Friday, December 11, 2009

I've Done and Gone Granola Birth

(Warning this is a long post about giving birth and birth-options and it's not full of jokes and stuff so you know, like, I won't be offended if you don't read it.)

When I found out I was knocked up I imagined I'd give birth in a hospital and probably have an epidural just like everyone else on the planet (or so I thought) and that would be that. I didn't know about alternatives other than freaky home births in kiddie pools and these mysterious mid-wives I'd heard about now and again. I thought mid-wives were some strange breed of women that gave weird churchy people dangerous home births because they were all kooky and goofy and didn't trust in modern medicine and society - and stuff. Let me stop trying to explain myself and just pin on whatever stereotype you've heard of to my shirt and be done with it.

My New Friend Who Claims To be Granola-y <---- that's a link - loaned me a couple of hippie-dippie midwife-natural birth-away from the hospital books, and advised that I look them over if anything just for the positive birth stories inside that were written by other women. I love to read and was insanely curious about giving birth so I was happy to check them out and promised to do so with an open mind because I liked this lady.

She also shared with me her own what I thought at the time was her strange-hippie-dippie home birth in a kiddie pool story and offered to show me a video of the whole darn thing. She seemed so jazzed by the whole thing that all I could do was say the requisite ooo's and ahhh's and head-nods I thought were appropriate and do the whole I'm-being-polite-to-the-crazy-lady-thing. God forgive me because I know she'll read this but at least she knows I've changed now.

OH boy howdy have I changed my mind!

After reading these books written by a midwife - Ina May Gaskin - my whole little "normal" world has been picked up and shook around like a snow globe, only to have the pieces fall back from the sky in a whole new way of life. I'm still not much of a granola-y person I don't think - I'm just too lazy - but I will be having an alternative birth. LOL it's not alternative at ALL compared to the rest of the world - just the United States.

I'm now signed up to go and have my birth in a birthing community. It's run by midwives and nurses and is completely dedicated to letting birth be about the mother and not hospital procedure. When I go into labor I'll show up and go to my very own little birthing HOUSE complete with a couple of bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a big ole room dedicated to the gigantic jacuzzi located in the middle of it. Mama's bringing Daisy into the world in style damn it. Jacuzzi style!

There will be no hooking me up to an I.V. (unless it becomes for some reason medically necessary) because unlike hospitals they encourage women to eat and drink as long as they can during the labor, and I'll be free to roam around and labor however I wish.

There will be no continuous fetal-monitoring-belt or internal fetal monitor (unless the baby gets in trouble and then this stuff is always there in the closet just-in-case). They prefer the intermittent dopplar monitoring instead. I choose the atmosphere I want (and it's 100% respected) and though the staff is ready and available at every second to reassure and help me along - I also have the choice of them leaving me alone and just letting me labor how I want - in peace -in between check-ins.

After Daisy is out she'll come directly onto me - skin to skin - and we'll have time together to get acquainted and even start breast feeding immediately. There are no bottles, no formula and no pacifiers that will be jammed into her mouth by well meaning nurses (and I do mean well meaning, those nurses are doing what they can with what they have and I respect them - but it's not what I want). They won't whisk her away to a nursery and leave me all alone and baby-less, she'll be right there with me where I'll want her. Of course the staff will be right there to make sure she's doing fine and doesn't need any help - in which case if she does they have all the modern bells and whistle equipment just in case. They'll do the standard APGAR test and weighing and bath - they're not freaks like I thought - but it's all done in a different manner and on my schedule not a hospital schedule.

Did I mention there's no pain medication? I want a natural birth and I'm damn well getting one. I know that if I go to a hospital I'll go in with the best of intentions but that I'll surely come home having had an epidural. I don't think there's anything terribly wrong about epidurals (to each their own damn it! it's our choice!) but it's not what I WANT and if I don't labor in a place that supports that want I don't think I'll ever make it through.

