Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey Rhonda !!!

Here's a pic of the river I promised to put up. Lol when I said I crossed the river every day and would be happy to take a pic of it I didn't realize that my view of it while crossing the bridge is through a big ole chain fence - I guess my brain had filtered that part out. But, here it is, no people swimming across and no boaters out for a cruise :P Come to think of it I've never seen anybody out there in a boat, I imagine fishing is . . . somewhat discouraged here. :P

To make up for the crappy river pic here's a puppy pic (with a generous dash of boob) to liven things up. The little crapper is coming along pretty well these days and after I went online to figure out how to make my own dog food he's eating waaaayyy better and finally gaining some weight. Beef, rice, carrots and crushed egg shells for calcium - who knew it was so easy? Spoiled little monster won't touch dog food to save his life (literally) so until he's fat as a Christmas Ham I'm not gonna push it on him and that's that.

I was going to put out a pissed-off-angry-but-kinda-funny post today but then I ran across the neatest couple here at the hotel this morning. The new guy on shift last night left out yesterdays coffee and the couple informed me that it was a tad cold (and stale.) I did the Oh-so-sorry's but they didn't seem pissy in the least, just said that they popped it in the microwave, no biggie. Coffee isn't the story though. After they asked me about my gigantic baby belly, when I'm due and all that jazz - and exclaimed over and over how much they liked the name I've picked out for her ( so of course I now love them) - I asked them what brought them down to this area.

!! They told me that they were down here dropping off a load of reindeer for the city to have here during the Christmas festivities that will be going on. They said that they actually raise reindeer on their farm and come November drive all over the country dropping off groups of them for people to keep for a month or so during the season. They're from rural Minnesota but they've already dropped groups off this year in Boston, San Diego, Miami, Atlanta and now deep south Texas. I ooo'ed and ahhhed and told them they must bring countless smiles to children and adults all over the place this time of year and they went on to tell me how much fun they have and about the stories they get to tell the kids. The older gentlemen actually said - "It's a great job, heck, it's they only job where you get to lie your ass off all day and feel good about it!"

I felt like a kid myself just talking to these sweet friendly folks and they really made my day. So, no angry posts today, I'm just too happy and full of Christmasy spirit to go there. Instead I'm gonna u-tube some Christmas music and smile extra bright at people, I think it's just that kind of day.


Upstate Broad said...

I was born and raised in upstate NY, where there is a lot of resentment towards the perception out there that anything north of NYC is a wasteland unworthy of notice. So imagine my amusement when I caught myself thinking "Rural Minnesota? Beyond Minneapolis, what else is there?" I'm a bad, bad Broad.

Does sound kinda cool, as jobs go. I have this long-standing fantasy about starting a goat farm. Maybe I'll throw a few reindeer into the daydream from here on.

Hey, that reminds me, Gringa. You posted about how the in-laws were aghast that you've actually eaten squirrel. Have you explained to them how delicious Bambi is?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Upstate - Lol @ Bambi, they've seen the hunting pictures on our wall with me holding a big shotgun and I think (?) my husband told them what it was all about. :P But I can't really remember. :P If anything they were probably relieved that I was hunting and not some crazy militia white girl.

So, a goat farm? I'm curious - to sell as pets? Or to make the crazy-insane-expensive Food Network gone wild Goat Cheeses? I imagine a foodie like you might be into a little goat cheese?? You know, the whole goat cheese fad actually cracks me up - when C. was a kid they had goats to SURVIVE and ate all things goat to keep from starving - and here now days though, it just seems to be all the rage in gourmet-ville.

You could sell the meat to mexicans - they freaking love some Cabrito down here!

Or were you simply looking to be the cat-lady of the goat world?

Cute little bastards, can't blame you any way you go so don't wait ok? If you've not much room at least go ahead and get a lil miniature goat to have around (ok, 2 they need company) and at least partly live that dream. :)

Sunshine said...

Oh....I like this post...great energy flowing today! Christmas...i think i need to start decorating...but wait! I dont have a single Christmas decoration....shut!
Reindeer...so where in this area can we go see some reindeer?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sunshine - They told me Hidalgo is going to have them at their Festival Of Lights - We've got some brochures for it here at the hoe-tell, I'll grab one for you, it looks pretty :)

Suki said...


Sgt said...

Nice puppies! LOL.
Looks like the small furry one needs his nails cut.

@Upstate Broad: Having also been born and raised in upstate NY the other great annoyance is: "No, not the city, the state" anytime you say your from NY. Then again, I did live in NYC for a while and when you say upstate there, they usually think White Plains.

Ritamg said...

I've sat at Pepe's On The River on the otro lado near Mission many times and watched boaters and water skiers. I remember thinking no f'ing way in hell you could get me into that Mexican sewer system even though I love to water ski.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Suki - Fo Sho! :D

Sgt. - *snort* Wait, furry one. . . . ok, the puppy. :P

And yes indeed! I cut his nails for the first time last night - no pinches or cuts thank GAWD - and he had no idea what was going on - PERFECT!

Rita - MMmm Ski'ing in the sewer, good times. :P GAG

Upstate Broad said...

Sorry, meant to respond to you sooner. Goat meat is a fast-growing market. They're one of the few meats without any restrictions from any major religion, so as we get more and more immigrants from more and more places, the demand is growing. Of course, if some artisan cheese producer wanted to pay me for milk, I would have no problem with that! I come from dairy farmers, no biggie at all. Gee, I wonder if they make milking machines for those little udders? But having been around a lot of cows as a kid, goats have SOOOO much more personality! Of course, it's all a moot point, I don't really think the Big Guy is gonna get on board with this anytime soon.