Friday, December 4, 2009

Grandmas Toilet Paper

Back when I was a little kid I remember going to my Gramas house and being facinated with her bathroom. She had a PINK bathroom - carpet, wallpaper, peach bathtub w/pink curtain, all the little shell fancy soaps, a pink plastic poodle that held bubble bath and last but not least her pink scented toilet paper. I'm not sure where she even bought the pink scented toilet paper but my 7yr old self sure as heck thought it was bad ass. My parents never had colored paper and surely never scented, so gramas bathroom was quite special.

When I was older my family redecorated her house as a surprise and the pink bathroom faded way to sunflowers and the pink t.p. to white. I know it was a really cool thing that we re-did her house but I would have been fine leaving the bathroom alone - the neato t.p. never returned.

Fast forward a crazy bunch of years and I found myself baffled while walking down the isle of a Mexican grocery looking for some damn t.p. They might have one or two packs of U.S. type t.p. but the vast majority is this weird small sized paper - no quadrouple rolls here and they're even shorter for some reason. Also? Colors. Mexican paper has COLORS! No not all of it of course but back home we sure as hell don't have peach, green and PINK toilet paper lining the isle at Walmart. PINK ! Grama you'd be so proud here!

After staring at all the strange tiny toilet paper I picked out the only kind that was large and recognizable - Cottonelle - and went about my way wondering if perhaps that pink paper was scented like my Gramas used to be.

When I got home and opened up my good ole American looking white toilet paper - Surpirse SURPRISE!! It was SCENTED! I'm really easily amused ok? For whatever reason I thought this was just about the neatest thing so I sat in the potty a while and sniffed my t.p.

It turns out that you just about can NOT buy t.p. here that isn't scented. Who the hell knew? I love it, it reminds me of my grama of course and for what ever reason I like having it nice smelling. I use a roll of toilet paper instead of buying Kleenex (cheap skate) and every time I blow my honker I get a whiff of my scented t.p. and every time it makes me smile. Sometimes Mexico can be cool.

The only down side to the lovely paper? Chino has taken to asking me after returning from a poo session - "I just wiped my butt with the perfume paper - jew want to smell it? Jew want to smell my flowery butt??"





Larry Prater said...

So glad you posted again and thanks for the note on my blog. I was beginning to worry about you and little Daisy. Are you still doing all right? Still plan to have little Daisy first see the light of day on the US side? Will you have any family or friends with you there, since Chino cannot be there with you? Of course you can do this all alone, but I wish someone close could be there with you, after all, this is your first baby. Glad your internet is working again.

Suki said...

For some reason your post reminds me of John Denver's "Grandma's feather bed" :D

And your hubs is absolutely hilarious :D

Krissie said...

LOL We also have coloured scented toilet paper. I didn't realise America would be short on it. Hahaha.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Mr. Prater!! :) We're both just dandy - Daisy still adentro :P Yes indeed I'll surely be having her in Tx, even if I have to swim the river myself ! :P And yes, I'm very lucky, my Mom is coming down the 13th of this month to be with me to await the arrival and if Daisy should come early I've got some really neat gal-pals here in Reynosa (gringas like me!) that have offered to drive me over and be with me. I'm covered no matter what and am breathing a sigh of relief. :) Thank You :)

Suki - Is John Denver popular in India? I just can't imagine :P And yeah, C. and I share a love for 12yr old boy humor :P

Krissie - Americans are all about organic-pure-non-scented EVERYTHING these days, just no fun at all. They don't know what they're missing.

On Mexican Time said...

lol - my great grandma used to have those fancy shell shaped soaps too! Hehehe

yes, the scented TP is allll over Mexico, hahaha. In Cancun with the humidity - it's just wierd to have damp tp! LOL!!! It takes some getting used to....

Vadose said...

OK - so I'm one of those who HATES scented TP. So Mexico is my toilet paper hell. I keep getting tricked into buying it, too, because that's almost all there is. Finally I found I can by this horrible cheap stuff that falls apart but has no perfume. So I get that now. I actually asked a shop clerk for help one time, and she looked at me like I was a whacko and said "Not perfumed???" (but in Spanish, you know) like that was the craziest request she'd heard from a gringa all month. hahaha

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

O.M.T. - It's so humid your t.p. gets damp??? Well SHIT, gawd your hair, it must be hell on your hair.