My "normal" OBGYN laughed in my face two weeks ago when I told her I wanted to go all natural and told me that it's so rare that if I'd like to try and "prove her wrong" she'd love to see it. LAUGHED at me! She said they do epidurals and cesarian births and then asked me if I'd like to schedule an induction in my 39th week for the convenience of it.



Yes, of course there are women out there whom have a reason to schedule a non-medical-reason-induction and of course there are true reasons to have cesarian births and who the hell am I to judge anyway? I'm not! It's up to the woman these days and I'm not knocking that for even a second - but I would have thought my doctor would have been supportive of a ger-flaggin natural birth! All I was asking for was not to have pain medication and she LAUGHED at me! What the hell?

Luckily for me my granola friend heard about this birthing community and even checked into it for me. (She's really super crazy neato and nice and WOW like that) She told me that if my pre-natal stuff was normal and up-to-date that they would probably TAKE ME even though I was 37 weeks along. She even asked about my insurance and they take that too!

They've got everything the Hospital has for a normal and even not-so-normal birth but it's all hidden away in closets and chests of drawers until it's deemed necessary to bring out. (If ever)

ALSO if anything comes up that looks like too much for their facility to handle they won't hesitate to take me strait to the hospital. They might be granola-y but they don't support a LOWER than average infant/mother mortality rate for nothing. They trust in a womans body to do exactly what it was designed to do but they also know things go wrong sometimes and that modern medicine is THE SHIT when things go wrong.

I'm tired of typing and I've only left out 10,000 things I should have included but for this moment I just wanted to let a little bit out and share with you how excited I am.

I'm not scared to death - I'm EXCITED! How cool is that? (Don't ask me how I feel about actually bringing a baby HOME WITH ME and having to KEEP her - that still scares me to
death - but at least I'll be able to get her out of me, and that's cool).



Anonymous said...

Well more power to 'ya! I was going to try to do it natural and figured the meds would be the back-up in case I was in over my head. I WAS WAY IN OVER MY HEAD! Thank goodness for the drugs! I tried the breathing stuff and all that before I was like, "JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN EPIDURAL!" and I slept so good until they woke me up to tell me it was time. That's right, they had to wake me up! I was so tired becuase I couldn't sleep the 2 nights before because I kept having contractions that were too far apart to go into the hospital, but close and strong enough that I couldn't sleep.
And after I just thought, well next time I won't wait so long and try to be the tough girl. It doesn't mean that I love my baby any less or appreicate them more than somebody who toughed it out. I just don't think going through the pain was necessary, for me anyway.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Anon - "It doesn't mean that I love my baby any less or appreicate them more than somebody who toughed it out."

Yes, yes, yes I get you, that's why I put in a bunch of disclaimers through out the post supporting any choice that a woman wants to go with. I'm not starting a debate here, just sharing what I'm excited about.

Vadose said...

