Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mexican Choose

Last night Chino was feeling his oats and decided to inform me -

"Jew know jew love my shest." "Jew think eets sayyyyxee."

I asked - "Your what?"

"My SHHHEST." (add in image of a grand smile + chest and arm dorky man-flexing)

*SNORT* I managed to control myself long enough to say "Yes my Love of course I do, now do me a favor, say shoes."

"Choose?" "Why?"

Dear lord. I love this man. Sometimes he speaks just like on t.v. when you see a over exaggerated gay latino talking and flailing about, and I couldn't help myself.

I told him that he says CHoose for SHoes and SHest for CHest. He can make both sounds but just can never seem to put them with the right words. He got a little defensive and came back with -

"Whadayver, I say it SHes. . ."

". . .Oh. . Yeah right?"

Dork. He's the best.


Kristi said...

Funny! So, my man went as Cheech for Halloween and he was talking like that all night long too. It was hilarious! I love Spanish accents :)

Lauren said...

God, sometimes its so hard not to make fun of ex husband spoke very limited english when I met him, and one of my most favorites was when he was complaining of his roommates stealing his "conditionator" for his hair. I couldn't help but snicker, even though he was trying so hard, and I still say things like "turn on the air conditionator" to this day...

On Mexican Time said...

Hahaha - something we can all relate to I guess... I hate it when they make fun of me though, hehe!!

I'll never forget the first few times hubby would say beach ... "wanna go to the bitch" ; or even simple things like Yetta... for Jetta! LOL!!! Just makes me giggle...

Sunshine said... the best though. He' saying "puppy".

carmen said...

God you make me laugh! I so enjoy catching glimpses of your life. Fidel (my man) won't speak english with me. "Tengo verguensa!" Oh please! If he's embarrased to speak english with me, but not embarrased to rip out a loud fart with me in the room, something is really amiss!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Kristi - Cheech ?? Ahhhhahahaa oh lordy! :P

Lauren - LOL I find myself saying "feets" instead of feet because I think it's so cute when he does it, but now it's become a habit :P

O.M.T. - LMAO! I tried to teach my husband to say beotch -oh heavens- it comes out bay-atch. It's all in good fun though and he and his family have their fun when I screw up and say mala palabras without even knowing it. :P

Sunshine - awwwwww that one's cute :)

Carmen - Thank You so much! But you know? I actually understand your man completly! I'm INCREDIBLY shy to talk in Spanish with my husband (or to others when he can hear me) - I never want him to be dissapointed in me (not that he would be but tell that to my brain) or think I'm dumb or something. I'll screw up all day with ANYBODY else and not give a damn, I'm trying and it's how we learn - but not with my husband, there's just some part of me that is afraid for some retarded unknown reason. Fart? Hell yes, Spanish? Nope. :P

Kellysmakeupandmore said...

my husband does the same thing lol
i think its cute, its just something that make him lol

jenny said...

My mom, when I was a kid, couldn't say alligator right. When she said it, it came out as "allitiger". To this day, I still say it like that!! LOL! My husband likes to say "tator tits" when we eat tator tots, and then lord help me, we're at the store and I tell him out loud to go to the freezer section and get more tator tits. Never mind there's an old lady next to me or a momma with kids in her cart! LOL

Ritamg said...

I let Sergio say, "I don't can" for about a month before I finally corrected him. And one of my students informed me his dog had "poopies". God love 'em.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Kelly - All part of the package :)

Jenny - I'll never look at a tater tot the same again. Seriously :P Never! LMFAO !!!

Rita - HA!! It's hard to correct them sometimes right? Especially when it's cute :P