Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm running on empty in the brains department right now and I can't figure out anything of use to talk about here.

I had my hopes super up about a REAL office job that I found through a guest at the last hotel. She liked my service, said she had just had someone quit, asked me to come in for an interview, I did, it was great, and she promised me a job. A week later she e-mailed me to tell me that "corporate" informed her that she couldn't just hire me off the street and that she had to post the job in the paper and also go through a Temp. agency. Blah Blah later and the Temp. agency never even called me for an interview. *sigh*

I couldn't stand one more second of being demoralized on a daily basis at the Best Western job so I found another hoe-tell down the road that is a teensy bit better. Not great but hell, at least they pay me a little more.

Daisy is doing well, a little less colicky each week - although now she's so spoiled from being held all the time because she was colicky, we still can't put her down. If she's not in my sling she's in Chino's man-sling-carrier or in our arms. When I'm gone working nights he even has her sleeping with him now! Actually though, her sleeping with him - he on his back and her on her side nestled up under one of his arms to his chest with her little arms resting on his side - is just about the most adorable thing I have EVER seen, even though I know it means she's getting accustomed to THAT much more spoilage.

She all of a sudden discovered that her toys exist much to Mommies relief. The damn baby book has been screaming about how she's supposed to have favorite toys and a blankie and I've been freaking my goard because she didn't seem to even GET that her toys - so lovingly shoved in her face - even existed.

Chino is doing disgustingly well staying at home with her and I'm terribly happy for him but perhaps a tad jealous. A tad - wtf-ever, more like ragingly so. He sleeps through most nights because she likes sleeping with him and doesn't seem to be sleep deprived at all. ( I hate him. ) I didn't live up to my bitch-creed and treat him like he did me when he was working so he gets showers every day and I make sure to cook at least one meal a day for him and get something thawed out for him to do when I'm gone. I talked big but when it comes down to it he's taking care of my baby so I better take care of him.

He carries her around pretty much all day in the baby back-pack (with her strapped to his front) and it's pretty much beyond cute and makes me love him that much more.

We're spending obscene amounts of $$ fixing our vehicles and I STILL don't have a radio or working gas gauge but LOL at least I can start it using a key again. Before I was having to open the hood and spark a wire to the battery to get it going - a tad embarrassing and suspicious looking when I would get inspected at the border a few times a week and have to start the car again to leave. Even more embarrassing was that the hood was weird and to open it I had to hold the inside hood release latch with one hand, stick my arm out the door and pound on the car hood to release the latch under the hood somewhere. Ghetto, just. so. ghetto.

Ah well, I'll never have problems being humble and I'm pretty sure I'll never be much of a judgmental person, so there's that.

I miss my parents.

I'm thinking about taking a course to earn a TEFL - teaching English as a foreign language - certificate. If I get it I might be able to start teaching English at a colegio here in Reynosa. I have a friend that does it and they provide free housing to native English speakers from other countries - wow - and I don't have to speak Spanish! In fact, it's not even allowed in these private schools!

Chino and I want to move out to a rural area here away from the city and the shooting. We can't afford to build a place while paying rent but if I were to teach and get us that free housing we might have a chance! I've never in my life considered teaching English, it's a long ways from my dream of having a bakery/restaurant but it seems like the best thing for us right now. I wonder if it's too late to learn to spell??? :D

So that's what's going on, do with it what you like. Have a good one!



Krissyface said...

you should totally become a teacher. Your students would love you. Chino is the best dad.

Krissie said...

I'll totally help with your spelling, instead of just mocking you as I normally do. :P

超好笑 said...

happy new year!!..................................................

Anonymous said...

I love that none of the baby/parenting books tell you that you will walk around feeling like a giant asshole for the first 6 months of your kids' life. And when you aren't feeling like a giant asshole, your kid will be acting like a giant asshole.

We feel into co-sleeping pretty quickly as a means of survival . . . the baby slept better, and therefore, so did we. Getting them back out of your bed is a bitch, but for the time being, enjoy the sleep.

And the teaching thing sounds like a great opportunity! Keep us posted!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Krissyface - You're way too nice - and I thank you for it! :)

Krissie - Do you think there could actually be hope for me? I mean really :D

F&F - Damn right those books don't say anything! And it's TRUE! OMG is it TRUE! I have a friend here that tells me all the time that my screw ups and Daisy's micl. ailments are normal and that I'm not a horrid mother, but I think it'll be a bit longer before I can believe her. You're SO spot on with this comment!

Sunshine said...

You should go for would be an awesome canidate for a teacher...and i dont think you need all that certificate stuff do you? Thank gawd for you and your car..bless your heart....glad to see that everything is coming together.