Three fucking cheers for Sunshine for roping you in! And five billion cheers for you for being informed, for making decisions that are right for you, and for sticking by them and standing up for you and your baby! (What a jerk DR. by the way!) I'm with you one hundred percent on all you just typed. Every single thing. Obviously, every woman is different, every baby, every birth, but above all else: be informed and make the choice that's right for you. That said, I'm totally biased and think that natural birth is, like, the greatest thing ever. I mean, yeah, it'll be hard, but maybe that's ok, right? It goes without saying that your experience will be unique, but to give you one more positive birth story - I had my little baby in GDL in June. I was in active labor for 12 hours in hot water (hot water was the best thing for me. I LOVED it and would do it again that way, no question) without pain meds. Yeah, it was hands down the hardest thing I've ever done, but ... I COULD do it. And that's kind of rad, no? At this point, I knew something was wrong, because the baby just wasn't descending, after so much time. My doctor and doula were amazing and wonderful and I love them and they were always respectful of what I wanted while still being safe and professional. Anyway, we determined that the baby was in a bad position, or had the cord around him or something, and in the end, though I hadn't wanted this to happen, we all agreed that the doctor would use forceps (way more common in MX than US). So he pulled the baby out to crowning and then I got back in the pool and pushed him out the rest of the way. I guess, my point is that you never know what will happen. I hadn't wanted forceps, of course, but I'm not stupid and I'd really given it a fair shot. (4 or more hours of being fully dialated and trying every position known to woman and no descent to show for it). But even then... though it wasn't "completely natural" one could say, that's not the point. The point was that I did it my way, fully supported by my team of people (dr. doula, mom...) and we did it as gently as we could. I have so much pride for what I did. And afterwards the baby came straight to me and nursed, etc. No nursery or any of that. Because that's what I wanted. And that's my point: know what you want, and while you can be flexible, don't let anyone talk you out of it because of their ignorance or for their convenience. You are totally awesome for reexamining your approach and making late-in-the-game changes. You're such a strong lady, and you'll do great! I'm so happy for you finding this birth center. Man, if I could gush any more to you, I would. You'll be terrific! And I bet you'll make a great mommy after the birth too! Best of luck. Kick ass!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Vadose - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Thank You for sharing your birth story here! SERIOUSLY I can't get enough crazy cool stories like that - it's SO inspiring! And I LOVE your attitude about having had to use the forceps! Shit happens and we might not get it the exact way we want but the attitude we go into it with and go through it with is EVERYTHING! Lord knows that I could end up having a hospital c-section or lord knows what but at least I'll have tried to do what I WANT. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I want to gush right back at you, Thank You SOOO MUCH ! :)

Lauren said...

I think that is wonderful! I will be crossing my fingers in hopes that you have an easy delivery, and that it all goes the way your heart desires. Nothing is more disappointing than a delivery you did not expect. My doctor called me in a panic when I was at work on a Friday and told me I needed to come in right away as I had pre-eclampsia. I was induced early the next morning, and chose to have the epidural, which kept slipping out of my spine, and I felt excruciating pain in my left side for many many many hours, to the point of vomiting, screaming, etc. I can't help but think that if she'd been able to enter the world without induction, everything would have been completely different.

I wish the very best for you, am excited for you, and can't wait to hear how it goes. Maybe you can influence other women who are on the fence on granola vs. drug births via your blog. Hell, I'd even help promote!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Lauren - OUCH! That sounds just. . ouch! Pre-eclampsia, now that's some scary stuff, I wouldn't be messing around either, and I've been told induction births hurt even more - so double ouch. I'm so glad you O.K. and baby too though, that's really the ultimate goal no matter how we get there :) And thank you btw for being supportive, it means a LOT :)

Lauren said...

No need to thank me. This is your life, your baby, your decision. I've had so many people toss their 2 cents at me, I could buy a house. You eventually learn that no one else's opinion should matter but YOURS. Support is all I ever wanted, and I'm happy to give it!!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Lauren - "Support is all I ever wanted." You get it, you really really do. I so *heart* you, I'm gonna thank you again cuz I'm weird like that. :)

Sunshine said... are super have forceps with out pain like...SUPER WOMAN STATUS FOREVER!!!!!
I bow down to you forever....forceps..OMG...bless your heart. sooooo right on...lets keep positive birth stories can dooooo itttttt gringaaaaaaa!!!!!
Hot water to labor in....ROCKS FREAKING my birth story...i claimed hot water bath as was sooooo awesome.
Hey Gringa...if you want to watch Nathaniels birth again...your welcome to it.
I'm am not offended at all...i'm so happy for you and little Miss Daisy. It's going to be sooooooo AWESOMNESSSSSS

Sunshine said...

link to my birth story:

And here it is again on my blog:

Ritamg said...

From my POV (point of view), avoid induction if at all possible. The labor is longer. I was induced due to pre-eclampsia with my first son. The second birthing process was much better without induction. I never had the epidural or pain drugs so it can be done. You are going to be just fine!

Krissie said...

This has freaked me out more than anything you've written about living in Mexico.

