Tuesday, February 2, 2010



Perhaps my wee little pigglet here needs to spend a little more time on this here paci and a tad less on the gravy train.

Just sayin'.

(cuz deeeaammn)

Here's a normal 30 second talk from me to baby -

"Piggy Piggy!"


"Snort for mommy! GoinkGoink!"

"Who's Mommy's PiggyPuggyPoogieWoogie!??"

"Mummas widdle poogiedawoogiemuggyduggybeebie"

That baby talk shit is a disease right? Lordy.



頭髮 said...


Lauren said...

Whoops, looks like someone got visited by the porn spammer...

I friggin' love chubby babies!! Mine is only a little chubblet right before a growth spurt. The rest of the time she's a little "skinny ass," as my friend so delicately calls her... Not for lack of feeding, that kid can put away some serious grub!

La Familia Garcia said...

Hope you don't start talking to everyone like that, then you'll know for sure it's a disease

Sunshine said...

The sling...is she still loving the sling? I have a new one......lets get together this weekend!

Krissie said...

Here's what I wanna know: how did I end up subscribed to a baby blog?!

J/K I still love you, but we gotta chat at some point, hun.

Mexico Insurance said...

I have a 18 month old litle girl named Athena Alondra. We are just getting over the whole baby talk phase. My friends would come over and think what was wrong with us. After a while to start doing baby talk with out even thinking about it. My girl is starting to pronounce real word now.