, police are like this everywhere here, but not ALWAYS to this extreme so don't totally freak out. IF you're pulled over by a police labled "TRANSISTO" you can pay them off with $100 pesos $8.00US or less and be on your way after a little talking and barganing.

You'll be better off than these guys were - they were coming out of a rich resort type area and it was OBVIOUS that they had $$ - you'll be traveling much more low-key and with a Mexican so you won't have such a gigantic bullseye painted on your vehicle.

There is a checkpoint around 25 miles inland that you'll need to stop at and show the permit for your car to travel past that point and also to show your passports. I've seen soilders and policia there and you might get searched (routine so don't freak out) so just for HEAVENS sake don't have anything illegal or that even looks suspicious. -leave that half bag of powdered sugar in the ziplock back home lol - And just be relaxed and let your husband do the talking - they're scary looking and have gigantic guns and are oh-so-serious but you'll be FINE.

Take your time, go slow in towns and pay uber-attention to where you're going so you don't end up the wrong-way on a one-way :P (C. made this mistake and we had to pay up - dummy) and stay away from strangers on the road. DO carry your cash and C.cards close to you - and yeah, stuff 'em in your undies (I cram it in my bra) if you get into anything fishy. When C. and I get pulled over by the Transisto they sometimes pat him down and search him - but leave me alone. Don't let your husband carry much $$ - they'll take every cent on him so just leave him with enough to pay a Transisto off just in case. We were lucky this last time we got pulled over - he had two weeks worth of paychecks in his wallet but about 100 pesos in change in his pocket. The Transisto was lazy and didn't pat him down and believed him when he told him that the $ in his pocket was all he had.

I imagine you'll be just FINE but it's smart to be prepared and know what can happen. C and I have drove down 3 hours to Monterrey and I know other ladies who have driven from Texas to Mexico City and from Texas to other places far away with no trouble at all.

You CAN NOT be ignorant to the dangers here or run around thinking "Nothing is going to happen to ME!!" but don't let it ruin a great trip and experience either. Be vigilant and careful but ENJOY yourself at the same time. We can't waste away the good things along the way by being scared.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jenny - I know right? It'd be like eating a goldfish when you could go somewhere else and catch a salmon. :P Dorks.

Sunshine - Having a Mexican along does make things better but bad things happen to Mexicans too, all we can do is be CAREFUL and try and remember to enjoy ourselves. :)

Sparx said...

Do ya think maybe they're fiddling their insurance policies? A teeny tiny tad?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, came across you're blog looking for info on the group i hunted with - the same group who stayed at Grand Hotel - formerly HoJo, formerly Sheraton...right? The money brought down, is to cover the tips and payment for guides, cooks, help and "bird boys". The town is Mendez- San Fernando valley and this group has hunted there since the 50's. Good news for you is that they won't be staying at your hotel, booking 10- 20 rooms so maybe some other group will cover the loss in revenue to your hotel.
No excuse for SOME of the guys being rude, however, having experienced the stay at that hotel for a decade, can't say i've been too impressed with service (last time ac was out). Truly a shame that the US addiction and desire for illegal drugs causes this, with the impact being placed on the native folks who were robbed at same time the hunters were. In the future, there will not be any hunts from this group, so the town will loose out on the future. I would be glad to be more specific about what GOOD this group has done for locals, but doubt your judgement would be swayed. Just suffice to say, may you be judged as harshly as you judge others...and you won't need to worry about cleaning up after the guys. I Figure that's about 400 - 600 rooms a season booked by these guys.

Anonymous said...

Mexico has become a giant ongoing criminal enterprise. When we are done with Afghanistan...Mexico is next. I have a U.S. Govt Published book with maps and battle plan titled "Northern Routes to Torreon". We are coming to take over everything and liberate you...Wait and see...You are next Mexico! Adios! See how you like U.S. Soldiers crapping up your hotel..,Resistance is futile.

Russell said...

I currently work in Mexico and am in the process of trying to find more information about this incident. I tried to find some contact information but could not so have decided to use the comment page. If you don't mind, please let me know how I can get in touch with you. Thanks for your help.

Ghost Dancer said...

I have seen this over and over again. When are you smart mouths going to learn? A smart ass mouth can get the shit beat out of you. I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. You bring it on yourselves!