Of course it's your choice and everything, but damn, to me epidural sounds like the best invention ever. Forget sliced bread - drugged up birth is IT!

I can't wait to hear about the unimaginable pain afterwards.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Sunshine - You're just too damn cool.

Rita - Yeehawww you did it twice and I've met you so I know you're still alive :P

Krissie - Oh,,, my GOD!! I honest TO GOD laughed out loud and said "You bitch!" to the computer screen. LMAO I love you so much! I will be MORE than happy to come back and tell all about the "unimaginable pain." *snort* of course it's unimaginable - otherwise I'd be going for the drugs. :PPPP Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to skip back into my little la-la everything is going to be fine crazy-people world. ;D

jenny said...

Well, you know how I feel about natural births!! I'm so so so so so SO happy for you and like everyone else says, it'll be tough, but you'll get through it and have little Daisy in your arms as your reward. Of my 4 births, the first was induced and took the longest. Middle 2 births came when they were ready and were the shortest (#3 being at home with a midwife) and last birth was stupid-ass doctor breaking my water without asking me first, so it was a little bit stressful in the beginning, but once I relaxed, he came quick. Last 2 were without epidurals and were the best births.

If I ever had another (and I'm not planning on it), I would do it at home again.

I know you can do it, you're a strong woman and even stronger for doing what you want to do, screw the doctor that laughed at you. I'm rooting for you! Love you girl, xoxoxo

Leslie Limon said...

Yay for the natural childbirth!!! I am rooting for you and wish you all the best while birthing Miss Daisy! But like Vadose said, every woman and every birth is different. Just listen to what your body is telling you!

With my first child, I envisioned a drug-free birth in a hospital. I wanted to do the breathing, the massaging and think of my happy place. BUT, my daughter didn't want to come out. She was 2 weeks late and showed no signs of wanting to come out. My OB/GYN induced labor. But I was a trooper! I refused all kinds of drugs, well atleast for the first 14 hours of labor. My OB/GYN actually begged me to get an epidural because of the pain I was in. Induced labors are HORRIBLY painful!!! Anyway, I finally gave in to the epidural after my 20th hour. Yes, I was in labor with Hope for 28 hours!!! She finally came out with help of a vacuum. Poor kid had a conehead for about 2 weeks. :D

All 4 of my labors were induced. (Yeah, not fun!) With baby #2, I asked for the epidural as soon as I checked into the hospital. I did not want a repeat of Labor #1. Labor was only 6 hours!

Baby #3, labor was induced at 1:30PM. My OB/GYN said I had to wait atleast an hour before I could get an epidural. I could live with that! But baby #3 arrived in an hour. NO DRUGS, lots of screaming during the most painful of my births, but happy to know that I could do it drug free!

And baby #4 was induced in Mexico. I was scared to death, because I learned that the hospital here doesn't do epidurals. And EVERYONE told me that the doctors and nurses hated screamers. Asking me not to scream is like asking the Pope not to pray! Or atleast that's what I thought. Baby #4, practically walked out on his own in less than an hour, with absolutely no drugs or screaming! Well, I did let out one teeny tiny scream when he entered this world, but that was it! (And only because baby #4 was HUGE. He weighed 4 kilos!)

Anyway, I hope you get the birth you want. I will be praying for you and Daisy! :D

On Mexican Time said...

omg- you abre one tough chicky!!!

Good for you and congratulations... I have to admit when I have children, I will be the epidural IV type, but I wish I was like you... I'm not!

Gooooood luck - you're amazing!!! just like all the other moms out there who've done it! My mom 5 times naturally! She keeps telling me it couldn't have been "that bad" if she did it 5 times~ LOL! Sure mom!

Suki said...

Major good vibes to you, Chica! Honest to god I'm proud of you for this decision :D. Natural water birth used to be one of my fantasies before I hit "psychoanalysis is my ONLY baby" phase. You're gonna rock it - natural everything for the win!

