Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Indian Food, Catnip and Tastey Mold

( SUKI !!!! ;D )

The new boss-type guy at work turned out to be totally nice - a little. . . different in the social sense - i.e. he doesn't understand that it's a little off to stand 2.5 inches away from another person at all times or stare enraptured while I'm filling out monotonous form paperwork for 15 minutes thus making me want to write faster than I have in my entire life and get cramps in my hand just so I can STOP writing and run away - but otherwise a pretty cool dude.

Yesterday he asked me if I'd like some coffee that he was going to make and I declined because I'm avoiding caffeine for the baby. He went on to explain that it's not really coffee but something he drinks that he just calls coffee because the Indian word for it would make no sense to me. Cool, it sounded like an adventure so I said I'd love some.

And. Oh My GAWD! - in a good way! He brought me this warm wonderful sweet drink that I'd never tasted anything like before - but was AWESOME. My tongue recognized milk, cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg and he managed to tell me that there are a few different nuts in it as well as ginger. He has a lot of English words missing from his vocabulary so he couldn't really explain what it was - plus I was probably freaking him out by barely containing myself and over-exclaiming and freaking out about how good it was and bombarding him with 28 questions at once - so I really don't have much of a clue as to what all is really in it. I DO know that if I could find a mix or somehow make it I would drink it every day and now I'm all freaked out and am going to stalk google for an answer.

He wasn't finished though! OH MY GAAAWWWD, later on he brought down something on a plate for me to try (picture to your right) and being my assey-retard self my first thougt was "Ok, I loved his coffee but why is he bringing me egg noodles?" And then I tried them. They were like nothing I've EVER tasted but they sure as hell were not egg noodles.

He said his wife makes them and they're made of beans and some potato and a bunch of spices. They were crunchy and good and the most perfect level of spicy obtainable (I think I tasted jalepeno?) and somehow reminded me of pizza sauce - but not really at all, just a certain spice in there that must be IN pizza sauce. And catnip. There was this vague flavor of the way catnip smells and now I'm afraid I'm going to steal my cats toy and throw catnip on our tacos because for some odd reason it was really damn good.

Next time he came down to check in he brought me a piece of tortilla that looked like a plain ole flour tortilla so I of course in all ignorance thought "Why is he bringing me a plain tortilla? I live in Mexico." Of course I tasted it and it turned out to be sweet, which was cool and I thought "Oh, well, it's a tortilla with sugar, I guess they all can't be winners." AND THEN I took a second bite. . . and. . . and this flavor that I can't even BEGIN to describe came slow and sexy out of the background and pounced on my brain like "HA! And you thought I was PLAIN! Who's the bitch now HAHAHAAAAA!" I could have cried it was so good.

SO, this Indian man (Manoj) has shared these THREE off-the-charts super delicious foods with me and I'm having a FIT in my head because he can't tell me what they really are or the ingredients. He told me his wife made all of it and when she comes here in a few weeks he'd be happy to bring me more. How sweet of him but no, no I'm pretty sure I'd like to instead beg his wife to live in her kitchen for a week or so and watch HER every move 2.5 inches away like a strange person. Ahhh how the tables can turn Gringa!

The shitty part? This friday is my last day and till today I WAS happy about that. DAG GUMMIT! I've even got it planned out in my head that if she wouldn't teach me to cook I'd sing show-tunes to her - IN SPANISH - Telemundo style until she gives in. But no, I'll be over in Mexico trying not to have a premature baby. Damn it unborn-Daisy, I for realz want to learn to cook Indian, you better be cute as hell - just sayin.

I can't believe that this whole world of food has been floating around out there my entire life with me having NO CLUE that it could be SO AWESOME and wonderful. Yes, duh, it's not like I've traveled the world so I'm sure there's lots of great food out there but. . . but DAMN IT you know? If he would have brought me 3 things and just ONE of them had been good that would be pretty cool - but THREE!?

I've never been to an Indian restaurant but now I'm 100% sure that I'll not survive and my life will NOT be complete until I find one and somehow try EVERYTHING. Till I find one I'll be stalking the internet trying to figure out how to make some of this stuff because I can NOT go without having it again.

(Just how the hell a white girl from the U.S. is going to begin cooking Indian cuisine in Mexico I'm not sure, but I'm damned determined I'll tell you that.)

