Friday, October 30, 2009

We Were Robbed - Aaaaaagain - With a Halloween Twist!

Guess I shouldn't have blogged about those hunters getting wiped out a couple of weeks ago. Jeez.

I came home from work yesterday, unlocked my front door, went to go pee and noticed that our house was . . . amiss. They didn't ransack the place as bad as they did last time so I'm guessing they remembered where we kept our valuables. HA! We don't have the $$ to replace anything they stole last time so their search was pretty fruitless and they moved on to what they considered second string items. And some weird shit, some really weird shit.

My guitar, beautiful acoustic/electric guitar and about $500.00 in Chino's tools. They took a couple of pictures in frames off of our wall but I don't think actually TOOK them, I actually found two of them on the floor behind the couch and strangely enough found one of them in my kitchen propped up carefully against a cake I made for Chino. It was a picture of his cousin and her baby from like 2.5 years ago and I have NO idea what they were doing with it. Also in the kitchen they took out some chicken from the freezer and left it to thaw on the counter (How thoughtful.)

We also found in our spare room 5 containers of yogurt that they took from the fridge and I guess forgot - lol - and a generic grape pop. We had a six pack of coke but I guess they liked grape - but not enough to remember to actually TAKE it.

Last time we were robbed in this house it was because we didn't have bars on our air conditioner unit and they just came on through by pushing in the air conditioner. We had bars put on, installed dead bolts on our metal front door and chino put FIVE locks on our more flimsy wood door in the kitchen. So? SOO they brought a blow torch and a hack saw and cut the damn bars off the window on the side of our house. We can't compete with a blow torch. Just. . . nope.

It looks like they were going to steal our hot water heater as well - they were polite enough to shut off the water to our house (the gas as well) and cut off one of the metal pipes going from the heater to the house but then stopped for some reason and left it.

My violin case in the house was empty and I was devastated over that. I've been playing since the 5th grade and own a lovely violin that I would I'm pretty sure we'd never be able to replace in the $$ sense, let alone in the sentimental. BUT, bright spot, it looks like when they climbed over the wall of our house they dropped it and left it behind. I found it behind our house on the ground without a scratch and that's one heck of a blessing.

LOL I applied for and was granted WIC last week and before I left they gave me a WIC tabled backpack. They robbers stole that as well. Nice, I mean really? FYI I qualify for WIC because I am still an American citizen and I still work in the U.S. ALSO even with Chino's paycheck (and me working 40 hours a week) we still fall below the poverty line and qualify so please don't think I'm some sort of government leach, I wouldn't be able to stand that, so please, don't. I actually had to do the math on how much he brings home for that and I saw why I never had before. He worked 56 hours last week and brought home $76.00 in U.S. dollars. I don't tell you that as another big boo-hoo for me but to make sure you know exactly why I'm receiving WIC.

Moving on. Our Chihuahua was safe and sound and our cats too (damn it why won't anybody steal my cats?) they left the TV so that's cool. After last time when they stole my laptop I now cart my new one to work with me everyday and my digital camera as well. ALSO I can't wear my diamond ring anymore (prego-fingers) but I never leave it at home - just-in-case - and we never leave money in the house anymore so HA HA HA I can still blog.

Last time they left behind the tape measure they brought to measure if items were small enough to get out the window and this time - lo and behold they left behind some stuff as well. It's weird, they brought a water shut-off valve and a water spigot that looks like they sawed off from somebody else's yard. We found them behind the house and can only assume they had some pretty detailed plans for stealing our water heater. Fricken strange.

I'm not crying and all freaked out this time, I'm think I'm as used to this as a person can be considering I've been robbed 5 times in Michigan and now 3 in Mexico. I'm a friggin pro.

I'm bummed about my guitar, I had taken to putting it on my side due to the gigantic belly and playing Daisy songs and singing to her. :P Talk about a captive audience. Haaaaa. But well, I can't get a new one so maybe she'll get some more sleep.

OOO!! I saved the best for last! Along with the pictures, yogurt, chicken, pop, kitchen knife, and violin that they meant to steal but instead left laying around the house in odd places - they also meant to steal 5 pairs of my thong underwear. They picked out my prettiest underpants, wadded them up to take but forgot and left behind in Daisy's stroller. What. The. HHHHEEEEEELLLL. I think I was robbed by a hungry-Alzheimer'd-perverted retard. What else could it be?

Here's your Halloween twist - when I came home yesterday there was one of my leetle friends (one of the stalker black birds) dead next to our gate door. I'm sure it was my cats but try explaining that to a flock of pissed off birds. They've always stayed away from our house either across the street or in the neighbors trees but yesterday about 100 of them crossed over and came to land on my fence, the wires above my yard and all over the ground so they could stare in at me through the window and caw and bitch and make some other weird noises to show me how pissed they were about their comrade.

No, I don't think we were robbed because we pissed off the crazy stalker birds but come on, it was a pretty good coincidence and mixed with them caw cawwww'ing at me through the window - well damn that's enough to give anybody the willies.

SO! Wish us luck this weekend as we look for a new house. Like I said we can't compete with blow torches and saws so we've just got to go somewhere else. Bye bye birdie!

Now, if you'll please lets all skip the So Sorry's (much easier that way and nobody has to feel wierd :P ) and make fun of my retarded robber. Thank You. ;)


jenny said...

Well that just bites! Hope you find a new place, like fast! My dad's house got broken into twice and the last time, the robbers were doing it in broad daylight and the neighbors SAW them, and they thought it was my dad moving out. OMG! They stole a whole lot and my dad had tons of tools stolen, too. Oh, and HIS violin got stolen too! We got some musical thieves here!