~ellen~ said...

Good for you, girl! Way to go, being informed and looking into all the options. I don't have any kids so I can't share any childbirth experiences, but I have a friend who delivered with a midwife and she had a wonderful experience. Seriously! :)

So, this birthing center is in Mexico? What does hubby think?

Vadose said...

Here's another thought, for what it's worth. Birthing my baby (Leslie, he was a 4 kilo-er too... but my aunt had a 12 pounder vaginally!) was definitely difficult and painful, as I assume the vast majority of labors to be. However, the moment he was in my arms, I got this relief and happy hormone rush and my body was already forgetting and making me think "it wasn't that bad"... tricking me so I'll have another one day! Anyway, for some reason I thought that might help: reminding yourself that it's a finite period of time. It will end. The baby will be born. And then (most of) the pain will be over. Also - remind yourself that women do this every moment all over the world. Our bodies are pretty awesome. You can totally do it. ^_^

Refried Dreamer said...

OMG, since we're all sharing our vag stories, i would like to jump in the mix.

For one, I totally support your decision and if i could have another kid, i would totally do it the natural way.

However, every birth IS different, so please keep an open mind.

My first, was 20 hours of BACK LABOR. it was horrible. I did the same and had an epidural. The doc woke me up at about a 9 and after about 12 minutes of push time, baby Moosecake was born. Epidural saved my life. In this case, hospital was GREAT!
Number 2, not so good. Baby was term and was bound to be a big boy so... with much love to my vagina, I decided to have him induced before he became the size of a lineman. When they induce, labor is more intense becuz they force your body to have contractions. After 6 hours, it got intense. I tried to get an epidural but the retarded doctors had a difficult time with me being tattooed and after shoving the needle SIX times into my spine, there was nothing they could do. I received no pain meds and baby came soon after. It was horrible. In this case, the hospital was the worst decision ever.
Normally, I would always chose a hospital because they can help you with the pain, etc. But after the pain of being induced and then a childbirth drug-free, I would do it again a second time. You feel more, yes, but second baby had 6 minutes of push time due to the fact that you can control all of your muscles down there.
Much luck to you Momma. I'm sure you'll do great!

p.s. I will recommend getting adjusted in a chiropractor asap. Making sure your body is properly aligned will make a huge difference during pushing time! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so stinkin' excited for you! And I am so proud of you for making an informed decision and for exploring your options. I wish I had had someone look me in the eye and tell me "YOU CAN DO IT" when I was in labor with Cooper. I got my epidural at 9.5 centimeters, and when I compare the recovery from his birth to the recovery from Briar's un-medicated birth, her's was so much easier (though to be fair, I suspect the fact that she was baby #4 and the smallest of my babies helped.) You are going to be a rockstar and YOU CAN DO IT! I can't wait to 'meet' Daisy and to hear that she has arrived safe and sound!

(P.S. I am not a big follower, but Dooce wrote a piece several months ago about choosing a natural birth for her second child - it was very well written and will give you a great idea of what you can expect.)

(I dare you to not be singing Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" in your head when Daisy is crowning. Just remember . . . pain is temporary.)

Sandrine said...

Hi Gringa,

I think the reason your OBG laughed is because she probably heard jillions of mothers-to-be say the same thing the first time, only to beg for the epidural when it was time to give birth.This is not to say that it will be your case but to explain her reaction.There is a big difference between this idea of labor pain and the actual thing.This said, I admire you for doing this and not letting anyone discourage you.The luxury you and I have is the choice.It is true that a lot of women have given birth this way and are still doing it all over the world but given the choice,I believe that ,most of them would have chosen the painkillers.Labor can be a very long and painful process, especially when the contractions are close together.I hope that yours will be short and that the pain will be bearable.My 6 years old asked me once "does it hurt to have babies?"I motioned with my hands and said "this is the size of the baby's head and this is the size of your vagina!"She said"Oh!".The only thing to remember is that the pain won't last for ever and that at the end you will get to hold Daisy.
I wish you the best.
Take care.