OKAY! SOOOOOO - have you ever had an insane food epiphany? Or even a funny one? (SHARE IT WITH ME OR I'LL SEND YOU CHAIN MAIL) Like, have you ever been just waltzing along eating Macaroni and Cheese and stumbled across something amazing? You HAVE to share! (So I can go out and try it too.)

I haven't been this excited since my previous boss took me to a fancy restaurant and ordered us both salads with bleu cheese and even though I thought she was INSANE because bleu cheese is made of MOLD I ate it because I didn't want her to think I was a strange retarded bumkin - thus discovering that mold is freaking DELICIOUS and my life was somehow more complete. (And then I got knocked up and haven't been able to eat it for 8 months because knocked up people aren't supposed to eat mold (damn it Daisy you had REALLY better be cute.) )

Share YOUR epiphanie please. :)


Theresa in Mèrida said...

I love Indian food, and the best part is that I can get most of the spices in Mexico (except Fenugreek and asopheta but those are relatively unimportant). The tea was probably Chai, cinnaomon, cardomon, cloves, allspice and anise served with honey and milk. oh, and black tea too.
The noodles might be karasev, which are made with gram or channa flour, which is basically ground up garbanzo beans. Check out this blog and see,
I have some recipes on my cooking blog too )
just look for stuff labeled Indian food.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

OH! OH Theresa!! (I spelled your name wrong yesterday, sorry)

You know things! You know INDIAN FOOD THINGS!! OH! OH! OH!

And you know!? I forgot that there WAS a taste of tea to the drink he gave me - and I totally know where I can buy some Chai tea!

And your cooking blog has Indian food!?! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

You know, since you seem smart about this stuff and know the ingredients you might like my friend Suki's Indian cooking blog (she's Indian and everything!) I was scared by all the unknown ingredients but you'll probably breeze through!

Here's the web address -

- I hope you find something there new to try! :)

Thank You!

Suki said...

Yeah, that drink was definitely masala chai. And the other was sev - it's made of powdered and friend lentils. Typical Indian tea-time thing, though too much sev isn't a great idea if you want to lose weight.
I <3 masala chai("masala" means spice and "chai" means tea) - best remedy for a sore throat evah!

Can't place the bread thing, but it's probably a variety of "cheela" - check that up on Healthy and Tasty. Cheela is North Indian rather than Bengali food, so I'm not all too familiar with it.

BTW - Healthy and Tasty is a blog by Indian moms who want healthy recipes that can feed kids under 3. Since you whites have pretty much the same tolerance for fat and spice as Indian 5-year olds :P, it'll do just as well for you, I think!
To quit the racist kidding around, some of those recipes are seriously awesome. Try 'em :).

Sgt said...

Next to Sushi, Indian food is my favorite indulgence.

I can't stand cooked vegetables, but put some Saag in front me with a few pieces of Naan and I'm in heaven.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Suki You Came!!!! YYYAAAAYYYYY!!!

I am SO buying and making that tea - EEEEEEE!!!! I feel like it's Christmas, this is such a gift to be shown! EEEEEEEE!!!!!

Aaahhhh and North Bengali?? I knew we might run into some region differences - it seems so VARIED there! But I guess the same goes here, Southern People eat Grits everyday and Northern folks may never even know they exist.

And Mizz Thang this lil whitie LOVES some spice! Bring. It. ON! :D

Gringa-n-Mexico said...


Saag and Naan??? Say who what? Whatever it is I'm sure I'd like to eat it.

Sushi? For real? There must be something I'm missing about the Sushi - I've had a seaweed/rice/roll thing and it was horrid and I've had the raw salmon deal and it tasted like RAW SALMON. But there's a lot more right? Like, do I just need to find the right place?

Sunshine said...

You are so damn funny...girl you can sooooo eat some blu cheese on your can sooooo have a coke or some's OK! Coming from a mama of 4 babies....I was pregos' 4 times and drank a coke or coffee everyday...and my kiddo's are just fine. Oh and i cant even eat a salad with out blu cheese. I think some crazy old white lady made up a do not consume food list while prego's...just to make pregnant mama crazy. Eat what you want mama. It's ok! Oh and Chai tea...I have some Chai tea here at my house...i should so bring you a few bags of it...see if it's the same thing. Walmart sells's soo very yummy!
I so want to see this Health and tasty blog..for mom's.
So what's the whole title? A link would be awesome!
And so good for breastfeeding mama' helps boost your milk supply.

