Friday, November 20, 2009

What Would Bob Dylan Say?

After running into the gas station for tacos this morning (don't you judge me) and running (ok waddling) back out to my car, I realized the key-fob-unlocker-alarm dealie-do was missing from my key ring. It fell off inside my car and my first thought was "OH MY GAWD! How am I going to get in my CAR!? (I want to eat my taco) I don't want to call a tow truck!"

Luckily out of the mist in my brain a little voice came back to me, a little nudge from somewhere around 1997 or so from when I was first driving whispered to me to reeee-meemmmb-eerrrrr - remember that there was a time before key-fobs when people unlocked their car using *gasp* a key.

Oh YEAH! Right? KEY'S!! Remember KEYS!? I've never actually opened this car with a key before and worried for a second or two that it might not even work, but no, all was fine, the manufacturers had my back.

Remember when there was a key for the trunk too? How did I FORGET this stuff?

I've read articles over the years about "Things the Children of Today Will Never Know." You know, things like 8-tracks and records and cars without seat belts and such. But really? I never even had records or 8-tracks, I was the tape/C.D. generation and it got me to thinking about things that yet-to-be-born-DAISY is never going to deal with. *snort* Daisy sure won't be opening any cars with key's I'll bet you that. Hell I don't think Daisy will ever burn a mix C.D. (and how was that not THE coolest most bad-ass thing like EV-VER!?)

I wonder if she'll even have to put a DVD in the player? With these net-flix boxes that bring movies to your t.v. without even renting a DVD somehow I doubt she'll ever have the privilege of driving to the movie store in the rain at 8p.m. pissy because it's late and all the good stuff will be gone and then bickering with her boyfriend about what type of movie to get. I kind of like walking around the movie store plotting just how exactly I'm going to trick Chino into thinking a chick-flick is the right thing to rent that night. You know, it would be nice if the chick flick makers could put action looking covers on the DVD's, that way instead of seeing a guy and gal standing on the cover with flowers and a dog he would see bullets and fast cars and think "All right!" Anyways.

The other day I found an old box of 3.5 in diskettes that I kept my journal on and realized that my laptop doesn't even TAKE them! For realz? Bastard! No diskettes and saying "Don't flick the metal thingie!" for Daisy. Who knew?

I'm sure there's tons more - anything post year 2000 that you can think of? One thing she will know in her lifetime? DISHES. Mwwaaahaaaahaaaaa I'm not letting my offspring go through life without hating me for making her do the dishes, sorry kid.

(OH! And P.S. while picking up breakfast tacos at the gas station I ran across a new coconut-M&M. I never eat M&M's but they said coconut and "NEW!" so I had to, as any responsible consumer - buy them. And I totally like them. It's like a mounds bar without the coconut in your teeth and I'm afraid to go back to the gas station now. Granted it's still the same old waxy silly M&M chocolate, but I think we all know how I feel about shitty chocolate :P )


Upstate Broad said...

I'm convinced I have the last cell phone on the planet that only makes phone calls. It doesn't take pictures, access the internet, locate me by GPS, or even text. It just makes calls. Daisy will never know a phone like that. You mentioned a car without seat belts. How about a car without airbags? Hey, and when was the last time you saw a car without cup holders? And by the time she is ready to get behind the wheel, she'll probably never drive a car without a back-up camera.

She'll always know a TV as something you hang on the wall, and probably never know standard definition.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Upstate - Cars didn't always have cup holders? What maddness. :P And no right? Cell phones! She won't know that we didn't always have them around! :P We used to do things like call a persons house and talk to their mom to see where someone was.

Suki said...

I remember tape recorders, pagers, 3.5 inch disks(and constantly flicking the metal!), Windows 3.11, _cassette_ rentals.


20 is old.

PS: Change your car unlocker thing, coz you really don't know who may have picked it up!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Suki - AAAAHHHHAHAHHAHAHA "Pagers" hahahahaa OMG I forgot about those too! EEEEEEE were those not the most hilarious things ever!? I never did understand the concept, I know it was a big deal with guys and way cool for some but I NEVER got it. :P

La Familia Garcia said...

They'll never have to deal with film and have touch screen for everything! And they probably won't even know what dial-up means! Oh, and no hard copies of dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias !! Those things were soo heavy to carry around!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

La F. G. - Lol my parents JUST NOW got internet in their home for the first time - and THEY don't know what dial-up is! :P All they know is super-duper high speed. LOL Daisy'll never know being "kicked off" or the "line being slow" because everybody is on at the same time :) And you know? I really can't stand online dicionaries, I don't know what it is but I want a big ass old smelling book to look stuff up in.