Crystal said...

I am so excited (and nervous) for you. I would like to have another child, but maybe in Mexico. I would like to try as long as I could without pain meds, but I honestly don't think that I could make it through the whole thing. I guess when I had my 1st child I was so quick to get it as soon as I started hurting bad. Then with my 2nd I got to feel what I missed during the later part of the labor. I had the epidural, but I was sitting up in the bed so I felt alot of pain. I think that kind of scared me away from natural labor. I don't think it was as much the pain, but they were so close together and there was no break for me. Plus, my labor was really long. I was induced 2 days before my due date because I refused to have anyone, but my Dr. deliver my baby. I have a really good Dr. I have known him for a long time also. They induced me at 5am, I started hurting around 9am, got the epidural around lunch time and then I did not have him until around 8:37 that night. It was a long day and I was tired.
So, how much longer do you have? Are you still having her in the US? Your mom came in today didn't she?

Sunshine said...

It's amazing how well our body can adjust to pain...when were able to relax and do what WE want and not what the HOSPITAL wants us to do....having contractions laying in very painful...but if your allowed to be in a hot tub or standing up or being massaged while it passes...helps sooooo very much. I'm so happy for you....YOU CAN DO IT...AND SO CAN ALL WOMEN! We all have super woman powers...

She-She said...

I think every woman should be given the choice on how her labor and delivery should be.

If I ever have a child I'd love to deliver at home. This was the norm in MOST of America fifty years ago. For thousands of years women have delivered babies without medication and survived. But now we have the added benefit if somethings wrong--zoom-modern medicine here we come.

My local hospital is now creating birthing rooms that allow the pending Mama to move around, have her family, her friends, and when needed a medical staff. I like that it's becoming more of a celebration instead of a trip down disinfectant sterile blah avenue.

A friend of mine set up for the birth of her son-induced labor so that she would have PAIN MEDICATION-the doctor was late, the nurse helper was obnoxious, she was in the delivery room with another pending Mom and horror for her, they never gave her an epidural. She has a very low tolerance for pain. Every time she'd scream that obnoxious NA would say such things as "if you would have kept that man out from between your legs you wouldn't be having this male coming out of you now." I wish I would have been there, I would have smacked her to her knees. Thank God people like that are not the norm in the delivery room.

I talked years ago about giving birth with my Mom, which she did naturally, and she said she didn't really remember the pain. Once it's over it's over and you have this new squirming bundle that you just can't get enough of looking at. The pain is worth it, she said.

I have to say I admire your choice and wish that every woman had the option to choose their delivery environment. After all it's a celebration-and every woman needs to be surrounded by what brings them the most comfort and peace of mind.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Chino and sweet Daisy for a joyful and fast, delivery. God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Please don't buy into any of the anti-vaccine bullshit that some earthy-granola-y people buy into. An unvaccinated child runs a far greater risk of a serious disease, than any possible side effect of a vaccine.

Please, please, please vaccinate your baby when she comes.

You might want to read this article recently run in Wired Magazine:


Kim G
Boston, Ma
Where we have some of the finest doctors and hospitals in the world, and they are all pro-vaccine.

Upstate Broad said...

I've certainly enjoyed reading all these viewpoints, but I have absolutely nothing to offer. I became a mom via the stroke of a judge's pen. No pushing, sedatives, or whirlpools involved. Your plans sound great, I hope it all works out the way you envision it!

Sunshine said...

Well...i pray that GRINGA will do all her research on both the pro's and cons of vaccinating a child. And make her own I chose what is BEST for MY KIDS and MY FAMILY. And do not feel the need to push anything on any one....JUST facts....THEN ALLOW The person to make their best JUDGEMENT!
If anyone is on the fence about Vaccinating...DO THE RESEARCH...