Oh hey-- you're on WIC, it's cool, me, too. Every little bit helps and goodness knows how much milk we go thru in this house!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jenny - I can't IMAGINE how much milk you guys drink! If you all had cereal for breakfast that would be like a gallon right!? Cripes! :)

Sgt said...

Done in by a blow(torch) job.


That's the funniest I could must, sry.

One question though. Do the police down there do anything about it? It sounds like they did more than enough to have left plenty of evidence behind.

Leslie Limon said...

I'm just glad to hear that you and hubby weren't harmed. But what they took was pretty weird. I'm gonna have to think about that some more before commenting about it. BUT, how cool that you play the violin. I too would have liked to continue playing. I learned to play when I was in 4th and 5th grade.

And there is nothing wrong with you getting WIC. I got it when I was living in California. Free food is alwyas a good things. Plus, I really like the little classes that they offered. Even if I was the only one that actually attended! :D

Good luck in your house search!

Kristi said...

*&%@%^$()*$&&* ROBBERS!!!!!! Stupid friggin idiots!!!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sgt. - No, I could do more with my junior detective kit. They left fingerprints EVERYWHERE!! If this was like CSI where they scanned the print and put it through the neato data-base of finger prints we would have our stuff back by now. But no. We called the police and they took a statement over the phone. Awesome.

Our neighbor told us who she thinks it might be so Chino went to the police station to try to get them to check it out and they said they'd come to our house today and get directions to the people we think it might be and go over there and ask around. I'm not holding my breath.

Leslie - If only I wasn't trained classical and could play Mariachi! :P OH! And lmao I know what you mean by the classes - I wanted to take a breastfeeding class and they said sure, put me in a room with a video and let me watch it. :P Come question and answer time the lady started reading a form letter thing to me so I cut her off and made her talk to me for real. After a few minutes I think she got into it and started to smile and talk like a human and it was pretty nice. :)

Krissie - You're always there for me :)

Upstate Broad said...

The Big Guy says if you really want to get rid of the cats...get a bigger dog!

Yessica said...

WOW .. What can I say apart from the fact I am glad you are safe and sound. I guess you are looking a for a new place to live?

Refried Dreamer said...

That sucks. Find a house with a big ass gate around it, then have Chino get a bucket or make a bucket of quik cement. Meet your new neighbors and invite them over for a beer. or two. or three. Bury those bottles in the cement on top of the fence... then break those suckers like you would a piñata!!! I guarantee those retards will think twice about jumping your fence. good luck.

Crystal said...

I am sure that all of this was done by a man, so I am wondering what would he want with your thong underwear? I mean yeah he could have taken it to his lady, but would she really accept secondhand underwear??? That was crazy. Maybe they planned on coming back to eat dinner with you and that explains the chicken that was left out to thaw.
As for WIC I get it and proud of it. Girl, don't let anyone make you feel bad about getting benefits that you qualify for- like Wic, medicaid, food stamps. I get WIC and my baby has medicaid for now until he is 1 and then he will have allkids(blue cross/ blue shield)But I feel since I work and pay taxes that I am not using the government one bit! People who do criticize pthers for things like that are just plain ignorant,and tell them I said so!

Sunshine said...

Ok, what neighborhood do you live in? My hubs said they dont tolerate that around these parts....give me a call if you want! WIC....breastfeeding class...we can go to LaLecheLeague meeting if you want! Girl WIC is good for would get Foodstamps if i were you! Get whatever you can! Had this conversation w Rita today! lol
ohhh big will find something much better this weekend! You must! Lets start praying for angles to surround your house 24/7! God will listen!

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

I liked the idea that you can work in the US and still be with your husband, but where ever you are sounds terrible. The only thing I had stolen at my house in PV was a garbage can and a hose. oh yeah.. later after I came back to the US in the spring, someone stole a bike off the roof, but that is all. So PV felt pretty safe... Now speaking of the Halloween twist, this morning, on my early morning... 6:30 am drive to drop off my little one, I saw a guy walking around with a shopping cart.It was covered with halloween decorations of skulls and what not that light up and do cute little things. I thought... there is no chance he actually bought those... He's out this morning doing his own trick or treating. Freak. focus on the positive. you are good at that. You are an inspiration.

On Mexican Time said...

OMG - that sucks , kay worse than that, but that's all I can think of! Can you say bizarre??? Thawing your meat, your panties left behind...what kind of pervs were these guys?? Why would they take the photos out, and not take them? WTF!!! You said no sorries, so all I can say is MOVE, MOVE and MOVE!!! Yes, definitely you need a security wall with the broken glass like Refried suggested!! Do you have neighbourhoods there with security?? That probably sounds like a dumb ass question - sorry!!

Neways, glad you have your violin!!!

~ellen~ said...

That is so scary! I'm glad it wasn't any worse, but I am so sorry you are having to go through this kind of stress. :(

Are you looking for a new place? I hope you find something in a safer neighborhood, maybe something patrolled by guys with machine guns. Er... YOUNG guys, I mean. :)

Take care!!

~ellen~ said...

Okay, after I wrote that and hit Publish it occurred to me that there probably are lots of young guys with machine guns in Mexico. I was talking about guys like soldiers patrolling to keep the area safe, not drug dealers... I obviously worded that badly. sigh.

Stay safe, all three of you!

Krissie said...

Chica! I don't stop by for a day and you get yourself robbed by the weirdest freakin' robbers ever. I cat leave you alone for one minute, can I? What ever will I do with you?!

Seriously though, god damn, and WHAT. THE. FUCK.