Vadose said...

You said "Just how the hell a white girl from the U.S. is going to begin cooking Indian cuisine in Mexico I'm not sure, but I'm damned determined I'll tell you that." And now I say "welcome to my torment."

So I'm a foodie, which was terrific when I lived in the SF Bay Area, and made good money and ate out all the frickin time (I know, I'm a snob, but come on, aren't we all allowed one vice? Mine is food!) So now I'm in podunk Mexican town with nada. AND I MISS IT SO MUCH. I love Mexican food, and I love learning recipes from my mother in law, but there's a whole world of delicious food out there that I'm missing out on, and oh my god! I'm eating constantly anyway (on account of my baby who constantly nurses and also because I'm a glutton) and so why can't I have all the yummy yummies that I want???

so I've been trying to cook some. I'll send you a few recipes that have worked for me - just ask the Internet for more recipes, though, cuz the Internet knows pretty much everything.

Also, when my sister visited me from Minneapolis I made her bring me cardamom and berbere. The latter is a spice mixture used in Ethiopian food, which I also super tons miss, and you should mos def try if you ever get the chance.

Sorry I'm exploding all over your comment section, but I LOVE FOOD AND I MISS FOOD AND I'M HONGRY!

So, yeah, I'll send you some recipes. :)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sunshine - the link is at the bottom of the second comment on this page - and while you're looking around you've GOT to go see the link Teresa left - the cooktease one - it's freakin great!

Vadose - Actually? I LOVE it when people explode in the comments section - I encourage it! :P
So, you're a foodie! Well, you'll be happy to know that it seems a LOT of the Indian ingredients are the SAME stuff mexicans use - just in different ways. There's a lot of it with weeeiiirrdd names but if you google it you'll see it's something simple, like lentils that are just ground up and called something wild. Check out the links Theresa left - the cookatease one is cool and Theresa actually lives in Mexico so her recipies must be do-able (??)

I'd love the recipies btw! EEEEE!!

And awwww you poor foodie. I'm pretty much a garbage disposal myself but I DO miss certain things they don't have down here - or even on the Texas side. Good Genoa salami and Italian capicola don't seem to show up in the Torta stands here :P (or even Subway - what GIVES subway!? Stop being so laaaaammeee) :P

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Indian food ranks high on my list of favorites, too (along with sushi). Chai is so delicious. I made a custard with it once for dessert after an Indian-inspired meal. I just love, love, love the flavors.

There's something else I wanted to talk about with you. Can you shoot me an email at imawurdibitsch@aol.youknowwhat?

Upstate Broad said...

I tried Indian food twice in Manhattan, both times with unpleasant results, and I decided that Indian food was the one cuisine I had tried that was just not to my liking. Then I was touring the UK with a softball team and one of the local players took us to a restaurant in Bristol, England called Bombay Dreams. Since I had negative experiences in the past, he ordered for me. I have been completely IN LOVE with Indian food ever since. The Big Guy is not quite as enraptured as I am, but he travels a lot, so every once in a while I just take myself out for some while he's out of town. But I must admit, it's been quite a long time since I've had any, and now you've gone and made me hungry for some. Oh, and naan is a type of Indian bread.

And yes, you have to try sushi again, preferably with someone who knows sushi pretty well. You have to know what to order and how to eat it to really enjoy it. So either go visit Sarge, or come visit me. We'll fix you up just fine.

Lauren said...

OMG girl, you have to go find you an Indian buffet and try EVERYTHING! I often wish I had been born in India so I can eat it every day...

I used to love love love bleu cheese dressing! I was so sad I couldn't eat it when I was pregnant, and then after I gave birth and could eat it again, my body no longer had any tolerance for it :( Hope the same thing doesn't oddly happen to you..

Ever had greek food? I love's vegetarian, which I'm not, but it is amazing. Especially with extra sauce. YUM!

Suki said...

Waaaah, now I want sushi and falafel! Last time I had sushi I was three years old and apparently I loved it :-/. Here, it's freakin' expensive and only available at the most elite places :(.

Falafel, oooh. I found a recipe online, I'm making some as soon as I find time and a pomegranate. Luckily, it's the season for awesome eggplant - baba ghanoush, anyone? - AND pomegranate. Food fiesta, here I come!