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

I have 3 children and my first Hospital experience back in 1992 was not good it was sort of like what you say hospitals are like, but the other 2 experiences were wonderful and awesome. It was like having a hilton hotel room, and the baby was put on my belly and I brestfed immediately (just like ou mention) and the tests were done in my room, AND they didn't take the baby to the nursery unless I requested. my last 2 births 2002 and 2006 were wonderful. Regarding the paid med's.... wow, I'm too much of a baby, as soon as the contractions get REAL. I'm literally crying for the epidural, begging for it. I'm a wimp. I've heard some women don't feel the pain.. unfortunately... thats not me. I'm a huge baby myself. After the birth though, there is a weird thing that happens, you forget the pain. Your tough and well informed and you have alot to be proud of ... I'm praying for a safe and easy birth.

Anonymous said...

To drug or not to drug.....hmmmmm.Its your choice. And thats the best part.
My 1st son was born in 94. I was induced because I had really high blood pressure and they deemed it necessary. 10 hrs and an epidural later, he was born and I felt like shit for the next three days. Fastforward 6 years and a different husband later lol and my 2nd son was born. 45 min of labor, no drugs and I had my beautiful baby and felt like a million bucks. 2 years later my daughter was born 16 hours of labor, no drugs and I felt like a million. Last baby in 2005, I was induced had 3 hours of back and bottom labor, no drugs and I felt awesome. Was the difference the no drug thing? Who knows...But, if I had to do it again (WHICH I WONT LOL) I would go without the drugs. I had that epidural over 15 years ago and my back is STILL tender from the needle. Good luck to you and your beautiful baby......Cant wait to see the pics!!!!!

Suki said...

Hey girl - is Daisy here already? Not like you NOT to post for full ten days!

Major major good vibes to you :)

Leah Flinn said...

Wow - amazing post, Gringa! This is something that's been on my mind since reading of another gringa that had a natural childbirth in her home in Oaxaca. I don't have children, but if I do in the future, I will be asking you & sunshine for insight. Thanks for sharing and of course, keep us informed!

Sassy Blondie said...

Good for you, sister! Taking control of one's life, EVERY aspect of said life, is extremely important! I'm so glad to hear of the wonderful new friends you've made and that you are ready for baby Daisy to come for permanent vacay.

I've been crazy busy but still reading you...just not writing much these days. I have a thousand stories to tell, but I have not had sufficient time to tell them.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (did that baby come?), and I wish you a wonderful New Year with your little family.

Love you,

Nancy said...

I hope you and your baby are OK?!

Crystal said...

where is this muchacha??? I am worried about her and I know she has had to have had the baby. Maybe now that daisy is here she does not have time to blog. If anyone knows how she is doing please tell me. I check her blog every day!!!

~ellen~ said...

I miss you! I hope everything is okay. :)

Sparx said...

OK gal so like what - is there a baby? Are you ok? You know me, I had Charlie at home in the livingroom - planned it, no meds, hurt like a bitch and I'd do it again in a second.

Ina May Gaskin! That hippy midwife changed my world too bless her - she should be required reading.

Happy New Year chiquita to you and yours, I hope it's all be wonderful!


Kathy said...

Good for you. I had 3 of my 4 at home; the last 2 underwater. I'm certain I avoided a lot of interventions and potential harm to my kids because they didn't all come out the "managed" way, but they were all healthy and thrived by giving them their space and time.

Looking forward to reading the birthstory!

Abby Lee Macias said...

So what country are you going to have your baby, Mexico hopefully so he can be there? FYI don’t fly into the US they put me in some chem. machine which I am sure is full of radiation and it spit out air puffs on me, and it was the only way I was allowed on the plane! To see if I had bombs in my body, well it must be full of bad things then! If I was pregnant I would be in Mexico for good, I would not do it! But, good luck with everything and I am sure everything will be just fine. Sounds kind of good, I will keep reading to know how it went and when I get pregnant hopefully soon I will ask you what books to read! Sounds good to me!!! Good luck and hopefully you will have her soon!!!