Mazbeach said...

Question: If your fob was in the car, how did you lock it when you left if not with the key? Are you sure it was even locked?


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Larry - Ooooo good one Detective! But yes, it was locked, I'm not a complete fob convert and I usually lock it by hitting the auto lock button on my door before I get out.

jenny said...

Shit. I'm not even that much older than you and I used FLOPPY disks in school!!

How about those old computers that only had black screens and green letters? Yup, that's what I typed my class report on in the computer room at school.

And atari?? typewriters? with ink on those ribbon thingies? Film cameras?

I feel old now. :op

Mazbeach said...

Suki - What, you only remember 3-1/2 inch diskettes? You are really young. I'm old enough to remember the 5-1/4 and 8 inch varieties.


Leslie Limon said...

I feel really old! I remember flash bulbs, rotary phones and when you would call someone and get a busy signal. No call-waiting or 3-way calling. I remember watching my grandma making her popcorn on the stove. This was WAY before pop-corn makers, Jiffy pop and microwave popcorn. What about those HUMONGOUS tv's built inside of a wood box?

Well, it's almost 3 pm, time for this old lady to go have her dinner. :D

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jenny - FILM CAMERAS!! That's a huge one! She won't know about how you'd end up "taking up" the last couple pictures on a roll just so you could send it out. :P Then the trip to the store to fill out the envelope and WAITING for like 2 weeks for it to come back! The excitement of opening up the envelope and then GAAAHHH seeing that you put your thumb in front of half the pictures and that you look either retarded or fat in the rest :P lolol :)

Larry - 8 inch? Niiiiicce.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Leslie - EEEEEEE!! I make my popcorn on the stove! That's the way my grama and ma and dad did/do it and I can't stand the flavor of anything else. :) And you know what? I HATE call-waiting! I detest it and won't deal with it on my phone. It's one person at a time for this Gringa :P

Leah Flinn said...

Sigh...I find it bittersweet that change is inevitable. I love technology, but doesn't it seem like it's changing too fast? Maybe I am old too :-)

Suki said...

@Larry: Yeah, I remember 5 1/4 too. LOL, when I was six(or eight?) I kept wondering why "Double Density" held more than "High Density", even though it was smaller.

Oooh, and dialup and that robotic sound that sounded like some robot was throwing up or dying or worse. Fun times - NOT.

Ritamg said...

My sisters and I get together and start talking about the good ol' days like when our folks had to walk to school 5 miles in 6 feet of snow uphill... both ways. Our kids start rolling their eyes. When we were kids and wanted to change the channel on our black and white television, we had to get up and turn the dial. It wasn't too bad because we only had 3 channels.

Lauren said...

This post has me all nostalgic! I remember making mix tapes and how awesome that was, now I have a box full of cassettes and no cassette player... I remember recording songs off the radio and getting upset when someone would walk in and cause static...
I remember pagers and having to learn "Pager Code" before there was texting..
Answering machines. Answering machines with TAPES. Video games that used cartridges that you had to blow the dust out of before sticking them in the console. Talking dolls that had pullstrings, and if you broke the pullstring the doll wouldn't talk anymore.. Having to turn the dial on the TV.. Writing letters and receiving written letters... Cameras with detachable flash that you had to replace.. Real cartoons and not computer-animated cartoons.. Walkmen. Diskmen.

Suki said...

Woman, where are you? Hope you're ok and Daisy's ok and C's ok!

jeremy said...

you'll get over that fear of going back to the gas station the next time you want a taco, i bet.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Leah - I know what you mean - I can't keep up! And I'm too cheap to anyway :P

Suki - I'm all good and Daisy too - MEXICO is a lame asshole though and is delaying and delaying getting internet in our new house. (I was posting from work before) Hopefully in a few days!!! )

Rita - We totally had 5 channels :P

Lauren - Walkmen! Remember when you had to Fast Forward to get to the next song, and then you'd over-f.f. and then have to rewind - and why was rewind always so much slower??? LOL They still sell walkmen at Walmart - but they're like THIRTY dollars for some reason!

Jeremy - there is no fear when it comes to tacos.

Sparx said...

Mixed CDs? You made mix CDs? Crap I'm so old that cassette tapes were new when I was a goddamned kid.

Internet. She'll never know a time without internet. Charlie neither.

Fuck, get me my slippers.