Vadose - It's not even LABLED as scented or unscented is it? It just comes that way - you poor thang! :P And lol you asked for help, oh lordy that would be like asking for mashed potatoes instead of refried beans. :P

Refried Dreamer said...

To Vadose: Hmmm...I've never noticed that the TP IS scented here. (eek!) Have you tried Costco??? Kirkland Brand... tried and true!

Anonymous said...

oh man-this reminds me of some of my favoritest most randoms from the Mexican grocery store:
1-the purse-size THIN pax of handwipes, I finally found something similar in size here at CVS-but they aren´t CITRUS smelling like in MX
2-the shorty pax of pursesize Kleenex w/ fun messages, and the non-Kleenex brand that has hearts all over them
3-the chamomile scented TP
4-my FAVE-the "COSTALITOS" brand trash bag liners that have pink daisies printed all over them, and the medium sized ones that are adorned with a blue, I miss my Sunday's at Soriana with my homegirl....

Ritamg said...

After reading your blog, the first thing I did was run to the bathroom to smell my toilet paper. Although mine is a tidy whitey, the smell is aloe vera. I had to sniff about a dozen times to detect the faint odor through my "gripa ridden" nose, but the scent is there.

Karen said...

So glad you have internet. I was worried that you wouldn't be there (after baby Daisy) to make me pee my pants laughing.

TP- too lazy to go smell mine but you better believe I will be sniffing it next time I go in there. Delsey Max is my brand. Huge rolls, not that hard stuff, and lasts forever, and costs less than the US brands-4 dbl rolls for 16.70. What do you think of the Boegway (Vogue)- awful isn't it and I just can't bring myself to say it that way. Glad Chino got heem the flowery butt goin' on. lol Lucky you.

Suki said...

Yeah, Denver's kinda popular in India - at least among the West Bengal urban elite :P. We just haven't grown up beyond the 1980s, peeps here think music died with the Carpenters :-/.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog. Cool! You go girl!

Love your sense of humor.

Best of luck with the baby; she must be due any day now?


Kim G
Boston, MA

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Refried - :P You didn't notice :P I guess I AM amused easily.

hmh26 - OOooo I've never thought to buy trash bags here - they come in those cute sounding designs?? EEEEEE!!!! They like ornamentation here :P

Rita - Yep, the Cottenelle with Aloe is scented too :P And you have to know I can TOTALLY picture you going to the bathroom and sniffing your t.p. - too funny :P !

Suki - What a loaded comment! EEEEEE!!! I wonder what J.D. - Mr. down-home-country-simple would have thought about now being the "it" music for an elite urban crowd! LMAO ! And stuck in the 80's??? Well, at least you've got a lot (about 20 years more) to keep you busy if you should grow tired of Raspberry Beret. :P

Kim - Well I'm glad you're here! And thank you! :) And yes, Daisy's due the 18th of this month :) (eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!)

Suki said...

It's English . That makes it "leet" for us colonized Injuns :P. Oh wait, Injuns are American. Indians are Indian. Gah.

18th? 18th as in eleven days from now? Wheeeee!
Take care of yourself, do keep us posted coz now every two days you don't post I'll think "is this it?" :D

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Suki - OOhhhh, so anything English is cool? Lordy that's scary :P

Tonight I'm soaking up some Michael Buble. MMMMmmmm dreamy.

Love this song, he's so melty.

And yes I KNOW it's so close right!? OH MY GAWWWDD!!! It took me 9.5 months but I'm finally freaking out (a little late for the party Gringa??) :P

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

I always say being amused at little things is the true secret to happiness. For you it was the scented toilet paper, for me it was today when I was spinning a small ruler around on my pencil and my a curly string of blue came off from the paint on the pencil. I was like giggly and look... to the guy sitting next to me in art class, the guy was like "What? you freak?"

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

P.V.G. - OOOO!!!! I've had that happen before! (omg like 10 years ago and I still remember :P ) DUDE I would have totally gave you a high five if I would have been the douche guy sitting next to you! Rock out wit-cho happy self. :)