Damn. Now I want pasta. And pizza. And chocolate. And fruit juice. Am I PMSing, or is it just hunger?

PS: Lindy - feel free to get Manoj to write down things in Hindi, I'll decode them :D. And if he's anything like the typical Indian abroad, he won't mind a bit!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Upstate - I like how you treat yourself when hubby is away, us gals just gotta do that sometimes yes? :) And the Sushi, yes, I guess I ran into it like a naive virgin expecting something great while not knowing how to get good results. I need an EXPERIENCED foodie to gently lead me to where the good stuff is :P

Lauren - Your body no longer had a tolerance for bleu cheese? Like you'd break out in hives or like, lactose intolerant??? NO!! And lol you know, I've never even tried bleu cheese dressing, I haven't got past eating the crumbly stuff yet (I'm pretty easily amused with one thing for a long time I guess) But if it tastes the same? But just creamy? And easier to spread around every last leaf? HHHmmmmmmm... I do believe I need to stock up after Mizz Daisy comes along :P

Falafel? I've seen it on the Food Network but never ran across it in real life - but if I DO - you betta belive I'ma gonna eat it! :P

Suki - Well now I want pizza and pasta too, so thank you :P And !! :P I begged Manoj to write down some stuff yesterday and will be e-mailing it off to you today. :P Thank You :)

Lauren said...

Lactose intolerance. I've always been lactose intolerant, but for some reason after giving birth it just got worse.

The dressing is SO GOOD! I actually prefer the dressing to the actual cheese itself because it's not quite so...pungent? It is far creamier and fantastic and I will almost guarantee you will love it!!

Along with falafel, I just remembered my next favorite item I've found in greek restaurants or Mediterranean - Dolma. I dunno what all is in it but I do know it's rice wrapped in grape leaves and it is DELICIOUS!! I have to eat like, 6 of them in one sitting...

Crystal said...

Yeah they told me the same thing when I was pregnant, but they told me no Mexican cheese and no hotdogs. When I was pregnant I loved hotdogs! I could eat like 4 hot dogs and guess what no listeria (that is what you could get) just an 8 pound 12 ounce baby! I ate alot of chicken also. Daddy Edgar could bring me anything chicken and I would eat it. (normal parts of the chicken)
And of course I ate the mexican cheese. Hello for your information wic office I am with a mexican and how on earth could i break his poor little heart by saying sorry daddy can't eat mexican cheese.
Women in Mexico eat Mexican cheese and their babies are fine- just look at all them! Eat what you want girl, right now you have an excuse to eat tons and tons! I kind of miss it myself.
One more thing... since Friday is your last day are we not going to get our daily posts anymore??? Or can you blog fom home?

diy mold test said...

Even if you do take these measures, it is well worth your while to carefully search about your house for any signs of mold or mildew. Detecting these could be tricky so your key principle is to search mainly where there is a combination of moisture and heat.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Lauren - I'm SO going to get some! And I won't even worry about it being bleu cheese and being bad for the baby because I imagine (?) they make it safe in the bottle. Pastuerized?

Crystal - LOL at the mexican cheeses - queso frescas - and such. I haven't touched it at all, only for the husband. I've been afraid of the listeria (i know, i know) but I DID forget about the lunch meat thing (has to be heated through) and ordered a foot long italian sub at subway during like the 1st trimester. I ate the ENIRE thing and when I went to throw away the wrapper thought "Oh no friken way. I did NOT just DO that!" :P Brilliant, but no listeria here either :P AND, no worries, our internet man is SUPPOSED to come within the next couple days to re-hook us back up to the internet at home.

D.M.Test - Well, thank you yeah, mold is a bastard right?

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I have been away, so no email or internet for me.
Okay, naan is a flat bread made with yogurt,flour, salt and baking powder. It is wonderful.
I don't like sushi either. I don't like seaweed or or even the way the ocean smells sometimes, so there (imagine me sticking out my tongue).
I am going to check out the healthy and tasty blog, we have to cut back on calories and fat (sigh).
The year of using a crockpot blog
( ) made falafels and dolmas in the crockpot, and I tried her recipe and it was good. I make vegetarian dolmas, stuffed grape leaves,(grape leaves fr cooking might also be called "parra" here).
Middle eastern food is pretty tasty, Indian is still my favorite.